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    Smartlane, that app slowdown was how I found out I had the problem last night. I screwed around with the settings and in the end found out that all I had to do was renew my lease in the wifi > select your network > Renew lease. Don't know why but that fixed it for me. That didn't work at my office but shutting off LTE worked there. But later I was getting fast downloads with LTE enabled (but no LTE here in Little Rock)--so your mileage may vary. Good luck.

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    I can solve everyone's problems...


    My iphone had the issue where it would randomly drop wifi and would appear to be connected, but would not transfer data.  Here's the problem (as I stumbled across it)...


    My Iphone 5 has a problem with AES encryption when using WPA/WPA2.  Change the encryption on your router to TKIP and it fixes everything.  Good speed and won't drop the wifi anymore...


    I have to say, this is my first Apple product.  (I've been an Android fan for years)  I like the Iphone 5, but the fact that Apple couldn't figure this out (or get a working AES encryption) scares me...  The "genuises" should have been all over this.


    P.S.  The Apple keyboard is horrible.  Anyone who disagrees simply hasn't used SwiftKey.  Apple needs to do better than this...

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    Here are my speedtest numbers. Last night was about a 0.15 dl and 0.01 ul. After renewing my wifi lease, I'm at 25.06 dl and 3.86 ul. Black iPhone 32 gig production week 37.

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    Hummmm I was fixing to post a "me too" reply and I read your post about the renew lease and it seems to have cleared out the intermittent slow speed bump.


    I was getting crazy download speeds like one time 10 Mbps, second test 0.3Mbps, third 3 Mbps, etc and ALWAYS the download. I even played around to see if the otterbox was causing it or a particular way of holding it (it didn't seem to like being held on the bottom).


    My iPhone 4 had none of these issues and was 9 to 10 Mbps continuously.


    Using your renew lease trick has given me new hope. It isn't perfect, starts slow and ramps up but seems consistent in the high range now.


    I will test my mileage more throughout the night! Thanks for you post!


    EDITED to add: Black 32GB Verizon   I wonder why the white has that extra hole on the front top left but the black model doesn't.......

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    Nah, my problem has nothing to do with AES or TKIP. Tried both. Tried WEP and tried it completely open as well. No difference. The wifi is just slower than any other device I have.

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    Worked tonight for me, will recheck tomarrow

  • smartlane Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried that and they still seem to be taking forever. My dilemma now is do I swap my phone even though wifi is working and apps don't download? Or do I wait for an update from Apple? My wifi is super fast on EVERYTHING except app downloads. Photostream even works seamlessly.

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    Renew lease works extremely short term. Unless you plan on doing it every 10-15 minutes, it is not a fix.

  • matrixxzero Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)

    Is your cellular data selction under Settings>general>cellular data turned "on" or "off"?


    I noticed if it is turned "on" that the selection for itunes is set to "off" for cellular data usage. So, you may actually be on LTE for the web and on the speedbump wifi issue for itunes.


    It is just a theory based on posts and cellular data settings. You can try setting cellular to "off" which forces everything to run through wifi or try turning itunes to "on" for cellular data and see if there is a difference.


    I just tried one posters recommendation to go to your wifi>select network>renew lease   and it seems to have sped up my wifi connection. Will it stay that way? I don't know. More testing tonight.


    Good luck!

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    The Chipset in your iPhone 5 is very advanced. 334  I think you are going to find some network mismatch, if only because the new chips support so many features. If there's any other wireless devices in the house, turn them all off while you are testing and try to get a baseline for WIFI connectivity after you reset everything. Depending on your router, you might want to try it with a friends router if they have a newer model and see if that makes a difference. Depending on the frequency, 2.5 or 5  you are using that could also make a difference. Also hows the WIFI interference in your area?

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    Pardon my ignorance but how do I check the week my iPhone was manufactured as I am also having Wi-Fi problems... Are there certain weeks of manufacture to avoid? Thank you

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    Matrixxzero, I know you weren't asking me, but since my setup is now working, I have LTE on even though we don't have LTE in my city, and cellular data is off in both spots.


    J-FiGz, I only had to renew the lease once, last night, and haven't had a problem today. Router is a 5th gen extreme on WPA2 Personal.

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    I-FIGz  if it is short term, then I will be taking a hour drive to Apple tomorrow : {


    It has been workingfor me for a while but I wonder if I leave and return......


    EDITED to ADD:

    TONTHEMON  No, I was replying to someone about apps being slow. I tried downloading an app with cellular data turned off and it seemed normal to to me, now that I did that lease renew trick.  I just hope it doesn't have to be done every time we enter a wifi area. Like all the recommendations about changing router settings, seriously, are we to go to all McDonald's or other wifi joints and tell them to change their settings to work with my hot dang broadcom chip? nope... So Apple needs to fix unless that renew lease fixes it for good.


    Are all Black Phones affected or are some white ones affected too? Black 32GB Verizon here

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    I feel your pain, the closet Apple to me is almost a hour as well. I'm gonna wait a few more days, and hopefully Apple has something to say, or maybe a update will be out.

  • cocktail5555 Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    I did a full restore and set up phone as new.


    Now, on top of the intermittent slow wifi I was getting before, I'm getting disconnected from it after the phone sleeps for a bit.


    I did the restore just to see if it would help my horrible battery life. Hasn't helped that either. :(


    I really hope apple gets a software update out immediately.

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