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  • robomonkey Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm guessing folks should nix the anything metal in a $500 electronic component connector port. plastic tooth pic is probably best, although wood ought to work as long as it doesn't splinter and leave new material in the port.

  • Karana77 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to disagree with the dust theory. At least in my case. When I started to have problems with my phone charging, I had only had it for a total of two weeks. Brand new phone, new cord, new everything. Now I can get it to charge but only through the usb cord. I had to buy a second cord at target since my puppy chewed through the first one after I started having problems. Who knows, maybe she knew something I didn't. The new cord has been working fine (knock on wood) for the past couple of weeks but my phone refuses to charge in the car on the car charger. The charger is not a piece of crap I ordered second hand on the internet but the charger that ATT sold me with the accessory package. But it will charge if I bring my usb cord in and plug it into the little secondary port.  So, either apple made crappy cords, or the charging port on the phone itself is shoddily made and has problems with connection.

  • Badderthanthem Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This has to be a scam ..  I've never had to replace an iPhone charger before. However on the ipone 5 I have gone though 3 original genuine apple cables!!!!! All in 3 months!!!! I will not by genuine apple charger again as this is such bad value for money!!!!!!! Bad job apple

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    My iPhone began giving trouble at the beginning of last week, it would only charge after moving it around for a while . It eventually stopped charging so i thought it was my charger. i borrowed a friends charger and it would not charge with that either, i am convinced there is something wrong with where the charger plugs in on the iphone. I have made an appointment to get it fixed but fear it may be swipped as i have nothing backed up. Is this whats wrong with it and wil it have to be swipped ? Any support would be appreciated

  • CB00ne Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have gone through two chargers. I purchased a charger through a non Apple vendor and it worked for all of a week (maybe). Now the original charger from Apple isnt working.

  • Jim Mancuso Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I had the same problem. I even changed power chords and wall chargers without any luck. Finally stuck a bent paper clip into the port on the iphone and pulled out a sizeable piece of lint. Works perfect now.

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    Mine quit working or would only recognize that it was plugged in some of the times.  Sometimes it would work if I wiggled it around.  Got looking at it tonight and decided to clean out the charger port on my phone, and I couldn't believe how much LINT was in there, only had it 5 months. Not its works like brand new

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    This was it for me!!  I had tried different lightening cables and various electric outlets with no success.  I do carry around the iphone in my pocket and noticed a ton of lint. AFter I cleaned it out - it charged right away.  You are a genius

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    I am beyond frustrated with my sons Iphone 5!! I got it for him for Christmas, I was going to get him the 4 or 4S but he really wanted the 5 so I spent the extra money and got himthe phone he really wanted. He has been using my old Blackberry more than his iphone since he got it! We have had a continuous problem of it not charging and we are now on our 5th Iphone, they have replaced the charger twice the last time it lasted almost am onth before it stopped working. I dont knwo why they keep sending me new phones when its clearly a charger issue! Its great they keep rplacing it but what will happen when the 1 year warrantly runs out?? I have a 3 year contract for this phone! Iasked them to downgrade me and send me a 4 or 4S but they said they cant do that! Why not? I am the one taking a loss? I will never ever buy a new Apple product again until it has been on the market for at least a year!!! Why did they have to change the charger anyways????

  • jean1968 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    oh and when I mention seeing this is a problem for alot of people they say it isnt, they rarely get a call for this kind of issue!

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    Well, add me to the list of folks "not" having this problem.  And by "not", I mean I absolutely am having this problem.  My iPhone 5 is in a Lifeproof case, so dirt, dust, lint, and detritis is not in the charging port.  I have three cables, and two of them have the issue of non-charging.  I've taken to marking the side that works so I can get a charge when I need it.  By using only one side of the charge cable, I've ruined of of the primary selling points of the Lightning cable.


    Please Apple, acknowledge this as an issue, and address it.

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    So my partner has an iPhone, same iOS but bought from EE, and mine from Carphone Warehouse. Same lead - via USB or mains - here phone charges no matter what side of the charger is inserted. Mine is just one side.


    So.....I have no idea why.....

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    I have an iPhone5 that ONLY charges successfully when attached to a computer now. No longer charges off the Apple AC brick chargers...tried 3 different ones. Can get other devices (iPods, iPads, and the old iPhone 4s) to charge just fine from the AC brick.


    This doesn't seem to be an issue with the cable, or lint/dust for me.

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    I just got my iphone 5 and it says it plugged in but its not charging. I tryed everything. I dont understand what the problem is. But im going to the store as soon as i can cause i cant walk around with a dead phone. unbeliveable . if you found a solution may you help me out?

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    I am so angry. I had this problem last week so I bought another cable and voila' my phone stopped charging again. I feel the only solution at this point would be to buy a different brand of phone if this is going to continually happen.

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