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    I called Apple 4 times today! Not to troubleshoot, just to talk to different reps, to see if they are aware and doing something. I got mixed results, which is very disappointing. Every single person working for Apple should be aware at this point. PLEASE EVERYONE SHOULD CALL AT LEAST ONCE! Make this into a bigger issue for them.

  • Ste_shaz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Haha , for those in the UK i've just been listening to Radio one whilst professor green slates his new phone that doesnt work properly - 10points if anyone can guess which phone it is !

  • SingleMalt Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I wonder if there is any way in which we could trace our phones to a specific production batch someway? It seems like there are faulty phones which people have had exchanged from the Apple store for fully functional ones. It would be interesting to see if this is problem with the hardware is related to a confined number of handsets from a guven batch or is an endemic problem of the phone itself.


    When I was adding apps onto my iphone 5 (32Gb) for the first time, it appeared to be VERY slow, some apps taking twice as long to load. But with time the speed has picked up and downloads and upload speeds are at par with my laptop and the old iPhone 4 (I'm holding onto it for now just in case...). I personally haven't had any issues with catcing the WiFi at home and at work (both are secure networks) so I am assuming my handset is not one of the faulty ones.

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    @ singlemalt


    this is possible, it was tested around 24 pages in to this forum using :


    but there were various result, although production week 37 / 33 did pop up a lot, however there were people with no issues with the same production week


    so still unclear really, just wish apple would at least release some kind of official statement to say they are at least looking at this ! sigh

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    For all who are having conncectivity issues and slow data speeds....which type of wireless network are you on (g or n)?  Also which frequency band are you using (i.e., 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz)?  My 64 gb black AT&T iPhone 5 has more problems on my 2.4 ghz network rather than my 5 ghz.  I am using WPA/WPA2 Personal security on an Apple Airport Extreme/Time Capsule.  I also notice I significant speed bump when I set up a guest network without security (however, I don't know on which frequency the guest network resides).  I am also noticing that the speed has beeen picking up over time (and numerous resets, rest network settings, etc.) than where it was over the weekend.

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    Had wifi issues with holding connection after moving more than 2 to 3 metres away.

    Exchanged today and what a difference! I believe it's an issue with a batch but could be hardware or software. The connection is not as strong as mac book air but still as good if not better than iPhone 4. The way it should be.

  • i_Mike Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is from 37th week:( the iPhone has to be very close to the router to connect to the network. When I'm leaving the room with the router the signal disappears:(

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    Apple Acknowledges WiFi Problems on the iPhone 5

    by Lon Seidman  |

    Apple’s support representatives today acknowledged difficulties some iPhone 5 early adopters are having connecting to WiFi access points.

    The issues involve weak signal strength, no connections at all, as well as problems staying connected to access points that are secured by WPA or WPA2 encryption.

    CTTechJunkie has confirmed the WPA/WPA2 issue with our iPhone 5. The phone will connect and operate for brief periods of time before the connection freezes up and becomes unusable. Connecting to an unencrypted access point or one protected with the less secure WEP standard does not result in the same issue.

    Users on Apple’s support forums report that Apple stores were handing replacement phones to users impacted by the issue, but it now appears that Apple will be issuing a software fix according to a support representative we spoke with today. The representative said the problem is now a “known issue” and engineers are taking steps to address it.

      No word was given on when an update will be available.


  the waiting game...

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    I had the same problem. I turned off send Diagnostics and Usage (checked Don't Send) and it seems to have fixed mine.

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    I got my iPhone 5 on Monday 24th (pre-ordered at lunch at 14th).

    I immediately noticed that the WiFi has a weak signal being 1 meter away from the router. I've checked other WiFi networks which I was using with my iPhone 4 and I couldn't even see any of them with iPhone 5.

    I used to have full signal strength at the whole flat with iPhone 4 and now with 5 I have to be in the same room withe the router to catch a signal.


    I've called apple support, a guy told me to reset network settings - doing that disconnected the call... So I called them again, different guy picked up, I had to tell him about my issue all over again, after asking a bunch of questions he put me on hold - after 40 minutes of listening to the on hold music I had to do something else so I've ended the call.


    I called them for the third time, told my story again, the guy told me to change the router settings but that didn't helped at all. I've checked all the encryptions (open, WPA, WPA2, WEP...) with no difference to my wifi issue.

    The guy on the phone said that I have to do a restore via iTunes and if that won't help, they will REPAIR my iPhone! I don't want to repair it, it came faulty to me!


    So I've driven 40 miles to the Apple store, told all my story once again, just to hear that they cannot do anything because I bought the iPhone online and I have to send it back.


    I've already sold my iP 4 so I'm going to stick to this iP5 (faulty one) for a couple of days, return it and buy a new one in the Apple store.


    I'm 90% sure it's a hardware issue so even if they release a fix it won't be perfect and will probably cost us a shorter battery life


    I'm so disappointed with the apple, I love their products but this is ridiculous. I paid 530£ just to get a broken iPhone which they want to repair as it was my fault.

    I wasted over 20£ for calling them, fuel to get to them and what's most important: time.


    Very disappointed:(

  • thegoodly Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm back again with another comment. Tried some more options today. And found something that works for me and has probably been mentioned in various forms before.

    I went into my router settings, took me a while to find this setting in my router(it was well hidden). But I changed from wpa/wpa2 to just wpa.

    I was shocked at the speed test results virtually doubled and super quick.

  • whimsicalbunny Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can't even load my data from the cloud.

    I spent hours yesterday thinking one more try one more try.

    Finally i set it up as a new phone but i have to turn of wifi to use it.

    I am so effing ******!!!


  • catscanjim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Now that my wifi problem is resolved with the renew lease method, I am really enjoying my new iPhone 5. I previously had two routers, one at one end of the house and another near the bedrooms. I could only get 2 bars before from the base unit when I was in the bedroom. I have disconnected the 2nd bedroom router because I get 3 bars throughout the entire house with my linksys N router. Very satisfied now.

  • whimsicalbunny Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    the new phone worked great?
    so only some phones have trouble?

    does that mean it's hardware?

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    I suspect the new iphone 5 have an advance chipset with didn't support the old hardware version of any wifi connection. It MUST BE THE HARDWARE ISSUE!!!!!

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