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    The trouble is there seems so many different variables to what people are experiencing. Really hard to pin down.

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    I wanted to update everybody. I've had my replaced iPhone 5 since Saturday and it's working fine. I haven't changed any settings on my router which is running at WPA 2 AES. My wife's white iPhone 5 has worked since day one (9/21) without any issues. On page 12 of this thread, I detailed my issues and how I presented it to the Apple Genius. I'm sorry that some people have gotten replacements and are still having issues.


    Again, I suspect that there's a batch of phones that were shipped here that have faulty chips in them. It may also be possible that there's something in the iOS 6 software too, although if that were the case, why are older models and my replacement phone and wife's phone not having any problems.


    Nevertheless, I do suggest for those that can, go to an Apple store and get it replaced anyway. I am glad that Apple recognizes the problem and are indeed researching it.


    Here's too a speedy resolution.

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    I bought 2 phones.  One has no problems at all, connects to wifi at home, shopping centres, telstra shop, etc. The other one doesn't connect at all unless you put it on top of our router at home & even then sometimes can't find it. I reported to the shop I bought if from on Saturday, they didn't know anything about it.  I went back into the shop yesterday by which time they said there had been one other person that had the same issue.  That phone was sold in another one of their stores.  So out of about 600 phones the company sold on Friday, 2 have the issue (1 is mine).  They took my phone & will send me another one.  Don't know how long that will be because they are out of stock.  At least I know they do work & can cannot to any wifi without changing anything as I can compare it with my husbands phone.  I would suggest returning your phone to anyone that cannot get a connection.

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    do you know how ios6 works on iphone 4s?

  • Sean Bryant Level 1 (0 points)

    One last update to my previous post, I have now done the tests on my iPhone 4s running iOS6 and have no issues, speeds are great.

  • alesiphone Level 1 (0 points)

    i have iphone 4s and i have update it with ios6 but it is not known in my country yet and i cant unlock it till 5 of october

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    Got the same issue, connects to wifi for about 2 minutes. Then disconnects & I'm back to 3G.

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    My sr rep also said it was software. I did same as you did, reinstalled OIS, but I still have the same problem once I leave the room where my router is. This is the case anywhere I go, starbucks, my office, etc.

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    Add me to the list of people that are pi$$ed off their brand new super fast iphone works as well as a brick does when trying to connect to the internet with wifi...bull$hit

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    in the apple store right now. they are replacing my verizon black 32gb. another person here for same issue. i will update later if the replacement fixes it. sounds like the techs are aware of it as some of theirs were affected too.


    seems pretty widespread.

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    I've got the same issue. The first thing that I noticed after recieving iPhone 5 was a weak Wi-Fi signal being in the same room where the router is. iPhone 4 has full signal in the whole flat. iPhone 5 looses signal after going out from the room with the router...

    I've checked a couple of other places where I always had full wifi signal with iPhone 4 (at the office, at tesco, public Wi-Fi) and the iPhone 5 doesn't even see those networks

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    Had problems with white 64gb iphone5 connecting to any wifi with encryption (wpa2).


    Took to store - they replaced with new phone and it works fine 



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    I saw a little bit of this with my New iPad Wifi-4G when I first set it up.  I was connected to both WiFi and Cellular (each with great connections) and couldn't get a darn thing to happen, except drain my battery.  It was like it was confused on what it should do.  So, I disconnected the Wi-Fi connection and it became blazingly fast.  To see if it was a problem isolated to the Wi-Fi only, I turned the cellular data off and connected with WiFi only....Good stuff....As fast as could be.  It could possibly be a culmination of things causing the iPhone 5 to crawl; however, we won't know until something gets fixed first.  But be rest assured, Apple will come through and this will be well behind us.  I'm one of the fortunate people who had to order mine and wait (still not sure if that comment was meant sarcastically or not).  Being that there is a buffer of time before I get it....Hopefully, this issue will be resolved completely!  Meaning, my wish is that I don't receive one of those defective units already on the assembly line and have to spend time sorting this out after the fact.

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    Yep, this is pathetic... Was so happy today when I've recieved my brand new iPhone 5. Now I'am so sad that I even cannot use the Wi-Fi at home and have to waste time with apple support.....

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    I also took my phone back to my local apple store, they were booking appointments for Thursday until I showed them a video I had taken of my iPhone 5 next to my 4s trying to load from wifi. They changed my phone within 10 mins no appointment, no questions. I also showed them the discussions on this from my iPad.

    They agreed it must be hardware not software.

    New phone works great.

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