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BarryD123 Level 1 Level 1

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with car connectivity and the new iPhone 5 or older phones with ios 6. 


My Problem:


Just got the iPhone 5 yesterday and was wondering if anyone is having a similar problem to mine.  The phone paired without easily to my 2011 Infiniti G37 with navigation.  Outgoing calls work fine.  The problem is with incoming calls.  When a call comes in it appears on my info screen as before, but as soon as I answer the call goes dead and the screen reverts back to where it was before the call.  While it seems as if the call has been disconnected, in reality if I go to the audio source screen on the phone I can choose "MY CAR" and the call comes through the audio system but with massive interference.  As always, Apple blames it on the car bluetooth system.  This system worked flawlessly with my iPhone 4S and my wife's 4. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • TendlyaFan Level 1 Level 1

    I am facing the exact problem. And the guy at the Verizon store blamed it on the car's bluetooth system and said that it is not compatible with iOS6. Any guidance out there?

  • plainjane3 Level 1 Level 1

    It's working fine on my G25. However it does take a longer time to load up the phonebook and sometimes contact information doesn't show. Are you having problems when you connect the lightning cable to the car. Somehow I can't play audio, pandora, youtube audio etc if I plugged my IPhone 5 in to the car. But it works fine with the IPhone 4 or 4S

  • maxmaxie Level 1 Level 1

    I too have the exact same issue and tried with two different iPhone 5's with my M37. Incoming calls ring fine but when you click answer in the car - it appears to disconnect - if you go to the iPhone and then click audio source and toggle over to the iPhone then back to the car - it reactivates the car bluetooth. Sure hope someone fixes this soon!


    FYI - I removed the bluetooth connection in the car and phone and repaired them just to see. Same issue.

  • genie17 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same problem. Hopefully enough people flag it for Apple so this issue gets fixed. It worked perflectly fine with my iPhone 4S. I can pair the phone fine. I can place outgoing calls fine but incoming calls just stay silent when I answer them. I keep seeing the phone interface and call timer going but the line is silent on both ends. I have 2012 Infiniti G37. I tried resetting all the bluetooth connections, restarting the phone, etc, nothing worked.

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    OK so here's the latest.  I called Apple again and this time was put through to a senior level tech adviser.  Without going through all the trials and errors of resetting the network and bluetooth settings on the phone and in the car  I will skip to the solution.  First we backed up all data including calendar, contacts, apps etc. to the cloud. then, using my computer and itunes, he had me restore the phone including ios 6 and setting it up as a new phone. Then I restored my data.  Back to the car and removed the phone from the car and re-paired it as a new phone. The phone now works fine both in calling out and receiving calls.  It's been two days and so far so good. 


    As an added piece of information for those still having this problem or other Infiniti related problems, my service manager at Infinit of Manhasset -who is just great- told me they are expecting a bluetooth update from Infiniti in about 4 weeks.


    Hope you guys have the same success as I had.

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    Thank you for posting this. Are you having any problems when using Pandora to play music. Somehow there's no audio coming out when I use any app other than the iPhone's music player.

  • maxmaxie Level 1 Level 1

    FYI - I setup my iPhone 5 as a new phone completely. I never imported settings from the iCloud backup, etc. I setup each email account individually. I own an IT company and do this for a living. I setup my new iPhone 5 and my wife's iPhone 5 the same way - totally fresh setup. Both phones work fine in her Lexus. Both phones have the same bluetooth mess in my M37 - neither will answer a call correctly. Glad you got it working but I don't think this is a true fix for the iPhone 5.

  • genie17 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with maxmaxie, I don't think it's a permanent solution. I set up my iPhone 5 as new from the beginning without any restores. I tried re-pairing the phone with the car multiple times and the incoming calls just do not work. There was a moment yesterday during my testing when my phone was dropping between LTE and "4G" on AT&T and during this period while LTE was out I received a phone call that actually worked. This leads me to believe that this problem has to do with some software issue on Apple's end.

  • BarryD123 Level 1 Level 1

    I was told that Infiniti just issued a bluetooth refresh for the M.  The refresh I was referring to was for G model cars.  Maybe this might help.

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    I have a similar problem, I just got a 2012 G37S and had an iphone 4, just got the 5 and I can't answer phone calls but can make phone calls.  Also another thing is that my bluetooth synchs for phone but for my music it says something like "Bluetooth sound device not connected."  I used to be able to stream my music via bluetooth from my iphone 4 but with the iphone 5 it now doesn't work.  I can plug it into the USB dock but then I can't listen to anything other than my ipod music section, but can't stream spotify, tune in radio, or the host of other internet steaming options. 

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    I'm having a slightly different problem.  I have an iPhone 5, which worked great in my G37.  Then this morning, I try to make and receive calls, but I get no sound.  I can't hear the other person, and they cannot hear me.  But when I switch to use the speaker on the phone, sound is fine.  Anyone else experience this?

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    BarryD, glad you got it working.  I'm wondering if it still is.  I called Apple support today and the tech told me that this problem occurs on more than one line of cars - not just Infiniti/Nissan, and is specific to the iPhone 5 (not 4 or 4S).  He says Apple believes this is on their end and they are working to fix it.  I guess we'll see.

  • BarryD123 Level 1 Level 1



    I worked fine until yesterday when it reverted back to the original problem.  What's interesting is if I delete the phone from the car and re-pair it it works but only until the car is turned off.  Once the car is turned off, when I return to the car it stops working.  Enough to make you crazy!!!  Like you I can only wait and see if a fix is forthcoming.  As I noted earlier, I was told that Infiniti should be issuing a bluetooth update for the G in a couple of weeks. 

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    I can confirm this is also happening on the Infiniti QX56 2012-2013 and FX35/45 2012-2013 when paired with an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.


    Worked just fine on iOS5 with iPhone 4s.


    Experiencing the issue only on incoming calls as mentioned above.


    Fix please!

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