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  • pouting dango Level 1 Level 1

    I am wondering if my battery life is good. I'm afraid it isn't, but want to be sure before I freak out over it too much.

    currently, my phone is on 62% battery life. I have used it for 2 hours and it has been on standby for 27 hours.

    my usage has included mild web surfing with music from speaker, adjusting settings, a music video, a short phone call and a few messages. call time is two minutes, cell data down 3.2 MB, up 768 KB. mostly i've been using wifi. since I started writing this, at 12:19, to 12:25, the battery went down to 61% (about six minutes per percent while just typing and switching to settings twice). is that normal? I saw someone with 13 min usage and still 100%. thank you.

  • Truthinnature Level 1 Level 1

    I am typing this on ipad mini I just got yesterday and its a bit different to get use to with one finger typing but I will answer your question. On my iPhone 5 it's usually an hour 20 minutes per 10 percent. Lasting about 7-9 hours total usage time depending on what I do.sometimes the battery life goes down a bit when I am not using it.but if I get a day, I consider myself lucky with these types of phones.

  • pouting dango Level 1 Level 1

    I suppose my battery life is pretty similar, by my calculations. I seem to lose between 4 and 6% every minute (not intensive use), which would be between 40 minutes and an hour per 10%, which should net me between 6.7 and 10 hours per full charge. it's probably just paranoia. I am still slightly worried that you say you get 80 minutes per 10%, but we seem to have similar full charge times. I am curious about what settings you use (location services, notifications, push, brightness, etc.), though.

    I guess one of my main concerns is how much it used in standby, but since that happens to you as well, it's probably not a hardware problem and possibly not even a problem at all. thank you for your answer.

  • Truthinnature Level 1 Level 1

    It last 80 minutes 10 percent if I turn on wifi, lte and such when I really need it. If I leave them on, it's more like 40 minutes or a little less every 10 percent once it gets to like 80%. So should be fine.

  • ads87 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried restoring the phone (from my old iPhone 4 back-up) multiple times. But I think what finally worked was resetting all settings and then letting the phone drain completely after which I charged it fully. After that the usage I got was around 6 hours and standby around 22 hours. Which is not upto the mark but certainly better.


    My understanding is that for most if us resotring from a back up of an old iPhone 4 or 3GS, it's best to reset all settings, let the battery drain completely and then charge it to a 100 percent. Now chart your usage times and compare it to the ones before the reset. My guess is they'll be better.


    I still feel that the usage times are inadequate as compared to what was advertised. I have held off getting my phone replaced because if its an OS issue then it is likely that I will have a similar issue with the replacement unit as well.


    My current battery stats are as follows -


    Usage - 4hours, 49 minutes,

    Standby - 17 hours, 10 minutes.

    Battery remaining - 33%

    ads87 wrote:


    I've used my iPhone 5 for more than a week now and I have to say the battery life is a joke.


    And don't get me wrong, I've tried everything, resetting network settings, resetting all settings and even restoring the phone a couple of times.


    Usage times on 3G are in the range of 4-6 hours (6 is when I'm lucky) and standby times between 13-17 hours.


    That is worse than the battery life of my iPhone 4 on 3G after 2 years of heavy use.


    I am extremely disappointed with Apple. With iPhone 4 I didn't have a single issue in 2 years of use.


    I'm usually happy with the quality Apple provides, but this is an absolute joke.


    I was happy at first, the phone's really fast and snappy. But now I feel the only reason I have forced myself to use this phone is because of the money I have invested in the apps.


    Anyway I don't wish to rant here. I have gone thru countless forums and articles to increase the battery life and have tried various suggestions but none have increased the battery life significantly. And I refuse to accept this from a week old phone that I have spent more than a 1000 USD to purchase.


    I am thinking of getting a replacement but I've been reading on here and other threads that the replacement units are coming in with the same issues.


    So is their anything that I've missed or not tried that could be of help? Will getting a replacement be of any use or should I wait for iOS 6.1 hoping it will solve these issues?

  • KMFlannery Level 1 Level 1

    This is a follow up to my original post. 

    After a visit to the Genius Bar (twice), the phone was replaced.  The problem is still there.  This prompted me to do some much deaper diagnostics. 


    Long story short, the Hot Mail connector was chewing up the phones resources while syncing contacts.  If contacts are turned off, the phone would last 2 days again.  I will share this process with isolating the culprit.


    I started by observing the Usage stats.  I would charge the phone up to 100%.  I would un plug the power and note the Usage vs the Standby.  When the phone was draining the battery, the usage and standby time would match almost exactly.  Basically the phone is being used continuously.  I would make one change to the phone and then write down the two usage values.  I would put the phone in standby, and wait for 4 minutes.  I would then turn the phone on and look at the usage.  If the Usage was the same as the standby (each 4 minutes more time) then that chagne was not significant.  When the Usage was not the same as the standby (standby was 4 minutes longer than usage) then it was significant (Positive Change).  Here is how I started


    1. Turn off Wi-Fi and Leave Cellular On (No change still draining)

    2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Turn off Cellular (No Change still draining)

    3. Turn off Wi-Fi and Turn off Cellular (Positive Change, kinda expected.  Standby was 4 minutes longer than Usage)

    4. Turn on Wi-Fi and Turn off Push Notifications, Fetch every 15 minutes (Positive Change)

    5. Turn on Push Notifications, and then Turn off Sync Hotmail Calendar (Battery Drain)

    6. Turn on Calendar Sync, and then turn off Sync Contacts (Positive Change)

    7. Turn on Sync Contacts, and Turn off Sync Inbox (Battery Drain)


    The contact sync appears to be what is draining the battery.  The next step is to remove all the contacts from my hotmail account and see if it drains the battery and if there may be a bad contact that is causing the problem. 

  • Linuxuk Level 1 Level 1

    Hello there .


    simple as that Beetery Life on iPhone 5 in 8 hours is below 10% , this is ****, Apple promising longer batter life from 4S and is not even half of what 4S has,


    what a Jokers , is all about micky mouse promises ,  not repsect their clients/ users that support their products simple as that.



  • Robster50 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Hi All


    Two VERY important steps to follow if/when you are having a very heavy battery drain.


    1. Double tap home button so running process bar appears and then close EVERY SINGLE APP.

    2. Hold down home button and power buton until phone powers off.




    This SHOULD NOT BE NECASSARY but ever since I got my battery life sorted and running fine it suddenly seems to start to eat through battery life, yesterday I was down to 20% battery at 7pm with very little usage during the day.


    Today, having gone through the above process and with the same if not heavier usage I am still at 70%!


    Hope this is of some help to you.



  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm starting to think I've got issues as well with my battery life after updating to iOS 6.0.2

    I'm getting around 5 hours use and approx 24 hours standby with light use. If I go heavy I will get no more that 3-5 hours before needing a charge sometimes needing to charge my phone twice a day. Everything was fine with battery life before the update but now it seems as though my iphone 5 is chewing up its battery life.


    I hope this gets fixed in the next update as its annoying.

  • iNathanDrake Level 1 Level 1

    I do this consistantly as well as alot of the things people have suggested. This is the 2nd iPhone 5 I have now its its ridiculous how fast the battery dies. I have to take a charger with me everywhere I go.. I have to charge it atleast twice a day. Even on standby the battery goes quick. ITs to the point where I can't use my phone for fear of it dying. Nothing fixes it, I left my house this morning at 7:30am 100%. Took a 30 minute subway ride into the city listening to music. Got to my office, 79% (***?, maybe understandable, but my 4s never did that) Set it on my desk and got to work. Made calls all day on the office phone while my iphone just sat there, for about like 3 and a half hours. I go to check it, its at 55%.. (Just connected it to the charger, and I will admit although it was sitting there, I did use it a couple of times minimally to 1. Check the battery.. 2, test some ways recommended here to make the battery life longer. Very minimal use and it dropped to 55%? Yes i double click the home button Consistantly to close apps, I literally use that menu like 50+ times a day. The battery is pathetic.. idk what to do anymore..

  • Three60guy Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I'm the guy who suggested to kill apps you are not using.  So, you close apps and it doesn't help.  It appears that if you continue to do the same things you will get the same outcomes.


    Have you tried turning off notifications for apps that do not need them?  Have you turned off Location services for those apps which you don't want?   Have you checked if the email app is constantly accessing the Internet?  Have you checked your usage logs to see what is using resources?  Have you gone to your carrier to see what data is being used up when it shouldn't be? 


    Bottom line is you have to do something different to locate the problem.  Merely doing the same things will only get the same results.



  • iNathanDrake Level 1 Level 1

    No ofcourse i've tried other things lol.My notifications center is basically naked. Which I shouldn't have to tell you how ridiculous that is since my phone should be able to handle that comfortably without dying so fast haha but even that hasn't helped. Location is only on for find my phone and maybe like 2 other apps. I consistantly close apps that I'm not using, **** I close every app even if i am using it.. after a text message i close the app. THAT consistanly lol. And it just ***** cause the iphone 5s battery was spoken so highly off ya know?

  • superpocky Level 1 Level 1

    I think have a fix!


    first my background:

    I'm on my third iphone 5. The problem was the battery would drain about 2 to 3% per hour on standby on 3G.  Also would drain about 1% per hour on standy on wifi.  So in real life, the battery would be down to 50% by the end of the day with very light use ( about an hour worth of surfing, emails, text, etc).


    Here is how I fixed my phone:

    0. back up your contacts, etc to your computer (NOT icloud) so you can get it back later.

    1.  set it up as a new phone.

    2.  deleted icould account (not just disabling the icould services.  you have to delete it from the phone)

    3. reset all settings.


    Now the battery goes down about 10% per day on standby on wifi.  With my usage, i use about 20% of battery per day.  Also I have everything else on such as bluetooth, wifi, gps, notifications, etc.  The only thing that I don't have is icould and i can live with it.


    I hope this helps!

  • nameistaken Level 1 Level 1

    i am also having this issue and it is JANUARY... i did not have this issue immediately, only started when i took the IOS update a few weeks ago.


    is there a fix?  i've tried everything, including setting up as a NEW phone, erasing all contents.  I sync'd my apps instead of a restore in case there was an issue on the backup.


    i can't even use it as an alarm clock is dead before i wake up...frustrating.

  • paulphilly Level 1 Level 1

    Hey everyone.  I have had every iPhone released to date including 3 iPhone 5's.  With each replacement, I was optimistic about the "new" one being better than the "old" one in regards to battery life.  Last week, I sold my 3rd iPhone 5 and am currently trying Android on an upgrade eligibility.  Bottom line, I tried every conceivable option to optimize battery life and NOTHING worked.  I grew sick and weary of constantly trying to tweak settings and making sure every possible application and setting option were turned off.  It was very frustrating trying to only run the bare minimum to try and get 8 hours of usage out of my phone.  Apple really dropped the ball here.


    Eventually, I realized that there is no iOS software issue.  The most obvious reason for the battery drain (and one I should have realized earlier) was the simple fact that this 5th gen iPhone is just like all other 4G is fast, powerful, and is capable of completing many complicated tasks quickly.  Simply put, the iPhone 5 is powered by the biggest "little" battery Apple could fit into this thin and light smartphone....1440mAh.  This phone with 4g capability, a dual core processor with a 1650 benchmark, 1 gig of ram, 8mp camera with flash, focus, etc., and all of the other bells and whistles requires a lot of power to operate.  Inevitably, 1440mAh is too small to deliver battery power the way we all would like.  Therefore, the only way to get through a day currently is to adjust or turn off almost every setting and app and utilize the phone to a bare minimum.  The other option is to buy a $100 battery case or sell the phone and get a phone with a bigger battery capacity.  Apple simply dropped the ball by making a thinner and lighter smartphone with bigger specs while keeping the battery at essentially the same size as the 4s.  Shame on you Apple.....wait, unless you are getting a small cut from battery case manufacturers?  hmmmmmm......

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