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  • wilson2012 Level 1 Level 1

    Downloaded 6.1.2,  no real change. Wifi still practically non existent at home and public wife's are hit or miss, more often miss

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 Level 1

    And sometimes Mrs.

  • Magnolia89 Level 1 Level 1

    This problem is about hardware not software, i guess. I can suft the net very fast. I cannot watch any video yet. It's not a revolution. It's disaster. How can APPLE fix this?

  • FOYETOG Level 1 Level 1



    256 pages on this thread alone and I just saw where CNET said "Apple did not respond to a request for comment." after posting their article about the wifi issues that customers have with the iPhone5.  I am on my second one and same exact issues as the 256 pages of comments articulate.


    I am disgusted at the fact that Apple has not addressed this.  Steve would be ashamed as are the shareholders.  And I hate to tell you, this can be attributed to the decline in public confidence in Apple to perform and therefore a depressed stock performance and analyst confidence.  I sold everything I had in AAPL.


    How long must these posts be written with nothing from Apple.  And by the way, after 6.1.2 to fix a corporate exchange issue, they botched up LTE.  Since wifi is so horrid, I use cellular data (and pay dearly for it) and now must disable LTE for that to work now.  This happened after I patched the phone.


    Needless to say, I am so disappointed in Apple and I have a HOUSE FULL of Apple gear.


    FIX THIS ALREADY or at least ADMIT you have an issue and are working on it.

  • FOYETOG Level 1 Level 1

    Been there, done that and have the t-shirt.  3rd phone, same exact issue.

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    Well said, went back to Apple store yesterday 4th iPhone 5 still will not work on any hotspot. I think this is just the way it's going to be, or maybe this is the way the phone works. Guy at Apple store said has it heard of any wifi problems with the Iphone 5. But I took pictures of how my phone show that it connect to wifi but will not show IP Address or push any date said it was hardware, gave new phone but this one works the same way. I have unit September before one year warranty is up. Will be going back to Apple again.

  • ftiryaki03 Level 1 Level 1

    is this problem solve with update ?Any idea for this ? my iphone 5 have a wireless problem while first time i used.Signal too weak and drops the connections.My friend bought it for me 5 days ago.What can we do ????

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    michiko87 same problem with you

  • michiko87 Level 1 Level 1

    Ya I used to have it and always hope for an update will fix it but apparently not. So I went to apple and get my replacement, thank god the 2nd phone is ok.. So if you have the same problem as mine previously, just try to get your replacement unit...

  • ftiryaki03 Level 1 Level 1

    when apple make a replacement any paper give to you like a service report and old phone imei wrote on this paper ??

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    I first noticed the wifi problem when I updated to 6.1, or rather, I was notified by AT&T that I was about to exceed my data limit 3 days into the new billing period.  My iPhone 5 kept dropping wifi and forgetting passwords both at home and at work. My iPad Mini, with 6.1, never had a problem. I kept both of them side-by-side during this who debacle. 


    After working the Apple support trying everything, I finally had my phone replaced.  I restored from a backup.  Same problem (only with iPhone 5, not iPad).  I wiped the phone and installed everything from scratch.  Same problem.


    I replaced the phone again (my third iPhone 5) and kept iOS to 6.02.  Problem solved.


    The problem is between the iPhone 5 and 6.1. Unfortunatlely Apple won't let you downgrade. So the only solution is to turn in your phone for a new one with an older iOS and wait for an upgrade that finally addresses the issue.

  • ftiryaki03 Level 1 Level 1

    6.0.2 solved problem ? my iphone 5 has 6.1 when i bought.Than i update it 6.1.2 and still same.?if i replace my phone still same issue?i cant understand this

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    .... I'm afraid that when Steve Jobs died it looks as though the quality of apples devices , the fluency and stability of the software and the customer service and ability to listen and react to complaints also died with him ....... As I've stated previously , I for one will not be spending another penny on any apple device ..... It's time to give other devices a try , there's plenty of them out there .

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    There is no exact service report just a normal collection ticket with some small details of your old phone and swap to the new one. My replacement unit was 6.0.2 so if the wifi is working meaning it will continue working when you update it to 6.1.2. The last unit with broken wifi is not working even though i updated it to 6.1. The new one has a good wifi receiver work exactly like my 4. I was wondering you may have my same problem last time, no matter how many times you update, it will be the same, it might be a hardware issue.

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    I have to agree with you...