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  • james.sansa Level 1 (0 points)

    same problem.

    I have 1.5 y-o mackbook pro with NO DEVICE connected to it at all. I tried restarted, still the same error. I tried with another cord from the other iPhone5 I bought, and it worked. I asked the online help at, he/she said that they never heard of the problem before, and I sent them the link, then the chat window just disconnected.


    I think I lost my trust with Apple now.

  • toothio Level 1 (0 points)

    The other night I ran my iphone 5 until it completely died ( I was surprised how much run time I got out of the last 1%). The I plugged it in to the lightning cable and used my ipad charger (which I normally use). The phone did not immeadietly power on and show the charging icon, which I figured was OK because the battery had been run so low,


    So I left it plugged in overnight and in the morning the phone was still shut off and had not charged!! Then I pulled the cable out of the charger and out of the phone, reconnected them, then the phone started charging? I got maybe a 10% charge before I had to leave the house. Once the phone had that charge I had no problem hooking it up to my PC- itunes recognized it and it charged fine??


    In the past I never had any problem charging the phone, but I had never let it go completely dead either??

  • RossMiafonni Level 1 (0 points)

    I had same problem - so I went to Apple Store Chermside Brisbane and they confirmed it was a faulty cable. Gave me a replacement.

    Worked for 2 days now it is not charging again.

    Someone in Texas suggested to go to Apple to have the cable dock on the phone checked.

    It is very frustrating and time consuming to have to go back to a Genius Appointment.

    I'me surprised they have not acknowlegded that this is a big issue.

    I'me not a tech head but is this ongoing to be a recurring problem?

  • MCalautti Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had my I5 for 4 days and noticed the issue yesterday, did the hard reset and it was back charging via wall socket and MacBook Pro. I spoke to Apple Support this morning who reccomended a restore...made no difference and I've now done the hard restart thing about 15 times without any succes in getting my computer to recognise it again.... One of these posts suggested doing the hard restart and THEN plugging into wall socket. THIS WORKED and now it is again recognised by my MBP.


    All this is very annoying. So much so that after speaking to Telstra this morning I am returning the phone to JB HIFI and getting the HTC ONE XL Plus.


    I work remotely and have no interest in what is meant to be cutting edge technology which has bugs no one seems able to fess up to and fix without causing me major inconvenience.


    I've been putting off getting an iPhone for a few years, I love all my other Apple gear. After having used the HTC interface for a few years now the IOS 6 seems pretty awkward to be honest. I am still staggered that you cannot assign speed dials to your keypad. I would make about 80% of my calls to the same 8 numbers and APPLE doesn't see that as a feature worthy of the interface. Seriously.

  • MCalautti Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh and the latest is just beautiful.


    I've attempted a full restore via iTunes and have just completed the third attempt which ends with error code 1611 and that iTunes is unable to recognise the phone.


    Now I can't even call apple support to figure out what to do next. My relationship with iPhone is now over just need to wait for Monday to send it back.



  • prksharma Level 1 (0 points)


    i am facing a same kind of problem

    when i connect my charger to my phone it starts charging

    bt as soon as the cable is touched a little .it stops charging i've tried with 3 chargers but the same problem arises all the three are working fine in my frnd's iphone .

    is anyone getting the same kind of problem??

    the issue would likely be related to the phone and not the charger i guess.??

  • prksharma Level 1 (0 points)

    plzz help

  • MCalautti Level 1 (0 points)

    The following may help, maybe.


    I was able to reboot my phone after doing a full restore, and after several attempts to do so I might add. The phone was able to be charged last night.


    Unfortunately this evening the same problem has returned and I am now certain the issue is NOT simply a bad cable. If it were it would simply work or not work, it wouldn't intermittently work or not work.


    And after calling Apple Support and getting the stock responses suggesting that I am so clueless that I must be doing something fundamentally wrong in how I am attempting to charge my iPhone I spent some time going over the many forum postings re the issue.


    Conclusion: The lightning connector has a "chip" which is responsible for what is a fairly widespread problem. replacing it may work,,,,, well it should I guess. Problem though is how often will the "chip" fail and leave you without the ability to charge your phone until you get a replacement cable?


    And I'm afraid that is where I say no thanks Apple. If micro usb is good enough for everyone else and wifi is able to transmit data effectively between my devices why am I expected to be locked into using a connector with the inherent design issue which leaves me basically F*&^%ed due to its overcomplicated design and engineering WHEN it fails, not if.


    And when I further add, after the 5 days I've had it that the basic function of using it as a phone to contact my friends, etc, means more complication than my 2 year old HTC "sense" interface provides then I am exercising my consumer right and sending it back for a full refund. Are you seriously telling me that the Apple interface team cannot work out how to incorporate SPEED DIALS into the kepypad????????


    The real question is has Apple jumped the shark? Dodgy proprietary connectors? A low res, high Ipod Touch Maxi? Maps that look like Jackson Pollock drew them? Equipment that simply DOESN'T WORK as well as so called lesser lights??


    Bye bye iPhone

  • jamie80 Level 1 (0 points)

    30 days old, my iPhone stopped taking a charge.  NOT happy.

  • 107main Level 1 (0 points)

    If the next iPhone don't have standard mini USB, I am going to find a phone that does! Apple now has serious competition. Wake up Apple!

  • PichoSK Level 1 (0 points)


    I had the same problem...yesterday I've plugged in my iPhone5 to charge, but nothing happened. I've changed the cable as I have 2 more cables and still nothing. The cables are normally working on my laptop.


    Today I tried power adaptor from my iPhone 4 and immediatelly my iPhone 5 start charging. So the problem is not in cable....problem is with power adaptor which comes with iPhone 5. As the adapter was plugged into the wall power outlet for 2 weeks, maybe this broke it..


    Hope this help!

  • MCalautti Level 1 (0 points)

    Its not your adapter, its the cable, or more correctly a flaw in the connector circuitry.


    I returned my iPhone 5 yesterday for a full refund. Telstra agreed to rescind my contract and I will wait for supply of a phone which can charge by simple micro usb.


    Perhaps Apple can explain to its customers just what advantage we consumers gain from its decision to go the way it has when there are many other established options.


    I love the tech but cannot see any advantage to me in relying on a basic connector/charger cable/connector arrangement which gives me nothing other than an opportunity to purchase adaptors to make it work with what already works without any problems?


    So no way will I by an iPhone and after having used one for 5 days there's nothing I'll miss except the worry of whether I'll be able to charge and rely on its being able to make a call.

  • QuarterSwede Level 1 (15 points)

    The same happened to me. The iphone 5 adapter stopped charging my iPhone 5 and as soon as I plugged it into the iPhone 4's adapter it started charging. To double check, I plugged my wife's old 3G into the iPhone 5 adapter and it wouldn't charge. This was all using the same wall socket so i know it works. The adapter is the issue NOT the Lighting cable.

  • Mnbell Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having charging issues, only mine are different from what others are experiencing. 


    When you plug in the lightning cable, sometimes it doesn't charge so I flip lightning adapter over and plug it back in and it starts charging.  At first I though it was a short in my cable, but I tried using another cable and same problem exists.  I used someone else's iPhone with both cables and there were no problems.  I took it to the apple store last night and an associate tried with one of their cables, same problem.  Therefore the employee confirmed it was not the cable and it is the phone.  Unfortunately, I did not have an appointment, so I had to make an appointment for today and they will swap out the phone.

  • Welsh Kevlar Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same probs m8 ,its the cable ,as i borrowd my step son,s iphone 5 8-30 adapter using an iphone 4 cable ,and hey presto ,problem solved about £5-6 at ebay .

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