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    I am now on my third iphone5 it has a weak wifi signal is this still faulty or could it be my router as i can use web pages and apps although it is slow somtimes i have a 3gs and that sometimes drops signal as well i tested my iphone 5 at friends houses and it dropped signal then but i was still able to use it i am so confused with all this same as everyone fed up hope you can help thanks Louise.

  • iStip Level 1 Level 1

    I've been observing this thread for quite some time now since January.. My iphone5's wifi worked well for 2-3 weeks after purchasing (first week of Jan). I just came home from work one time and noticed the problem (cannot connect to network). But the wifi signal is strong; when I am withing 10 feet (without any obstacles) of the router, it can connect. If I move away, it will still have a connection with a strong signal but no internet access, then eventually disconnect. I'm currently in Riyadh and still have to find an Apple Store (all I've been to are authorized Apple retailers). Of all the places I've been, only one retail store admitted to being aware of this iPhone 5 wifi problem. I have some officemates with the same wifi problem with their iPhone 5. For me, this might be a hardware issue with a yet unknown software solution, I mean, it worked well for sometime, until one day at the last week of January (also the release date of iOS 6.1). I have yet to try restoring my phone; I was able to relocate my router at home to my room and my office wifi is just a desk away from me. So far I can still bear with it though it's still very disappointing. I agree with some users that we should not be required to change the settings of our router/modems. Not everyone is technically proficient and it might make matters worse.

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    It Might be helpfull to you guys. I Replaced my iphone 5 for second time. The First was the camera failure. The second, the wifi poor signal, connection, whatever. Now i´ve got the Third. This One i just leave on 6.0.2 IOS. Better, Much Better. The model is ND like the second, but the WIFI Firmware is 1.01.00. Connect like light as fast in every WIFI Network the second one doesn´t connect before. So you Guys, another thing my model is ND, without "/A" at the end, the second (WIFI Problem) was ND WITH "/A" at the end.




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    Hey, one thing that I have started to wonder is if it could be hardware related. I had the issue with my iPhone 4 the other night and disabled iCloud, and was able to get on my home Wi-Fi. I have reactivated the iCloud and have also updated to 6.1.3, and my Wi-Fi is working fine. I think that was my phone just being quirky, as it has some other little things that it does that I can't explain sometimes. :-) Anyway, do you all think it could be something hardware related in the new iPhone 5's...maybe some new Wi-Fi antenna that is not yet compatible with version 6.1.3?

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    Same problem with my iPhone 5 after I did upgrade to 6.1.3... On 3G works... while my iPad and pc works perfectly with same wifi router.

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    4 meters from my router...IMG_0269.PNG@wdegi

    did you have normal wifi before update?? no isssues and normal connecting on network from large distance?

    If you have and after update havent anymore, it seems to be very very bad combination or relation HARDWARE-SOFTWARE.. Im gonna send my to apple store and well see am i lucky or not....

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    I've got 6.1.3 and iPhone 5 Verizon.  Since the first day I purchased my iPhone WIFI has been painfully slow when downloading stuff from the app store.  Browsing and email and speed tests are always great.  Any ideas?  Running Netgear WNDR3700v2 DD-WRT build 21061.  I know it's a bleeding edge build but even with prior builds it's never matterd, still slow as ****.

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    I tested iP4 and iP5 with 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 on the same 2.4GVz routers. The signal strength improved. For 1 router the iP4 no longer behave the same with 6.0 iOS.

    As the iP4 was working well with this router for>1yr prior to upgrade to 6.1. I strongly believe this is an iOS SW issue.

    FYI, I can still ping to router or another PC connected to the same router and vice versa, the Yahoo Mail apps and some apps can still received notifications, but the Safari and mail app just refuse to sync and browse.


    Something's are fixed and something's broke again!

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    I have decided to pick up an Airport Express and test it instead of using my U-Verse router. I'll report back with wifi performance.

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    Same issue here....No WIFI connectivty on my husbands I5 but my I5 is working at full strength. My husbands won't even pick up that there is any WIFI anywhere!!! Did a full restore still the same problem. My MAC book pro has full WIFI strength as does my ipad....WTH Apple?!?!?! This is crazy!! the phone is only 9 days old and hasnt worked on WIFI and is eating up my data through my provider! Just got a text today from my provider that we have reached 1G usage in 9 days...I dont't think so, we have never went over on our usage EVER!!!! Going to get a replacement from my provider Saturday, Thank goodness they have a 14 day defective policy!!! Very disappointing APPLE!!!

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    We are discussing slow performance, as opposed to connectivity issues, at There could be one other reason for your slow app store speed, although I doubt it applies to you since you are located in the U.S. But have you changed your DNS servers to something unusual? I'm in Australia, and for some time used OpenDNS for my DNS, since they have great security and fltering services. However, this made everything think I was located close to their server, meaning that some content that was otherwise available close to me was instead served from a distance. This definitely applied to all Apple content. Apple uses content distribution services that are located around the world, so you usually get content from somewhere fairly local. OpenDNS ruined this for me, to the point where Apple TV couldn't stream fast enough to be usabale, and any Apple updates took an age to download. As I say, maybe doesn't apply to you, but thought I'd mention it.

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    send my iphone to warranty and they sent me a new replacement came with iOS 6.0 and wifi works fine, later upgrade to 6.1.3. and the wifi still works perfect in the nets which usually did not work, I think the problem is hardware, took one day to reach me the new iphone, I'm happy to have my new iphone working perfectly

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    Me too. Wifi on my wife's iPhone 5 is terrible.

    She can't connect to any free wiifi signal on the road unless she sits on top of the wifi router.

    She was out to dinner with 20 colleagues and EVERYONE had wifi except her. She was the only one with an iPhone 5. Needless to say she wants to dump it as quickly as possilbe.


    In our house, it's a little bit better, but my iPhone 4 performs much much better in wifi distance and speed. I can access Wifi perfectly in any place in the house, she can only connect in the living room (where the time capsule is).


    BAD Apple.

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  • Greg Gallant Level 1 Level 1

    I found a workaround for my wifi problem.


    Once I updated the iphone 5 to 6.1.3 my wifi became VERY slow.  Apple replaced my iphone 5 and the issue continued.  I did everything I was asked to do by AppleCare and it did not help so......


    I started playing around and discovered the following:


    I turned Airplane Mode ON and then Turned Wifi ON.  That solved the issue for me.  It's not acceptable in the long run, obviously, but for now it makes wifi speeds acceptable.


    I HOPE APPLE ENGINEERS ARE LISTENING TO THIS SHOUT OUT!!!!!!   If this workaround makes the wifi work correctly then THERE MUST BE A SOFTWARE BUG!!!