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    Since changing my router I have now realised just how much of a wifi issue there was before. I though my issue was a minor one. There must be millions of people out there that don't even realise they have a wifi issue.

    I genially can believe how fast my iPhone is now.

    I know everyone my not have another router to fall back on.

    It does seem as I saw on another website to be that ios6/or iPhone 5 seems to have routers that it doesn't get on with so can I suggest in post we list what routers we are using when we get wifi issues??

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    This is how my WiFi issue looks like:


    The iPhone 5 cannot discover any WiFi network unless I am almost touching the router with iP 5. iPhone 5 also drops the signal when I go to the next room.

    This iPhone was made in 37th week 2012.

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    I'm having the same problem on my University network. I try connecting and it'll load data from Wifi for 2 secs and then cut off. I have tried restoring several times (with and without backup) and have tried switching on and off the airplane mode and wifi button. Nothing is working. Apple please help!

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    Same issue here, wifi works but only when less then 5 feet from the router. Apple care told me this morning "oh - it's definitly software, hold tight." I'm pretty annoyed, wish I could re-activate my iPhone 4 until the fix is found as 4G data is weak here in Santa Cruz, CA. Arg.

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    Same problem here! Tried resetting etc but no joy. Going to go to apple shop in Glasgow to see what they say, no doubt I will be fobbed off with some lame answer. I also have an iPad 3 with same problem also running ios6 so I can only assume its yet another bug. Beginning to wish I had kept my iPhone 4 and not updated my iPad. No wifi and maps that don't work properly - what a joke!

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    This was normal for the first couple of days. Apparently, when your iPad/iPhone is connected to wifi, it references an Apple site to check your connection if it needed to login. If the connection requires a login, then in the settings the login settings appear after connecting to wifi(sound familiar? Hint: McDonald's wifi requiring wifi login to AT&T). The website was down for a couple days, so everyone's wifi got screwed up. But since then, Apple has fixed the site and everyone's wifi should be better. A simple fix, no update or jail breaking required. Though, I guess maybe you should restart your iPad/ iPhone, just to be safe.


    The formerly downed site?:


    The article: -bug/

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    Thanks but nope, that's not this problem. A lot of us have tried every trick in the book, over & over. It's worth it, because some have reported success.I wonder, however, how permanent their success has been. Any of these things might cause wifi to start working again for a few minutes, I have had many false successes myself. And I think some people get excited and immediately post that it's worked. But for a good many of us, none of them work permanently:


    -Safari cache flush

    -Manual DNS

    -Restore phone as new

    -Restore phone from backup

    -Reset Network Settings

    -Set HTTP Proxy to Auto

    -Various router settings (in my case, it will only connect on a completely unsecured network, not acceptable) BTW I have several Aiport WAPs, and an Asus. Same story with all of them.

    -Standing in a circle of chicken bones and chanting the Lord's Prayer backwards


    I think there are some sites displaying these solutions as click bait.


    There's a bug Apple needs to fix with these iPhone 5's. My iPad 3 & iPhone 4 are working fine with OS 6, so I can't speak for those devices. If you can't cajole the Apple store into giving you a replacement (which judging from a lot stories don't work either) you just have to wait with broken phone and broken heart until Apple produces a fix.

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  • Jeff Collier Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I hear what you're saying, but I have 2 iPhone 5's 32GB models and 1 works perfectly on wifi and one does not.  So explain that one? 


    I can't believe that Apple would relase a POS phone or OS like this!  I've had every iPhone relased except the 4S and this one by far has had the most issues out of all of them so far!


    Does anyone else's iPhone 5 get really hot after only a few minutes of a phone call?


    My iPhone 4 never got hot when making calls. 


    This is just unacceptable and I'm debating on returning the iPhone at this point.  I can't even believe that I just typed that, but its so true I just want my iPhone 4 back.

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    As a recently converted Android user, my experience so far with Apple has been nothing short of horrendous.


    Like many others, I am having painfully slow connection speeds over my wi-fi network. I have narrowed it down to a hardware issue, for the fact that someone else that lives in my dormatory has an iPhone 5, and their wi-fi is just as fast as should be expected.


    I decided to go straight to the source and call Apple. THAT was a terrible experience in itself. It seems as if my only options here are to either send my phone in for repair (and be without a phone for 5 days), do an "express repair" or something along those lines, in which they will send me a loaner phone. During this time, there will be a hold placed on my debit card for the full retail price of the phone (I'm a broke college student - all my funds just went to purchasing my new iPhone. Don't exactly have $700 sitting in my bank account). My third option would be to head to an Apple store, in which they would repair or replace the device. Awesome news, except the closest Apple store is 5 hours away. After explaining my situation, the "senior advisor" basically had nothing to tell me besides I'm out of luck. Great.


    My complaint is this: could they have not even offered the hope of a patch or software update to fix this issue that several other users are experiencing? Of course, the reps acted like they were completely new to the problem. I'm sure that's totally false. Even with my old Samsung Infuse, I experienced a hardware issue, and Samsung was happy to send me a replacement under warranty, free of charge. I figured Apple would surely have a stronger customer support system than Samsung, but I was mistaken.


    And on top of the wi-fi issue, my keyboard is extremely sluggish. It cannot keep up with my keystrokes, and trust me, I am not a fast mobile typist.


    Any tips? Is there a chance of a software update that may fix the issue? Or was my expensive investment in an Apple product a total and complete waste of money?

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Not too surprising one iPhone 5 will work great and another won't. Apple souces some components from several vendors. Put yourself in their shoes, knowing they needed to have, like a zillion of these things ready to go on Sept 21st. OMG I can't believe I'm saying this having been a Mac guy since the early 90's... demand for Apple products on release date is basically unprecedented in human history. You can only beat chinese slave labor so hard until the liberal media finds out and makes a huge deal out of it. (That's a joke BTW). There's probably one or two slight variations in components that were affected and need a firmware update. And Tim Cook neglected to beat the slaves in Cupertino hard enough to test each one thoroughly. (That's a joke too BTW, but not as much. Those guys make good money, I know, I work in Silicon Valley too).


    We need to "bug" Apple to death. File a bug report here:



    For what's it's worth, the chicken bones fix lasted the longest, I'm suprised it hasn't appeared on some 3rd rate site with the headline "iPhone 5 WiFi Problem SOLVED!" yet ;-)


    Some of the folks on here with genius level sleuthing skills have found it's querying about encryption or authentication every minute instead of every hour or something like that.It's beyond my skills to understand the details but I think they are onto something.


    Apple knows it only has "30 Calendar Days" to fix this or there will be lines around the block to return these things. Very bad publicity. I'm hopeful they'll fix it soon, but if not, I'll be in that line.

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    Sorry to hear that your first experience is this horrible iPhone 5 and iOS 6.  Too bad you didn't get the 4S that seemed to be a pretty good iPhone.  I'm sure Steve Jobs is probably turning over in his grave right now seeing whats happening at Apple with all the wifi issues, map problems, issues regarding the iPhone Foxcon plant and all the other issues that are currently plaguing Apple. 


    Great Job Mr. Cook, Great Job! 

  • Jeff Collier Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I think I hit submitted like 100 times myself.  Just click back and then submit again. 

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    Same issue here.  Almost completly unusable over wifi.  I get less then 1mb down on my iphone 5 when my ipad 3 right next to me pulls over 15mb. 

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    Having the same issue with my iPhone 5! Frustrating when you have a limited data plan. Ugh

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