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    Bought t_mobile iphone 5 off C_list 2 months ago, never issue with wifi anywhere. Since i travel overseas quite a bit, i decided to trade it for a At&t unlocked iphone i found on C_list. Same routher same same evevrything, the only thing different is i cannot connect to wifi now. Its the apple wifi chip, the tmobile had the intel and no issues.


    My question is, will apple replace this unit even though im not the original purchaser and no reciept, its still under the 1 year warranty.

  • Suki Shackelford Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem I had is that I connected to the apple network and my network at home perfectly but could not connect to any other networks. My router is brand new and I have apple products throughout the house including multiple airports. There is something about faulty wifi-radios in the actual hardware of the phone that prevents them from picking up weaker signals or different frequencies (forgive me, I don't totally understand).


    After three genius appointments, I finally told them I wanted them to walk to Starbucks with me to show them that my iPhone 5 would not connect to wifi. The employee said he would ask his manager if he could do so after a little hesitation. The manager (within earshot but definitely not talking to me) told the employee to pull up his wifi on his phone and compare it to mine. Sure enough, his iPhone 5 showed a 2.4 gHz "test" network that mine didn't. He replaced my phone immediately. Phone works perfectly now and battery life is stellar.


    I love apple and am a stockholder and longtime devotee. This is simply not acceptable. The customers who rush out and buy the iPhone 5 the day it comes out (me) are Apple's base - why not issue a voluntary recall of phones with this issue?


    My advice to you as we approach the one-year mark: check your iPhone for wifi connectivity issues now while you are still covered by the 1-year guarantee. Compare your phone to an iPad or another iPhone 5 - you should see the same networks.


    Hope this helps.

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    The problem is a simple fix if u wanna use wifi while at a hotspot turn off cellular data on your iPhone because the phone are being programmed by the company to look first to the data plan before wifi so if your using LTE data on a cellular plan if its faster than the wifi network your on then the phone will automatically use the fastest service. It's a way for the wireless companies to rack up data cost notice that they are going away from unlimited data plans.  I had wifi issues until I learned of this turn off cellular data and wifi works perfect hopes this helps you guys

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    Had same problem after having iPhone 5 since December. Connected fine to guest on home Cisco wi-fi, but not to standard full functioning protected wi-fi. Tried resetting and all other suggested fixes, but none worked for more than a few days before problem happened again. Wife has iPhone 5 that works fine. I also use her old iPhone 4 as a spare Wi-Fi only device. I looked at the connection info on the iPhone 4, then viewed my iPhone 5 Wi-Fi settings, changed from DHCP to Static and manually entered those settings. No problems now for 3 weeks. Hopefully this problem will be addressed in iOS 7, but this workaround does just fine for now. Changing to Static for one connection has not affected all other connections that continue to successfully use DHCP.

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    That doesn't work if, in fact, you have a bad wifi radio. Many problems, no simple solution.

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    But what about when you font have access to router settings? If unwanted a phone I could only use at home, of get a landline...

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    Same problems with iPhone 5 and Airport Extreme AC. iPhone 5 wifi disconnects from my home Airport Extreme network on the main and guest channels. I have no iPhone connection problems at work. The other devices in my house run constantly without issue.


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    Worth trying a few things at home:


    1) Select a different channel, but don't choose anything other than 1,6, and 11 (choose anything for the 5Ghz).


    2) Cloick on your Wifi in settings of yer iPhone and add a DNS. is a good start.


    3) Change HTTP Proxy to Auto, and type in the URL field:

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    My IOS 6.x  5G iPod touch  and iPad Mini fix on my home network is to have Squidman proxy server running on a "regular" mac, and set the IOS devices to use that.


    These devices have defective software or hardware, I don't know which.  I suspect software since a software fix like this makes a huge difference.  Both devices will connect to either 2.5 GHz G or 5GHz N networks I have, but both show slow transfer speeds when not using the proxy server.


    Also, the 5G IOS 6 iPod touch will regularly crap out connecting to a tmobile hotspot (SONIC, a Huawei 587) I have.  This issue is alwasys fixed by completely resetting the IOS network settings on the device.  And, over the course of a few days or few sessions, it craps out again.  I can tell you authoritatively that this phenomena is independent of wifi channel, B,G or N,  WPA, WEP or none used for security, SSI broadcast or not, using DHCP or not.  I have tried them all.  I've even set things up so the hotspot can use my home network's proxy server.  Nothing helps permanently with the mobile hotpsot.  It will connect well with the mobile hotspot right after a complete IOS network settings reset.  It will connect ok for a few times after that.  But after a while, it will connect but will not transfer any data, or do so extremely slowly, until I reset the network settings again.  That, in my opinion, is the greatest evidence of some kind of stack somewhere just overflowing and mucking things up.  If the hardware was bad, why would I get a decent connection after a reset which would fade over time, only to be corrected by another reset of the network settings?


    Why this worsening connection over time happens with the mobile hotspot and not with my home network is a mystery.  I've always been able to connect and get full speeds with the home network as long as I am using the proxy server on a mac


    I don't have significant problems connecting with other WIFI networks I come across (airports, other folks' home networks, etc), though I suspect the connections I get there are sub-normal regarding download speeds.  I only do significant downloads and video streaming when at home, where, like others, I discovered the speeds to be abysmal unless I take the simple step to use the proxy server.


    Earlier models of iPod touches I have do not show any speed or performance changes with or without using a proxy server, and they work much better with a wider range of WIFI networks.


    I am dismayed that Apple hobbled, through unacknowledged misdeeds or incompetence, my two recent devices for WIFI connections.  The only comfort I get is reading this thread of so many others in this boat.  I sure hope IOS 7 solves this idiocy.

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    We have 5 iPhone 5's but only mine seems to have the Wi-Fi problem. I have exchanged mine 3 times so far with Apple but still have the problem. I get the "unable to join network" error. The only way I have found to fix it is to delete the DHCP entry in our server, wait a bit, then try again.

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    Hi, I'm having the same issue as everyone else, and this is the idea I thought of too, but how do you do it?  How to turn off cellular data while you're in WiFi?  This sounds like a reasonable workaround if it can be done, otherwise I'm returning this iP5 before my 14 days are up!

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    Settings/General/Cellular at top you'll see Cellular Data

    M4R1N4 wrote:


    Hi, I'm having the same issue as everyone else, and this is the idea I thought of too, but how do you do it?  How to turn off cellular data while you're in WiFi?  This sounds like a reasonable workaround if it can be done, otherwise I'm returning this iP5 before my 14 days are up!

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    Ahh thank you!  Hidden from me in plain site!  I turned it off - at least that will save my data when it switches and I don't realize it..  probably won't help dropping WiFi problem but we'll see.  Thank you again!

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    Finally took my phone back and convinced the store to give me a swap out. Came home, all worked 100% so my conclusion is that the issue was hardware related.

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    Same thing with me. My replaced iphone 5 works perfectly. I am just upset that it took five tries over 8 months to get a replacement.