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  • German123 Level 1 Level 1

    what I am just confused no one can find a solution

  • billkarid Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe you have to look for service, some day wifi antennas have problems with their power, maybe you have to change,replace the wifi antenna!

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3

    billkarid and German123 - If you read all the posts here, you will see that most people with wifi problems have found that their old phones, or their new phones on iOS 6.0 work just fine.  Also common, is phones that work fine on public networks, either open or secured, but not on the home network.  For example, my iPhone 5 was great on the open public network where I work, just fine on the secured network where I play, and having a few problems at home.  My iPhone 4, still on 5.1.1 was perfect everywhere, as was my iPad 2, also on 5.1.1 and my iPad mini on iOS 6.0.1.  After I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.0.1, it could not connect at home if I was more than 5 feet from the router.  When close to the router, it connected, but as soon as I moved away, all throughput stopped, though it seemed to still be connected. Meanwhile, it was still good on public wifi. I tried everything I saw in this thread and in a few others.  I even swapped out my router for 2 others that I had on hand.  Ultimately, I got a replacement, and it's perfect. This is an extremely complicated problem that may have more than one cause.  There are various symptoms, but the bottom line is that wifi does not work properly.  A few people have gotten results with some of the suggestions here, but many have not. If you have no experience yourself, then please confine yourself to reading, as you just add clutter to the thread.

  • Couchar Level 1 Level 1

    Just posted a (lenghty) movie about my wifi issue on youtube. I need it as proof towards Apple



    ipad and iPhone 4 performing normally, but the iPhone 5 looses its connectivity

  • German123 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey then why do people keep adding stuff!

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    German: Thats because there is no one solution. I've been on this thread since day one .


    Im sure i could put everyone in to categories, then tell you all what to do or where to go and come to a conclusive result that you might like or may not like


    Again, there's various complex issues at hand here.

  • Couchar Level 1 Level 1

    Uploaded a better quality video:


    what you see is:

    distance from iPhone and iPad to router is about 4 meter.

    iPhone 4, iPad and iPhone 5, all on iOS 6.1 showing very good and consistent download speeds


    when i move a couple of meters away: the iPad and iPhone 4 still perform very good, whilst the iPhone 5 performance drops.

    Even a bit further: iPad and iPhone 4 still perform very good, the iPhone 5 has no connection anymore.

    When I pick it up, move a bit closer towards the router: it picks up the connection and shows excellent download speed again. Moving only a couple of meters away (where iPad and iPhone 4 show excellent connection and download speed): no download speed at all for the iPhone 5.

    Tried everything with anaother iPhone 5: everything was just perfect.


    I have this problem on different networks, not only on my own. But not on every network.

    On the first floor I have a timecapsule: there everything works perfectly as well.

    On apple networks the phone seems to perform a lot better. Which makes it difficult to reproduce the issue in an Apple store, hence the video.

  • pizzoleto Level 1 Level 1

    when you say: "(..)Ultimately, I got a replacement, and it's perfect. This is an extremely complicated problem that may have more than one cause.(...) change your iphone 5 with a new one?

    That means that the wifi problem generated by the upgrade to iOS 6.1 is only for a few ... this also interests me because I have the opportunity to change my iphone 5 new one.

  • khurana Level 1 Level 1

    Couchar, I am suffering from a similar issue & have also uploaded a video in order to show apple what is going on:


    Unfortunatly for us Couchar, I believe we may have recieved iPhone 5's w/ actual hardware issues, while the majority in this forum are experiencing iOS related issues. I will be replacing mine with a new unit soon & created the video to show the "Geniuses" at the apple store who are dumbfounded when the phone appears to work well on the store wifi. 


    I do agree with Shanon.Roberts that this WIFI issue is indeed complex , ranging from both iOS 6.x related issues to actual hardware problems. iOS 6.1.1 will be arriving soon (Yet ANOTHER iOS update). Not sure what features of the phone it will fix or plague yet.

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    Time to un-subscribe from this thread, we have at least three seperate issues melding together, from basic WIFI connectivity issues, advanced issues with WPA with AES encryption and in my case another issue where reports good throughput, however apps like Podcast, iCatcher, Downcast or Dropbox are having issues downloading large files with any reasonable speed.


    For those with the first two issues, head to Apple and get them to help you, if you visit more than once then request a new phone and don't leave the store until they give you one (hint: no matter where you purchased your iPhone from you can book an appointment with a Genius at an Apple store without charge under your warranty, for those folks who are nowhere near an Apple store you will either need to travel or use the web support apple provides).


    For those of us with the third issue, I've got no idea, I've tried everything possible that I can think of and nothing works, for example (but not limited to only these steps):

    - Test with 3 different access points, each with WPA AES, TKIP and also open security

    - Take to Apple store and test on Apple network

    - Reset network settings & re-boot

    - Restore fresh without backup

    - Test 6.1 whilst in beta (beta 4)

    - Test with 6.1 proper release

    - Comparision test with iPhone 4

    - Test with both 2.4 and 5.0GHz WIFI network

    - Test with LTE and 3G (both perform better than WIFI)

    - Confirm that my WIFI networks were connected to good up-stream internet connections (at home I have 116Mbps down and 2.4Mbps up with Telstra Ultimate Cable DOCIS 3), also tested with ADSL2+ and corporate GB link

    - Test static IP addressing

    - Test dynamic IP addressing with clientID

    - Test close to access points and far away (made no difference)


    If only Apple allowed us to extend the timeout for certain applications that download content, I just want my Podcasts on my iPhone for crying out loud.  I've tried to go back to using iTunes to download and then WIFI sync over, but that is another issue (ie doesn't work)........I'm out of options, next step is to wait for Galaxy S4 and make a rather hard call......Podcast listening is a critical activity for me & in Australia we have very limited data plans on mobile devices, else I'd just go to town on LTE and forget WIFI.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3

    Pizzoleto - Yes, they gave me a new phone on my second trip to the store.  They wanted me to restore as new first, but I had to go back the next day with my husband's phone, and did not have time for the restore. I had everything backed up, so I got new the phone then. I really did not want to make 3 trips!  Document your problem, as best you can, and bring a list of everything you have tried.

  • foovo Level 1 Level 1

    Heads up to anyone experiencing this problem and using Airport Extremes. Apple have today released firmware updates which may/may not be more tolerant of faulty iPhones 5 and/or iOS 6.x variants. Your milage may vary. My problems went away when I had the Apple genius replace my original iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 with a replacement iPhone 5 (I did still have problems running the 6.0 which the replacement phone came with, but no connection problems once I upgraded to 6.1 --> and this was on 2 separate locations both running Airport extremes on yesterday's version of the firmware). The bad phone worked perfectly at Apple's Chadstone store in VIC AUS and Genius insisted my network was at faults. To 'humour' me, he did give me a replacement phone saying it probably wouldn't be any different because it was my network. Well...that does not explain how the problem went away with a new phone. Anyhow, this is a multivariate problem -> mine was 95% probability that it was bad iPhone hardware but I suspect we will see a raft of fixes needed (i.e. Airport firmware is but ONE fix)

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    ..... im not going to repeat my tale of woe (it's on page 239 if anybody can be bothered reading it).


    ok , it's now over a week since i updated to 6.1 and my phone is still working absolutely fine , however ... this will be the very last iphone that i will own , i have owned every single one since its very first release , but after the way Apple have handled this obvious problem wether it was/is software problems for some, hardware problems for others , i have lost all trust in them being able to create a product that works the way it is meant to work .


    as far as i am concerned the IP5 should have been release this year rather than last year, i wonder if Apple will rush the next phone out for sale with faults on the units or software bugs ? i'm guessing they will , they will want it on the shelves for christmas .


    one thing is for sure though, i won't be buying one !


    to everybody who is affected by these issues i suggest you do the same , dont sit around getting frustrated , take action , walk away from the iphone , hit Apple hard in the pocket , it's the only way they will sit up and take note ! .... or stay with them, put up with their appalling attitude towards their customers, you'll still be frustrated and they will still be laughing all the way to the bank ...... you have freedom of choice , use it.

  • marco pascal Level 1 Level 1

    My humble comment:

    Having multiple WiFi networks I regularly had locked in (time capsule, public hotspots, ad hoc PC, WEP, WPA...) with multiple Mac and PC products, I was quickly convinced it was the IP 5 itself (64GB, white). Without going into detail, I just had all the problems described here. Bought a second one (64 GB, black) then, as I absolutely needed one in the office. This one had not issues at all. Especially under 6.1 stronger than my former 4S on any topic. After 7 days, the white one came back - well, sort of. It had been replaced by a new one.  Conclusion: this one had too no issue at all!


    So whatever is said, IMO, we have a whole series of hardware, that doesn't work as it should and the whole discussion is about symptoms. I suggest, that you just get your phones replaced. Obviously, having one at the same dealer quickly after the first one bears the risk of getting one from the same (problematic) production charge.




  • ozsmacd Level 1 Level 1

    Oh my GOD, early days, however it appears (and I've only tested with four podcasts) that my issue of slow application throughput performance in Podcast & Dropbox is fxied with the Airport 7.6.3 update IS FIXED!


    Not sure what has been fixed, however sadly if I'm using my other non Apple access point I'll still have issues I guess, but hey 80% of the time I'm connected to my home Timecapsule.




    IMG_0219.PNG  IMG_0220.PNG