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    My iphone 5 usage at 1% is 5 hours and 2 mins with standby of 1day 5 hours.  Could somebody let me know if this is normal or not as I think the usage is only just half of apple's stated usage battery life ???


    I've seen my mates iphone 5 and his was on 8 hours 20 mins and standby 22 hours with 48% left on his battery. I have everything disabled (Bluetooth, wifi, location services, etc) but his was all enabled. The big difference is that his was set up as a new phone and mine was restored via an iCloud back up.


    I've tried almost all the solutions suggested in this thread other that a complete factory reset but nothing seems to get my iphone close to anything near 6 hours usage.

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    Your answer was the most helpful.  I started to work my way backwards on the Apps I had installed and changes I may have made trying to get this battery to last.  I did forget I had increased the Brightness, will try to see if there is a difference.  I've also been suspecting the OS version.



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    I just tried the suggestion by deming66 of reducing Brightness and it worked.  I had my Brightness at about 80%, reduced it to 40% and the battery now lasts the entire day.

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    Well I did a full factory reset on my iPhone 5 and the battery life is still no better. I did a back up on my pc then factory reset and started again from scratch. Once my iPhone 5 was reset the only thing I restored was my contacts and calendar.

    I'm still just getting 5 hours so it can't be a corrupt iCloud save unless restoring my contacts and calendar from iCloud is causing it ???

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    My experience with the iPhone5 coming from iPhone4.

    The battery life was noticeably shorter right from the start. I restored it from the old backup at first, but then wiped it and started fresh. Still it was not as good as the 4's.

    The thing that did it for me was turning off Siri (which i don't really use anyway as English is not my first language), now the battery life is easily as good as on the 4 (which doesn't have Siri anyway). I also disabled some location services that I don't use, but that didn't have a really big effect.

    Other than that I have everything turned on and push services and skype etc, but it lasts at least a day of regular use (browsing, listening to music, some fifa, youtube, twitter) without any problems.

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    I did notice that I downloaded the Skype app this week and ever since then my battery life was horrible. I will see if it makes a different if I remove it.

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    Yes, skype can drain the battery as well, i use imo client for skype chat.

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    My battery was fine for over a week. Then suddenly today some crazy drainage and the only thing I changed, was I readded my Google account to Chrome and turned sync back on in Chrome. It's literally halved my battery life again.


    Either it was a mega coincidence or chrome is causing some crazy drain issues.


    Gonna log back out now and do some more tests.

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    Can those of you using Chrome or even have it installed, try to log out of your Google account and ensure sync is turned off.


    I wouldn't put it past Google, putting in some kind of battery drain bug on purpose, just to get one over on Apple.


    I had crazy drain issues until I logged out of chrome and turned sync off. Then today I turned it on because I needed a page from my mac and boom, the battery has honestly halved. I was getting 6-8 hours usage and today I've got 2:30 usage and only 20% battery left.


    Gonna test this properly but it would be helpful if those of you with chrome installed could try too.

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    My iPhone 5 has been using a ridiculous  amount of battery. The other day I had 4 hours stand by with 2.5 hours usage and a whole 84% drop in battery... A few messages with some Facebook browsing also drops in an out of 4G but why should I have to turn it off... I've adjusted all the settings and the only thing the guy at Genius Bar could suggest was restoring to new which I'm not keen on. Considering how many others have the same issue with not much luck it seems I don't see why I should have to restore to new... That seems like an extreme drop in battery and its happened numerous times now... Any suggestions ? Would restoring to new be the only option ? So far I'm just bringing my charger everywhere and keeping it charged. Thanks!

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    I only got an iphone 5 the other day and i must say the battery life i awfully short. Not acceptable at all really.

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    Having the same issues as everyone else. "upgraded" from an iPhone4 to a 5 at the end of March.  Battery life is horrible -- about 1/3 what the iPhone 4 was.  I've tried all the remedies, had several AppleCare calls, and a trip to the inGenius bar.  I still can't get through a normal 9 hr workday without the phone draining to near 10%.


    I've noted the "usage" is extremely high... even when I'm not using phone.  I've closed all apps, etc.  Still, the battery drains quickly -- I can watch the numbers drop.


    Anyone know if Apple is addressing this?


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    I think you guys should go to the shoppe and demand a new iphone.. My iphone 5 runs 2-3days without charging with regular usage.