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  • matrixxzero Level 1 Level 1

    no, every model is experiencing the issue. Mine is 32 GB others have 16 GB.

  • Steved152 Level 1 Level 1

    My unprotected wifi works perfectly at home but age I get to my work I can't connect to the password protected network. Even though my iPad 3 connects to it still... Doesn't make any sense. This is happening on the iphone 5.

  • oatherton Level 1 Level 1

    iphone 5 BLACK 64 GB with the same issue.


    Weak wifi signal.

    Fluctuating wifi signal.


    A second, white iphone 5 32gb and third iphone 5 64gb held right next to my phone have FULL wifi bars.

    Mine peaks to three out of four then drops to one and never remains at a consistant strength.


    Iphone 4 in the same spot gets full and consistant connection.


    When searching for wifi spots - the other models all find multiple stations. Mine either finds none or very few.


    There is most certainly a HARDWARE problem here. This is NOT software otherwise the same models would show the same results.


    I purchased mine in Singapore from SINGTEL.


    I spent two hours on tues day in a queue to buy the iphone 5.

    I spent and hour in a queue today to replace the iphone. Every single person in the queue had a an issue with the iphone 5 except for two of them.

    I asked the Singtel customer service rep who served me if this wifi issue was common.


    He told me that all the black 64 gb replacement models were out of stock and most of them were to replace sets with the same issue. They had stock of all other models in store but said Apple's policy is to only replace like for like (so black 64 for black 64). He would not exchange for a white!


    I know have to wait two weeks for a replacement handset.


    This is an issue with the build. Apple's quality is gradually going down hill.

    Apple need to stop trying to cut costs in cheap factories and actually start building products that are reliable and worth the premium we pay for them once more.

  • thegoodly Level 1 Level 1

    No my 32gb is playing up too.

    Changed some router settings and its improved the speed but the distance I can move from the router is still poor an still get the occasional lock.

  • shapetables Level 1 Level 1

    Based on the reported statement by Apple, I would not seek an OEM (refurbished) unit or risk $1700 and wait weeks for online exchange unless your unit exhibited clear hardware symptoms in addition to the WiFi WPA2 issue. In my case, mine arrived "too warm" and would not hold a charge with (even unencrypted) WiFi powered up, plus the reproducible disconnects on WPA2. The replacement OEM that Apple graciously gave me (sparing weeks of online delays) has a worse time with WPA2 WiFi and weaker cellular plus Ive waived my right to ever return it to VZ (different serial #) so contract is now permanent, but I think those remaining issues are software now (because of what Island Man pointed out around page 40). Bottom line is wait as long as you can, especially if you bought from a carrier, but don't "get close" to the 10 or 14 day mark that some carriers (like VZ) have.

  • Motyoj Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I have a black iPhone 5 16GB model and have done everything possible to it and the flakey problems persist. I have reset, restored, changed encryption on router and channels to no security. I have signed out of the account I have. I have even tried changing to a VPN. Nothing seems to help. It works fine and when switching signals at different locations, it appears to get a strong signal but nothing comes through on WiFi. We have terrible AT&T service here, so a one or two bar Edge network is all I get from cellular. That is why WiFi is VERY important to me. This is the fifth iPhone I've had and the only one to have this problem. I did buy an iPad 2 with WiFi only that would lose the signal when walking out of the room and I exchanged it and the new one worked great. I don't know what it is with Apple and their WiFi issues but am darn glad the Mac Mini in my office doesn't have these issues because it isn't hardwired to the network. I hope like the Passbook issue, is that I'll wake up one morning and all will be well.

  • aligrace Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Catscanjim could you please tell me how to do the new renew lease method thanks in advance Paul

  • arthurggonzales Level 1 Level 1

    I just lieft the Apple Store and they replaced my Iphone 5 64g without even testing the thing.  Obviously there is a known issue.  I just grateful Apple replaced.





  • whimsicalbunny Level 1 Level 1

    Did they set it up?

    Get your backup out of the cloud?

    Interested to see how it works at home with wifi.

  • arthurggonzales Level 1 Level 1

    Man.  I just left the Apple Store and they replaced the phone no questions asked....

  • shapetables Level 1 Level 1

    ..does the replacement unit have issues connecting to WPA2 like mine does?

  • joehero Level 1 Level 1

    An update on my issues. Got it replaced Monday. Everything worked great. Then last night the issue resurfaced. Was really upset and went to bed with hone charging. Woke up this morning and ran speed test again. Here is what my history looks like.


    So the problem comes and goes. There were no network changes between last night and this morning. Then today I had my lte and 3G data drop out. This is baffling. I am a bit bummed about the return at apple since it prevents switching away from apple now. It's my first iPhone and I got it so it would all just work. I guess not. Hopefully this is a software issue.

  • ZenErik Level 1 Level 1

    I am also having WiFi issues. 16GB iPhone 5 (white) Verizon.


    Basically, if I reboot it'll work fine for at least a while. But at some point in time it starts acting up. Always stays connected but it'll just hang. In a SpeedTest it might work fine halfway through the test, and then the connection with just drop to 0Mbps.


    When loading sites it may work fine sometimes and other times it'll just hang. I will have to refresh a few times before it starts working again. But I have not noticed a weak signal at any point or the iPhone 5 not detecting access points.


    So, should I go in for an exchange or just wait and see whether a software update fixes it? I am hoping it is just a software issue because the phone has been great otherwise.

  • Brent M. Level 1 Level 1

    Just putting in my two cents. I picked up a white 32GB VZW iPhone on launch day. While waiting for the rep to finish setting up my account, I started the initial setup on the phone. It asked me to connect to WiFi, but I was not at home, so I asked for the WiFi password at the store. The rep handed me the small black square that I am assuming was a VZW hotspot, providing internet for their location. I entered the password and it connected immediately with no problem. Although I am assuming this was so easy because it was a hotspot providing the same internet the phone uses, rather than true WiFi.


    Upon arriving home, I began to finish setting up my iPhone. At this point, I had not yet been able to log in to the App Store and wanted to get on WiFi so my repeated attempts wouldn't use up all my data. Unfortunately, as soon as I clicked my network and entered my password, I got a popup saying "Unable to connect to network". I figured it was just a simple setting that needed changing and started poking around. After over an hour of troubleshooting I still had not connected. I had rebooted the phone and reset network settings over and over with no avail. I even tried unsecuring my WiFi and that didn't work, and finally I completely reset my router to factory settings. Still nothing. (mind you, I wasn't able to connect AT ALL.) FINALLY... I found a web site that had a workaround. I had to go to the router's manufacturer web site, download old, outdated firmware and install that over the existing, up-to-date firmware. Well, that did the trick! I connected immediately with no problem. I haven't tested the iPhone and a computer side by side, but I am familiar with my network speeds and since the firmware downgrade, the iPhone has been performing normally. No connectivity or speed issues, and I am truly blown away by the speed of the device when browsing web pages.


    However, this isn't right. In this day and age of data caps, throttling and overage charges, WiFi needs to work. I don't care how fast my LTE is... no one should be forced to use it because a normal function of the phone doesn't work. What about the poor souls that don't have 4G access yet? Stuck on 2G or 3G with no WiFi would be a nightmare, not to mention a complete waste of the insane speed this phone is capable of. I hope Apple gets the iOS update out SOON! I just don't understand how they didn't catch this during testing.


    In case anyone is interested... the router used that needed firmware downgrade in order for the iPhone to connect is a Netgear WGT624v3.

  • yappledapple Level 1 Level 1

    So, I have a 64GB Unlocked iPhone 5 and wifi/network is "okay".


    Using an Airport Extreme, I definitely get BETTER speeds using the 2.4GHz than the 5GHz signal. and the moment I leave my apartment door, the signal just disappears completely.. and my phone can't find the wifi connection at all.. from less than 5 feet away.


    When I get out of the building, and onto the street, with a clear view of the sky.. 3G pops up and LTE soon after, but .. it wont resolve requests on the web-browser, or any app that uses online connectivity, the solution for me is to turn off my phone and restart it, wait for it to connect to the LTE network and it's all good again.

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