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    It doesnt sound right is correct. Im surprised this thread is still going, 296 pages now ?


    I posted since day one of this WiFi issues. The problem will never go away.


    its a case of Hit n Miss in terms of compatability of the hardware of your WAP and its Firmware to communicate with your Iphone.


    If its not working for you, common sense would say investigate their firmware on your WAP update it or downgrade it and test.


    There shouldnt be no requirments for any advanced technical config setup for an average user.


    Long story short, go and buy a NEW Wireless Access Point / Router or what ever you have OR borrow a friends / families device and see if it works at your site, bare in mind you'd need to re-configure it of course to suite.


    If that works, then you know whats wrong.


    Unless the Iphone is proven faulty, its going to come down to your WAP / Wireless Router not wanting to communicate correctly for the above mentioned reasons.


    i wouldnt go holding your breath for IOS 7.1 to be your lifeline, it may fix some with WiFi issues, but its not going to be the solution.


    3/4's of these posts would be duplicates of extensive tests etc we all tried in the early stages "myself included".


    My solution without buying a NEW WAP... I had to wait for an IOS 6 update to be compatabitle with my WAP's fiirmware version, simple as that.

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    If you try to reset your phone or Wi-Fi AP, but these actions also is fail, please to try to change your DNS setting of phone or NB from Auto to fix.

    Maybe this issue is your WLAN signal be weaken between your phone or NB, you can try to replace your WLAN or to paste “Perfecting Signals” on your WLAN Box for improve its quality of the WLAN signal.

    More detail info to see below link:

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    HI, I'm new to this forum and a new iphone 5 user. This wifi issue is making me regret ever moving to iphone from blackberry.


    The only issues i get are when I'm streaming videos via wifi or downloading large files. The wifi just disconnects and I have to reconnect to the network manually by selecting it. It is still there in the wifi list but just seems to disconnect.



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    I'm an Algebra teacher, not a computer whiz, but I had to get into problem solving mode because I've been having these problems for 6 months.  No, they don't fix themselves.  Here are specifics and, I think, the fix. 


    When I brought the iPhone 5 home, all of a sudden, 50% of the time, my iMac refused to connect to WiFi in my own home.  It kept telling me my connection was "timed out."  But all the lights were green.  I had to go through the process of unplugging the Airport Express a few times, fiddling with Network Preferences, password over and over until it connected.  Meanwhile, the iPhone5 would also 50% of the time hook into my home Wifi and 50% of the time run on 3G from Verizon.  Whenever I tried to select my home network, it wouldn't allow me to. I've never been able to even enter my network password into my phone.  On selected days when the wifi was working for phone and imac, I'd go to work, my phone would switch to 3G (because I don't like to join other networks due to privacy) and when I'd come home, the iMac and phone 50% of the time would refuse to connect. 


    I called Apple.  The Airport Express guy reset that (putting a pin in the tiny little rubber circle, etc.).  Didn't work.  Called iMac specialist.  He helped me rename and repassword my network, changed my security from WEP 128 bit (which is NOT secure) to WPA/WPA2 Personal.  Didn't work but at least the network is now more secure.  Who knew!  Called the iPhone5 guys several times.  They reset my phone.  No go.  I was too busy with the kids at work to keep this potluck party going.  Now I'm on vacation.  Buckle your seatbelts, boys.


    Here's what I think fixed it.  This first remedy fixed it only for a couple of days, so if you're in a hurry, skip 1-3 and go directly to 4-7 below.  But if 4-7 doesn't stick, then try them together. 

    1.  Connect iPhone to iMac by using the USB part of the iPhone's cord. 

    2.  Open up iTunes (even if you're not online).  The phone appears on left side of iTunes window.  If you don't see the phone, hit View, Show Sidebar, and under "Devices" choose your phone.  A menu of choices appears.  Click "Sync this iPhone over Wifi."  You can also back up your phone if you want.

    3.  See if you can now connect to home Wifi.


    Here's the remedy from a random Airport Express guy at Apple.  He knew nothing about the iPhone, but did this since it's the only thing I hadn't done.  Had this not worked, yes, I would have gotten a new iPhone.  I'm writing out the unsophisticated version to help out the most people, so hang in there programmer heads.


    4.  Go to your laptop or iMac's Spotlight (magnifying glass, upper right on screen) and type in Airport Utility.  Open it.  If you can't find it, open your Applications folder, then Utilities, then Airport Utility.  Open it.

    5.  Choose your network.  Aslo make sure your base station is found (you see the base station's icon).  If it's not there because you're not connected to Wifi (happened to me), keep trying. 

    6.  Continuing on Airport Utility, go to the "Wireless" tab.  On Wireless Security, choose "WPA/WPA Personal" for better security.  On "channel" my channel was Automatic, but changing that fixed everything.  Here's how.

    7.  Leave Airport Utility up (we'll get back to it soon).  Go to the Apple icon on the top left of laptop or iMac.  Choose "about this Mac" then hit "More info."  A windo will appear with a long list.  Under the Network heading, choose AIRPORT.  Scroll down and look at all the networks in your immediate area including yours.  Notice the Channel different people are using.  On #6 above, my Airport Express' channel was Automatic, so when I looked here, Channel 11 was chosen.  The Apple rep told me to choose a different channel, and one that no one in my area had.  Since my neighbors had channels 1, 3, and 6, I chose Channel 9.  NOW PRESS UPDATE.  Voila.


    It's been a week.  Now when I get home, the iPhone automatically switches to my home Wifi which is what it was supposed to do all along.  My computer's Wifi works great for the first time in 6 months.  If this helped you, punch in some points for me.  Maybe I'll get to attend a Star Trek movie on the lawn of a cemetary.

    Good luck!

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    I was having issues with my iPhone5 wifi and a Cisco E1200 v2, reading some posts I found a solution with a DD-WRT firmware, I did the upgrade and it worked. I did only some minor adjustments to get the wifi working at full speed again.


    The procedure to upgrade the router is here: -e1200


    The best working settings I found:

    Wireless Mode: AP

    Wireless Network Mode: Mixed

    Wireless Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz)

    Channel Width: 20 MHz

    Security Mode: WPA2 Personal

    WPA Alhorithms: AES

    Basic Rate: All

    WMM Support: Disable

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    I had the same issue on my iPhone5 too, as long as I am a bit further away from the rounter, the connection drops even I can still see the network in the Wi--Fi setting.  Restoring and clear the settings were no use for me also. 


    I found this Linkase on Amazon claims to boost Wi-Fi by 50% for iPhone5, did anyone try it before?  Appreciated if anyone can let me know if this is a good solution for my iPhone5.


    Still got a long contract with it, so dont plan on switching to anything else at the moment.

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    Update from me, I have also posted this in another similar thread -


    Sadly my experience with both Beta 1 and Beta 2 of the new iOS release shows no improvement at all in the slow WIFI throughput on iPhone 5.


    I now have quite a lab setup with two different access points (with different chipsets) and my 4G MyFI device.


    No matter what WIFI network I choose, what channel it is, if it is 5.0 or 2.4GHz, if it is just N/A/B/G, secured by WPA/WEP or open, high medium and low channels......throughput for podcast downloads (and other apps like Evernote or Dropbox) is very very slow.


    The only fix I have found is if I deploy a proxy service on my local network, then configuring my iPhone to talk out via the proxy.  Must be some kind of TCP window issue with longer term downloads, meaning either some kind of driver issue or a hardware issue (so bascially meaning anything).


    An example of the order of magnitude, a 25MB podcast download this morning, when straight WIFI with no proxy 15 minutes, with a proxy configuration on the same network 1-2 minutes.  My iPad 3 with no proxy on the same WIFI network downloaded the podcast in 1-2 minutes, as did my iPhone 4.


    So this is, for me at least, an iPhone 5 specific issue that is not linked with iOS6 or 7 (b1 or b2).

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    this is the hardware problem of wifi chip so u ll have to get ur phone replaced or wifi chip of iph5

  • haroonansari72 Level 1 (0 points)

    LINKSAY might have improved signals but what about on airports, hotels, offices , fast foods and universities. Whats the fun in having one of the best expensive I-phone5 and cant get full wifi signals otherthan ur house. Specially once everyone having iph4S and galaxy S3/4 are getting full signals.Apple need to resolve this. But really so disappointed from Apple response as they didnt try to resolve this issue except sending software updates. Whereas this problem is related to hardware of wifichip in iphone5. disappointed...really thinking to replace my iph5 with samsung galaxyS4.....

  • haroonansari72 Level 1 (0 points)

    its a HARDWARE  problem of wifi-chip not software. Moreover why others Apple iph4 and 4S r being connected without any problem and disappointing

  • haroonansari72 Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont believe thats its router settings. Why other iph4S has no issue of router settings and only iph5 has problem of router settings...its surely a hardware issue of wifichip ...? so disappointing that my iph5 is not working whereas my cousins iph4 and 4S has no wifi issue with the same router settings.

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    I've got an issue where at a family member's home I can connect with wifi with an iPod (6.1.3), iPad mini (6.1.3), iPhone 4S (6.1.3), and an iPhone (6.1.3), but NOT with an iPhone 5 (6.1.4). I get an incorrect password message, but the pw is correct. Tried hard reboot, network settings reset, no change.


    FOR ANY PROGRAMMER TYPES: my system log contains the following:

    "Preferences [117] (Warning): -[WiFiManager joinNetwork:isHidden:]: Unable to set password in the keychain"


    Ideas? I'm away from home and cannot fully restore or start as new.

  • plkay Level 1 (10 points)

    That's an iPhone FIVE with 6.1.3 that will connect

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    I'm using a Westell router with iPhone 5. It would connect to wifi with full bars but I couldnt access anything requiring internet connection. I tried everything to fix it (reset router, reset modem, restart phone, change router security settings), but nothing worked. Eventually, I found something. I clicked the arrow next to the network on my iphone which opens up the network settings. I edited the DNS ip address to match what it says on my router. (I pulled the number by going into my router's settings and into DNS server). Magically, everything works fine now.

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    I have just made peace that Apple royally screwed up with the wifi on the iPhone 5....that's all there is to it.  I'm on my second iPhone 5 after 6 months and it's the exact same. 


    The only time it's an issue for me is if there's a big file i need to download, like an OTA beta.....other than that LTE is perfectly fine. 


    But yeah, this issue is not going away and it's not a software problem. Apple screwed up, just wait for the next phone.