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    I had three iPhone 5's by mid February and decided to take back for a refund and continue with my iPhone 4.  I figure the 5S will be out soon enough and hopefully will be polished off a bit better.  I had the wifi issue with 2 phones (third seemed to be better, but I was fed up).  Connecting to my WPA2, it seemed like a very figity connection regardless of cover or not.  My iPhone 4 in the mean time maintained a solid wifi connection.  Also the farther away I got from my home router, the slower the internet would be. (Of course Apple people make me do the chicken dance to get a new Phone every time).

    There seems to be an issue here that only people who pay attention to their phone are noticing, which is why I think this never got much traction in the media.

    I hope the 5S is better, because i am not sure I am willing to pony up 300 bucks for a phone with bad wifi much more, because I do love iPhone.

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    anyone heard about iphone5 Wifi Signal Level Limiter?


    i've read on various places that probably latest update is enforcing some Wifi Signal level Limiter .... Wifi network will not be connected below certain level of Wifi % reception?





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    I was able to fix the problem today.


    I called apple first and they had to try everything I had already done.  He told me that since the wifi was connecting to other devices, and that other iphones (4) is connecting to my router its a router compatability problem, and I need to have the updated software on my router.  After that I decided to call my router company D-Link and they helped me update my software, change settings, remove someone who was using my wifi from outside my house, and since everything has been updated, my wifi is working on my phone.  I changed the password and the username after the software was updated.  Thankful I found a solution.  Hopefully this can be an easy fix for others too. 

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    shame on Apple

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    i got a replacement from apple and now it works fine but then a full charged battery can't last for a single day( same usage which i will have 40% battery left before my replacement)...

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    an interesting thing....


    when my Iphone 5 is more than 2 meters from my Wifi Router the Wifi on the Iphone 5 will never connect / or will disconnects...


    i've did a simple test using my Samsung Galaxsy S2 :


    * i've located it 4 meters from me and the Iphone 5

    * i've shared the Data internet connection on my samsung as Wifi HotSpot

    * i've used the WPA2 PSK configuration


    When i tried to connect with my Iphone 5 to the Shared Wifi network everything is working perfectly



    it seems that something between my iphone 5 and routers isnt working perfectly when located more than 2 meters (at Home , at Work , at Friends and various coffee shops.)



    any ideas?




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    same problem on iphone4 and 5 and ipad for some days!

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    Yep, you're right. Recently that's occurred on one of our 4s and iPad mini. Occasionally happens on my replaced iPhone 5.

    motoqtreiber wrote:


    same problem on iphone4 and 5 and ipad for some days!

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    This is very Simple and Basic...


    Between the Iphone 5 Battery Drainage Problem and the Very Poor Wifi Reception problem of the Iphone 5 .... what we get?


    a complete silence from apple ........................... Completely ignoring this!


    and this is very simple... why?


    Apple is counting on our very short term memory of this.... Soon iOS 7 / Iphone 6 will be out and we will all forget and run like crazy to buy the next i Device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    This is very basic thing from the prespective of crysis business management!!!!!



    They just forget that we are the Customers.



    so who among us is planning to buy the next i Device?

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    Just wanted to add my experience.


    Had an iphone4 for 2 years never had any issue with wifi... Sold the 4 to buy a 5 and that is when the problems started.


    iPhone 5 number 1

    This had poor wifi and 3g reception, it would disconnect when it was right next to the router and rarely obtain 3G. I was advised by apple to try another SIM card. I did so but nothing changed. Apple swapped this for iphone5 number 2


    iPhone 5 number 2

    Although 3g was now working the WIFI had a reliable range of about 2m it would randomly disconnect between 2-3m and after that it had no receiption.


    I waited for the 6.1 update. After this the disconnects went away, but the reliable range was less than 3m. I went on holiday and could not connect to any public wifi.


    I went to Apple store Milton Keynes. They stated there was no hardware issue with the phone and they did an OS restore. This unsurprisingly did not fix the issue.


    I then filmed an iPhone4, and HTC One X and a Galaxy Note all of which could easily connect at a range of 9m from my router and the iPhone 5 which could only work up to 3m from the router. I took iPhone number 2 to the Apple store Reading the guy again told me they could not detect a hardware problem, i showed him the video. He suggested environmetal factors were more likely to be the cause, but this time he did swap the phone, he was unconvinced it would resolve the issue.


    iPhone 5 number 3 - ISSUE RESOLVED

    After getting back home I tested this new phone immediately and yes like all other working phones it could easily cope with being 9m from the router! Finally a working iPhone 5!


    There is clearly a hardware fault with what appears to be potentially a large batch of iPhone 5s, it took 2 replacement units to fix my problem.


    While I was at the Apple store in Reading there was a couple sitting opposite me they both had iPhone 5s the lady had a wifi problem with hers...I guess it is easy to prove the fault is hardware if you have 2 iPhone 5s, otherwise you have to put more of an effort in like me...


    I do wonder how many units they are swapping out for wifi issues!

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    I'm on my 3rd one, my 3GS is still kicking. I can be 120 feet away and get wifi perfect on 3GS but my 5 won't stay connected side by side. I don't like the claim that it'd better and faster. It's not. Htc picked up 5 wifi in the surrounding area my 3 gs picked up 4 my iPhone 5 picked up 1 but then went away lol. Honestly my first iPhone was the 3GS and the 5 is my second one but im so mad that its not working right. Next thing I'm gonna do is complain to my carrier and see if I can get a galaxy then. I would stay with iPhone if this wasn't such a hassle. Oh and my friend is having same issue but she hardly uses it lol.

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    I think what is happening is that Apple is unofiicially handling the problem by swapping out the iPhone 5's with replacements that they have fixed to address this problem.  So basically when you buy your new phone you will have the wifi issue and then when you take it to the Apple store they will swap it out with one that has been refurbished with working wifi.   That is what happened to me.  I bought a brand new one on April 11 and April 14 I had it swapped out.  It works fantastic now and the wifi is strong as can be. 


    Again I think this is how Apple is unofiicially admitting there is a problem.


    It would be good business though for them to trade out the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 if it ever comes out to those who have receipts and documents that they purchased it legally.  Though it will never happen one hopes someone from corporate will read our posts and mention it to somebody!


    good luck to all!  be persistant and continue to demand a new phone until you get one that works!

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    Could You Guys answer me one thing?


    Does Your Iphone 5 with 6.1.3?


    I´ve swapped out mine and it came with ios 6.0.2. I Didn´t updated it.


    The Problem with my other Iphone5 began when I updated it to ios 6.1.3, Even 6.1.2 there was no problem.


    Could You Answer that one?

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    I have kept mine at 6.1.2 and will not upgrade to 6.1.3 until they get the bugs fixed!  I noticed on my first two phones that when I updated to 6.1.3 it stopped working!  wait until another update comes up!


    6.1.3 is more like 6.6.6.!