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  • russellfromsan juan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    not alone, I have three iPhone 5 just activated as new phones, then updated via iTunes connected computer...not from iCloud backups... ALL three phones eat thru their battery life very quickly ie with 40 min talk time, 2 hour usage and 12 hr standby they all go down to the 25% or less range ... as soon as I recharge they ALL lose 15% in less than 20 minutes ... lose 50% in 5 hours of little use, mostly standby .... I had this same problem when I originally bought the Evo 3d and it was only solved when the carrier changed the batteries ... unfortunately apple batteries can only be replaced by. technician ....

    anyone with similar experiences?

  • Nip604 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    U have to plug in the iPhone 5, back it up, then restore it again.  Problem solved.

    For some reason iphone 4 back up onto the 5 eats the battery at almost 1% every 5 min.

    So make a back up of the i5, then restore the i5 with the fresh backup from that same i5

  • russellfromsan juan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks but I didn't have iPhones ,.. all my prior phones where HTC dating back to the HTC pro, then pro2 then EVO then EVO 3D ... finally succumbed to the iPhone after using the iPad 2 ... all of my three iPhone 5 where activated as new phones from scratch thru iTunes usb hookup then email accounts entered.


    I did read up on other less drastic solutions and a couple have helped

    1. if you don't have a strong reliable LTE signal your better off disabling it

    2. disconnect all programs running in the background that you are not currently using or shortly plan to use 

    3. check all programs thar need location services and deny access if not currently in use and needed... don't advise turning it off altogether because you lose find phone capability

    4. turn of Bluetooth and wifi if not in use.


    THEN let your new battery completely drain and recharge to 100% overnight ... repeat one more time and then compare battery life .... today I have 2hrs use, 20 min call time, 11 hrs standby and the phone still has 60% left...yesterday it was down to 20%


    I still note that while standby life greatly improved, it does use a lot of battery time when using apps, especially mail, safari, Facebook or data use ...


    keeping a log .... trying this out with all three phones and will report back in a couple of days ... maybe I will wind up changing the phones if the battery issue is not resolved ... the same thing happened with my EVOs 3D and the solution was new batteries. ... apple may have a huge batch of subpar batteries out there same thing happened to HTC ... lets see how this plays out ... I have the 64G models and at $900 a pop we are entitled to a top tier battery, specially if you need a technician to install the new battery!!!

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    Three trips to the Genius Bar, once to get a new phone. Time spent reading through this forum. Turning things on and off on the phone. A $200 or more phone shouldn't require this kind of effort to get it working as advertised. I really like iPhones, this is my fourth one. But I find myself for the first time thinking about what other phones are cool. The only reason this isn't a bigger deal is that many customers didn't have an iPhone 4 so don't realize how much worse the battery life is on this one.

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    May I suggest that you do the following and let me know how your iphone 5 reponds?


    1. Take a complete backup of your iphone in Itunes.

    2. Restore your phone to factory settings using itunes restore option.

    3. Once restored activate / setup your phone as a "New Phone" DO NOT RESTORE FROM YOUR BACKUP.

    4. Now sync all your data from itunes again.


    This is a one time effort but you should see the results from day 1.


    Hope this helps!




  • craigfrompalo alto Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    This approach doesn't work because I can't sync my contacts. I don't use Outlook, I just use the contacts in my iPhone. Also, I lose the photos.



  • SidHanda Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Craig,


    Couple of ways to do that. Simplest would be that you backup your contacts using your icloud account by simply turning your contacts sync on in settings.


    Once you have completed the steps I listed earlier, sign in to your icloud account and enable contact sync (In Settings again!). You will have all your contacts back! :-)


    As for pictures, you could simply have the folder re-synced through Itunes.




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    OK I did the following:


    1. backed up contacts, etc. to iCloud.

    2. restored to factory defaults

    3. synced to replace music, etc.


    I noticed that the contacts just came back, not including favorites.


    Here is the usage info so far:


    battery charge state:  90%

    usage:   1 hour, 5 minutes

    standby:  4 hours, 4 minutes

    cellular usage:  1 minute

    cellular data:  261KB sent, 797KB received


    I don't believe I used the phone for 1 hour and 47 minutes. There was a single 1 minute phone call.


    I believe the battery drain is still not according to spec. The sync time was all plugged into USB so the battery was charging, not draining.



  • craigfrompalo alto Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Here is something else that seems to be a problem:


    data logged at 1.35PM:


    90% battery

    usage: 1 hour, 9 minutes


    locked phone


    data logges at 2:21PM:


    89% battery

    usage: 1 hour 15 min.


    The usage time increased by 6 minutes in 46 minutes when I did not use the phone.



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    after several days of monitoring all three new iPhone 5 I did note a significant improvement in battery performance for phones initially set up as "new phone" ... essentially you must condition the new battery by letting it completly drain all the way down to zero and recharge to 100%


    then disable all superfluous services that are not needed until actually needed don't turn them on to leave running in the back ground in particular

    1 disable LTE if you are not located in a strong reliable service area ... it keeps looking for it or switching back and forth

    2 disable all programs running in the background once yo finish using them ie Facebook

    3 put all your mail accounts to manual unless you need a particular one to use Push ie Exchange

    4 adjust brightness to the 1/3 point and activate automatic this is more than enough

    5 disable wifi and or Bluetooth when not in use or needed

    6 disable location services for all programs until actually needed ... I don't rcommend turning it off because you lose the "find phone" feature


    with this process and settings after several days of monitoring all three phones standby drainage is minimal and a I can use the phone for 4-5 hours 1 hour calling time and 2 days standby and still have 40% battery lime left ....


    hope this helps


    for iPhone 4 users upgrading to iPhone 5 it seems that you should not import our old settings but set your phone as a new phone then sync your stuff ... afterwards follow the above steps to condition the new battery and setting up your app usage

  • SidHanda Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    If I may ask how did you restore your phone to factory default?



  • Laceycowgurl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After countless phone calls to apple support, restores, trying random forum settings/suggestions and hard resets I lost my marbles and demanded a new phone that was on 6.0.1.  I am not updgrading it until they come up with a different IOS.  It still has wifi connection issues but at least my phone stays charged all day with NORMAL use.




    Too bad I just got this POS 3 weeks ago and have a 2 year contract.


    Very disappointed dedicated apple customer.  And I have many friends that are not going to upgrade to the iPhone 5 because of all these issues.

  • craigfrompalo alto Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I selected the Restore iPhone option when it was connected to iTunes, not Restore Backup. Once it came back up, it set it up as new iPhone. Then I synced it.



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    As I read lots of these posts, as I was considering an iPhone 5, and was nearly going to give up on the iPhone. Sounded like a dicey proposition.


    So I went out and spoke to as many people as I could find with the "5". Very few of them had issues, so I took the plunge. It came with 6.0.1. Yes, it had problems with remembering my wi-fi login details, unitl an update to 6.0.2 arrived the day after I activiated the phone. No more wi-fi problems - I use a few wi-fi networks regularly.


    First day I had the phone I let it run until its lights went out... completely flattened the battery.


    I have been very pleased with the battery life! 13 hours standby and 2 hours of use - talk, emails, "surfing" using the camera, flipping a few photos around photostream, brings it back to about 75%. Better life than my previous Samsung Windows (7.5) phone - which, I have to say, though two years older, is smoother, and more responsive than the "5". But the "5" is ok... and it integrates better with my iPad and "Pro" - which is why I wanted the iPhone.


    Happy camper here. 

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    Hi. I am in the same exact situation. Well at least when it comes to how I ended up with my iPhone.


    Previously had Evo. This is my first apple phone. Honestly with all the fan boys who rave about this thing and apple products I never expected to be wasting time reading a about battery life. I thought this was greatest phone ever?


    Truth is, i think it is a great phone. It is the best phone I have I have owned this far. The contrast coming from other devices is stark. All you iphone 4 users upgrading to 5 need to check yourself.


    The battery life. Not sure what everyone considers good or bad because not many talk about total life. My usage is 7 hour 13 min and standby is 15 hr 30 min. That is right before phone dies at 1%


    I consider that to be pretty good and have no unusual drain in standby. Should it be better? What was the life on the 4s?


    I noticed that everyone who talks about battery life issues has an account they restored from another phone. Why not just use iCloud ?

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