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  • Lvis85 Level 1 (0 points)

    agree to Rahim,  Apple really needs a fix! All complains we made here to no avails. hope we could do something to put these issue to media, it can also avoid further victims of buying faulty iphone5. my banners are always ready to put on the street until Apple admit and rectify this serious issue! i hate apple after iphone 5 launch! **** ***

  • JanSKay Level 1 (5 points)

    Same here. Yes the replacement I got in February was better, but recently I started having to occasionally turn off the WiFi on the iPhone 5 and back on for it to connect.


    Recently my son who has a 4S said it happens to him occasionally, too. Originally I thought it was hardware, but now I'm not quite as sure.

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm getting significantly faster and more reliable wifi when I use channel 6 or 1, with four neighbors also using 6 and 2 using 1, than I am when I switch back to 11 (my long-standing preference) all by myself with one neighbor on channel 10. (Automatic channel selection results in terrible wifi.)


    The reason seems to be the whole 1, 6, 11 vs 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 (overlapping channels)thing. For a few weeks it was smoking on 11, then it got suddenly awful. I noticed a neighbor on channel 10 where normally im all alone on 11. When I switched to 6 where others are also using it, which I normally avoid doing: bingo: huge diff.

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    People with wifi range problem must notice that is HARDWARE PROBLEM!!!!

    No router no chanel no iphone case ....only hardware problem bcs circuit from motherboard to wifi antenna is break. Read my last post. I also try any solution with router, you tube tutorials, dns setup, router chanell, and nothing. Stop loosing your time this is not software issues. Go for replacement but if you live like me in conutry without apple store go to service and solve problem. Good luck

  • L avar Level 1 (0 points)

    I am sure the wireless issues with iPhone 5 is a software not hardware problem. This is because, I noticed that when I'm streaming music to the Apple TV, the download speed in the iPhone is back to normal.

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    After upgrading to iOS 6, I experienced very slow email updates and very slow connectio nof aps over wifi on my iphone 4 when  "connected" to my home wifi.  However, no problems at all when connected to most other wifi networks (such as in the apple store, in an airport or hotel). 


    I set up a second wifi at home, using an old linksys BEFW11S4 router, with no security, and it seemed that the speed would sometimes be better, but not always.


    In these discussions there are many proposed solutions that have provided relief to some.  I tried resetting wifi parameters on the phone, setting the channel to 7 on the router, and various other solutions that have been posted on these discussion boards.  Because my connection was fine on some networks and not fine on others, it seemed likely my problem was related to a compatibility problem between some routers (and their firmware) and iOS 6.  I am currently running iOS 6.1.3


    Today, I downloaded a speedtest (speedtest from the ap store), and confirmed that when my connection seemed to be hung, it was in fact just VERY slow.  I then contacted my ISP (wowway), as they own my cable modem/router/wireless (ARRIS model WTM652G) and control all the settings.  I asked them to update the firmware on my router.


    Immediately after the router rebooted, my connection speed jumped from below 1 Mega bits/sec download to over 15 Megabits/sec (Mbps).  My mail (IMAP/gmail and exchange) on my iphone now updates quickly and consistently.   While it has only been about 4 hours, it appears my issue has been resolved.


    There are probably several different root causes for "slow wifi".  Based on my experience I would encourage you to update your router firmware, or at least search for information and see if updating the firmware has resolved the issue for others using that router.

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    For the first time, I'm posting this in this thread.


    I got my original iPhone 5 in October of 2012.  Along with it, I bought AppleCare+.  I never really streamed videos to the iPhone until about a week ago when I sold and shipped my iPad.  Earlier this week, I noticed that there was a problem streaming video from YouTube.  Turns out, no matter where I'm streaming from (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc), the iPhone will, after about 15 or so minutes, stop streaming entirely.  It will try to buffer, stop, and say that it lost the connection.  I took the iPhone back to Apple, and they replaced it with a "new" (refurbsihed) iPhone.  After 2 days, the problem returned.  I took it back, and got the same Genius as I did last time.  With video proof, she didn't want to replace it again, but after talking, I finally got them (after much of their dismay) to replace it again.  I also went to Verizon to get my SIM card replaced to elminate that as a possibilty.  After about an hour of being at home on my Wi-Fi and 15 or 20 minutes of video streaming, it happened again.  Now the iPhone flat out refuses to use any data on Wi-Fi.  It will connect to the network, but won't transmit data.


    I know the store is going to refuse a 3rd replacement in a week (since they hate me for the amount of repairs I have done on all my products), so what should I do?


    All 3 iPhone's specs:


    1. iPhone 5, 32GB, White, Verizon  Model MD659LL/A

    2. iPhone 5, 32GB, White, Verizon  Model ND144LL/A

    3. iPhone 5, 32GB, White, Verizon  Model ND144LL/A

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    thank u very much for a very precise information!

    It does makes sense ..I have tried getting online at the same place with other devices and had no problem ..even with the old apple 3GS  I was able to get online but not with my new apple 5

    Thank u for stopping me tearing my hair out as I am traveling abroad and getting no online service at all with my 5.

    Your info helped!

    I am not getting bald!

    Ciao Tina

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    I had a simmilar problem with  my new iphone5. It would work wifi well outside the house, but I was unable to connect to my home wifi. The phone was in the middle of the restore process. After calling Verizon, as nothing seem to work, they suggestes "reset network setting" and that did the trick. Wifi works fast and very good.


    I hope this will help some

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    I've reset the network settings multiple times, over 20 or so times.  Never helped.


    Also worth noting, my iPad mini running 6.1.3 is having the same problems as my iPhone 5, where as other iPhone 4's in the house are running 6.1.2 and working perfectly fine.  I really think this might be a software and not a hardware bug.

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    i just got an iphone 5 on Thursday April 11 and immediately I noticed the wifi issue.   we have other apple producuts in our home (macbook air, macbook, iphone 4s, two ipods and those wifi connections are solid!  the iphone 5 is a completely different story!  i am extremely disapointed in this phone! i just switched from the blackberry z10 to the iphone 5 as the bb10 had too many software issues and i was getting tired of random reboots.  so i went to the iphone 5 thinking it was going to give me no issues and low and behold now this wifi issue!  help!  i have tried everything from network reset to switching the settings on my router.  still nothing! 

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    Azolivas, if your iP5 cannot connect to the WiFi or showef very weak signal even just 1m away from router, you probably have faulty H/W. go for replacement ASAP.

    If your iP5 could connect to WiFi or showed strong signal even at 3m from router, but just unable to send/receive email but able to surf some website, it is iOS issue.

  • azolivas Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you ckfromsg!   I think it is a software problem as when I am next to the router I get a strong signal but when I go to other rooms the signal drops dramatically.  What frustrates me is that I do not have this issue with my other apple products (MacBook, MacBook Air, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and two iPods.  It is only with the iPhone 5.  I have placed them all side by side and you can see the iPhone 5 wifi signal is weaker than the other products.  If you think it is a software issue how do I fix it?  It is running IOS 6.1.3.  Thank you for your help!

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    If you still have weak signal when you are 3m from router with iOS 6.1.3, you still have H/W problem.


    My previous iP5 dropped from 3 signal bars at 1m to 1 or no dignal bar at 2m from router. When I replaced with new iP5, signal bar increase to 1-2 bar at 4m with 6.0.x. When I upgraded to 6.1.2/3, signal bars improved to 2-3 bars at 4m. All my previous tests were done in my house and on  same locations. Tests were compare with iP4 and iPad with same iOS. All are basically with similar signal bars.

    I think 6.1.3 did something to improve signal reception.

    Since you already update to 6.1.3 yet still having poor signal bar, I think you still have H/W issue.


    If you think is SW issue, you just have to wait for Apple to resolve it.

    My iP4 and iP5 still have an issue with a particular old router after update to 6.1.3. My iP4 was ok with the router before update to 6.0. Hence I believe there is still bugs in 6.1.3.

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    I have the same problem with my IP5 and it's running IOS 6.1.3. What do I have to do?