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    Ignore poster Seedl, he is a troll, probably Blackberry fanboy

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    I followed Silverstar555 solution it worked for me also: "Set in in airplane mode, then Reset network settings"; and it solved the problem for me too. I had tried many other scenarios which failed, but this worked.

  • Sid Harper Level 1 (10 points)

    Apple have introduced a serious issue in 6.1.3 and all my iOS devices are affected except for one on which I have not accepted the update. Absolutely nothing else has changed in my home. And searching the issue shows many many many people are suddenly hitting this issue with 6.1.3.


    Come on apple admit the issue and fix it or let us go back to 6.1.2 which works just fine.


    For the helpful people here talking about rebooting and upgrading routers, I'm sorry to say that whilst your suggestions are valid generally for isolated issues, it is utterly UNTRUE for anyone to claim that 6.1.3 is not the culprit.

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    I've owned every single iPhone since they came out minus the 4s, and have been buying macs since before you were born. I won't be buying the next iPhone that's for sure. In fact, I find Apple's line boring and overpriced now.


    So let me help you. Same distance. Same network. Same troll running the tests:








    Same ****** wifi.

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    " I won't be buying the next iPhone that's for sure. In fact, I find Apple's line boring and overpriced now."


    @seedl The only thing you've demonstrated is my point.

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    History of the many pages of posts it's quite evident it's not a router issue. Sure, a few might have a different problem than the rest of us have had but its certainly not a fix for the issue too many of us have.


    Keep in mind many of us use an Apple Time capsule, or Apple Express. One would think at least those would hold a signal with their own product.

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    lol. Sure dude. Quote one segment of my response and make it fit your accusation that I'm a troll and a blackberry fanboy. That was your point which was proven wrong.


    A snippet for you citing wikipedia:


    "In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /ˈtrl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."


    How is my response stating that a new router doesn't fix my problem troll like? How is that off topic? How is being so annoyed by such a huge bug causing me to lose faith in Apple produts troll like? In fact, I believe the definition cited here suits you more than me as my comments have all been on topic until you called me a troll and a blackberry fanboy, which was off topic. You've also clearly provoked an emotional response with your accusation as well. So by Wikipedia's definition you are in fact the troll, not I guy.

  • JanSKay Level 1 (5 points)

    Turning on and off Airplane mode or turning wifi off and back on is only a temporary fix. Reading through all the history of this thread it was discussed many times.

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    I understand a little how you feel.  I bought a brand new Iphone 5 and the button on front did not work and therefore i could not access my phone.  I took it back to apple and the best they could give me was a reconditioned one which I think is disgusting as it was brand new and not a fault of mine.  My friend also got a new Iphone 5 and she also immediately had problems which Apple once again did not and would not replace with a new IPhone.  I think Apple should be accountable for their faulty products and not fob people off with a reconditioned one.  Shame on Apple.  Good luck with your 6th one.  I will not buy an Iphone again.......

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    a little bit off topic but i did found out about this during my Iphone 5 Wifi Debugging... The Battery Drain problem possible solution??


    1. i've turned Air plane mode on

    2. on settings - disabled all mail , calendars , icloud etc.... each option one by one

    3. diabled 3G Mobile Data

    4. performed Reset of network settings

    5. Charged to fully 100% and disconnect charger


    Went to sleep and on the morning first time ever i say 96% of battery instead of the 65-50% usual status.




    So is it 3G Mobile Data? or a combination of 3G mobile Data + Icloud....




    i think we just became a debugging community...





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    "If your wifi is greyed out and/or there is no WIFI Address then there is probably not a problem with your antenna but there is a problem with the WIFI chip.

    If your wifi is not greyed out try standing as close as possible to the router to see if you get wifi signal then. If you get it then there could be a problem with your antenna OR the circuit on the logic board going from the WIFI chip to the antenna."

    This is from one site for fixing iphones, he is talk about iphone 4s, but no matter it seems like we have same problem and this problem is hardware problem.

    BUT good thing is that problem can be solved(first must check your lucky in the Apple store for replacing) and if you cant lucky try in some good service.

    Im from Bosnia and Herzegovina and we havent Apple store,but i send my iphone last weekend to Germany with my friend for replacing, and if i dont be lucky, im gonna go to service in my town for wifi antenna reparation.


    For all peopple on this forum , i will post my expirience, GOOD OR BAD......

    sorry for bad english

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    I miss my 3GS.  At least I could always use the excuse it was old; now I am wollowing in the lack of wifi blandness known as the iProblem5.

  • JanSKay Level 1 (5 points)

    Same here! Only reason I replaced my 3GS was the battery was starting to poop out.

    Vdubit wrote:


    I miss my 3GS.  At least I could always use the excuse it was old; now I am wollowing in the lack of wifi blandness known as the iProblem5.

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    My iphone 5 has been having issues with wifi for the last week or so.

    I did buy the iphone 5 on the first day ther arrived and have not have any major issues and have been updating the iOS as sson as it is released. I did update iOS 6.1.3 the day it was released and was not having any problems with wifi intil abut a week ago.

    The phone would disconnect from wi fi within 10-15 minutes of use or even earlier.

    Nothing works to restore the connection. I have tried multiple recommendations including restarting the phone and turning on and off the wi fi.

    The only thing that has worked every time has been taking the router off power and then re starting.

    I thought my router may be the problem.

    But when I checked all other internet connected products including Computers, Internet Phone and anoher iphone4, all have been working great with no loss of internt.

    Is only the iphone 5 that is having the problems. And I can not blame the iphone 5 (hardware) as my wife's phone (anothe iphone 5) is doing the same.

    Again I'm not sure if I can blame ios 6.1.3 as I did update on the first day of release and the problem just started about a week ago.

    Did contact tech support and they asked me to restore the phone via i tunes that I have not tried yet as I work st different sites and have different internet passwords and all would be lost if I do factory or itunes restore.


    Its getting very frustrating. ANd to make worse, can not even complaint at work as I would be picked up as I have ben always competeing and fighting for the apple products at work with people who have Samsung.

    Now I can not even complaint at work.....just suck it up.....Do I switch to Samsung?

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 (10 points)

    This has been the theme for me as well: that the iP5 or it's software is forgetting something. Or NOT forgetting something.