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  • brianmorristech Level 1 Level 1

    Hi to all of you longsuffering iPhone wifi victims. Here is a nice blog post on Huffington Post, maybe it will get some attention...or not.



    Thankfully my iPhone 5 is holding up, but has some difficulty with some routers, which is why I make my eyes go dry reading this thread everyday...and I'm afraid my phone will succumb any day.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Just another side note for Wifi connectivity issues.

    A staff member of mine aproached me to say they cant get their iphone 5 acting as a hotspot to their Laptop.


    It works fine with my Iphone 5 with IOS 6.1. The staff member has the IOS 6.01.


    I advised staff member to UPGRADE to IOS 6.1 and now works fine.


    Since my Day 1 of these postings, i havent seen anyone complain about their Iphone 5 being a HOTSPOT issue, rather just an isse connection to WAP's.


    In summary: Iphone 5 with IOS 6 connected to laptop fine, IOS 6.01 failed, upgraded to IOS 6.1 fixed again.


    This just further demonstrates Apple's patch release tech notes, fixes more than it indicated, customers are only getting the "Cliffs Notes' version

  • pao2 Level 1 Level 1

    I have my iPhone 5 but its fully working as same my 4s,

  • Snkygrk Level 1 Level 1

    Just got my iPhone 5 2 days ago, I had no idea they had wifi issues until I tried connecting to my wifi, how in this age of ever growing technology is the wifi, something that I have personally been using for the past 9 years when I bought a pocket PC, suddenly not working? really!!!! WIFI how does this happen? I for one want this fixed and I want it fixed now

    This is a problem that should have never been a problem. I got it when the maps were messed up it was their first attempt at it but WIFI!!!! Really

  • EnjayW Level 1 Level 1

    The fiery indignation of a newly disappointed.. Fight the good fight. I gave up after a replacement was just as poor and bought a wifi extender. Loads of issues here but range seems to be a very common one. Now waiting for 3 years until I can justify buying a new phone and then it will most certainly NOT be an Apple.  Bon Courage.

  • Dore007 Level 1 Level 1

    It's so **** you have to spend extra money to make something work the way it should but. I am looking at buying one too but I don't know yet. Has apple even acknowledged this as a problem? I've only had mine 2 months, my cellular usage is higher then it ever was on my iphone 4 and I'm getting more ****** off at this lack of wifi daily. I'll lose my **** if I speak to somebody from apple and they play ignorance.

  • EveryBitEpic Level 2 Level 2

    The Wi-Fi is a known issue. Obviously. As far as I can tell, though, the update to 6.1.2 fixed that issue. After I updated, I had to reset my router, forget and readd the network on my phone. Works fine now. Are any of you doing this kind of thing? As in troubleshooting?

  • Dore007 Level 1 Level 1

    Well that didn't work for me. My wifi bounces between two bars and full signal within 3 metres of the router, I'm in the lounge less then 10 metres from the router with no walls between and my wife has full signal on her iphone 4 as I did when I had mine, on the iPhone 5 I get 2 bars at best bouncing between 1 and none.

  • EnjayW Level 1 Level 1

    Of course we're trouble shooting!! Thanks to some experts on here plenty of us have had some great training. But frankly life's too short. Have been wasting my time for three months, much easier to spend 23EUR and 10 minutes buying another router/extender and be done with it.

  • ftiryaki03 Level 1 Level 1

    %100 same with yours

  • CPC Level 1 Level 1

    I do have the latest version of iOS 6 on my iPhone 5 and continue to have problems.  I even replaced the Airport Express that was extending my network with the current model.  Now, the speed on all my other devices has increased tremendously but my iPhone 5 still does not work.  Can't see the network at all. 


    I could lock the network on 5 GHz but then other devices would not work.


    I hope to have time soon to make it into an Apple store to swap out my phone.  Apple Care already authorized it.

  • Tm5 Level 1 Level 1



    after debugging this more than 3 months almost with two Iphone 5 devices:


    1. My Iphone 5 model is MD297B/A

    2. The Modem Firmware is 3.04.25

    3. IOS Ver is 6.1.2 (10B146)


    Before IOS Ver 6.1.X WIFI was perfectly ok!


    After IOS Update Ver 6.1.X WIFI is working properly:


    * Most of the times cant connect to Wifi Network - when Samsung Galaxy S2 connects from the same spot

    * When the Iphone 5 connects it will not hold long on the Wifi network and Disconnects

    * Sometime it will connect but will get 169.x.x.x IP



    anyone was thinking that maybe all starts from the Modem Firmware update 3.04.25?



    BTW it seems we as a whole group of ppl need to take some actions...


    anyone knows the email addresses of APPLE Support for Iphone 5?


    Email addresses of APPLE CxO (COO , CTO . CEO , CFO.......)?


    If we as a group have headache  - so will they.....



    Also i would like much to know - if the upgrade to modem Firmware Ver 3.04.25 fried my Wifi Chip on my Iphone 5 why Apple wont say anything official?



    should i go back to my loyal Samsung Galaxy S2?





  • zverko Level 1 Level 1

    As i said i will reply when I get new, replaced iphone5 where I am


    I got brand new phone. But not in box. When I was giving old iphone5 in service store, they took only the phone, not the whole box. After few days, i got new phone replaced. As it was not apple store, but retail store in Hungary, Budapest ( I got new phone after 3 days. And it works!


    So definitly it was hardware problem.


    Modermfirmare on new one is 3.04.25.


    signal is better. I can connect on any wifi no matter what router is there. Everything works just fine.


    Whoever has any problem, and has guarantie, go and replace! dont wait for no ios update. Just go and replace for new iphone.


    Best of luck to all!

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 Level 1

    OK. Hmm. Check this:


    Decided to buy a new Airport Extreme last night. Replacing first gen Extreme and first gen Time Capsule. The hope was that I could get better speeds throughout the house, as well as a far easier solution to my dual band needs/wants.


    At first, nothing changed. But I kept futzing with the setting, and bam. Moster speeds. But still erratic as ever (flipping between 29Mbps and 4Mbps on the very next test). iPhone 5 connected well, but would have issues moving in and out of what seemed like the 5GHz/2.4GHz "wall."


    But here's the whack thing:


    In the bedroom, I would get 4-6Kbps with older modems mentioned above. Clearly slipping to the 2.4 signal up there, using Channlel 8. Was getting 7-8 with new Extreme. OK fine. But this morning I started getting ALL the symptoms everyone has been talking about. Before the new Extreme, I would only get the sudden 3 full bars but no internet thing. Now, it was flipping between LTE and wifi, 1 bar then 3 but no data, and not being able to select my network. AND my battery had been drained significanly overnight as it tried to constantly connect, I'm guessing. Great! I made my wifi even worse.


    SO, after back and forth trying to get a wifi signal, resetting this and resetting that and standing on one leg with with my head tilted to the right, then to the left, I got a wifi signal, but it was crap. Using the Airport Utility on iPhone I changed the channel to channel 9 and rebooted the modem.


    16.5 Mbps! In the bedroom. Four times what I was ever getting before. No drops at all. Solid 16Mbps each time I tested it. Just tested it again and it's still super fast. Funny though, the ping has gone from 14 to 39.


    So is it a channel thing? Seems to be for me. At least, a channel thing with the newer Airports maybe.

  • mtmckay71 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow. I thought it was just me.


    Public wifi "unable to connect".


    Works all the time on my router, neighbors router, work,etc.


    I5 on 6.1.2 has been problematic since last 2 os updates.