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  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    don't bother doing anything in 10.7.5..... best thing to do is restore from TM prior to your update...

  • Distiller Level 1 Level 1

    So any news from Apple at this point? I would love to revert back to 10.7.4 but I really need my laptop up and running due to a heavy workload for the moment... Also, since 10.7.5 my pro seems to wake up to a black screen at random moments needing à forced restart, it never did it under 10.7.4.

  • albi56 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried ALL is suggested in this discussion and more (i.e. using Cocktail to enable/disable Spotlight, terminal and not terminal...), but no result: TM is so fast as 50 days hard working in my last attempt.

    A Phone call al Apple assistance was frustrating: a tired voice suggested me this discussion: have a nice day, polite Apple girl.

    So, I wait for an Apple solution of this incredible bug, at the 5th update of the first lion-a-year.

    Moreover, I complain the same problem as Distiller, both my mbookpro and imac seem to wake up at random to black screen.

    Best regards

  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to here that albi56


    I've had no word from Apple even though I have a case registered. To be honest I'm just glad I was able to go back to 10.7.4 via TM. I should have known better to update this fast. I remember years back when we were all on OS9 if they released an update nobody wanted to try it just in case it would cuase problems. Hmm funny we\ve gone full circle now.... When the 1st OSX came on the market it was a nightmare.... lol

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    A call to Apple that resulted in the rep pointing you to this discussion is absolutely unacceptable. You got the equivalent of a brush-off - that rep knows that these forums have little to no Apple employee involvement, and therefore giving you no chance of getting the problem solved.


    For a company that prides itself on customer service, that was extremely un-Apple behavior and they should be called out on it.


    I think that a call back to Apple and speaking to a supervisor would be in order.

  • albi56 Level 1 Level 1

    To Bagda and others.


    Some Giovanni of Apple IT sent me two mails with the links to the following two articles: 1st-Mac OS X: ABC of Time Machine ( ), from which I learn that "1st TM could require many hours, depending how many data in the hd"..., and 2nd-Mac OS X: About background maintenance tasks ( ). I don't know if they are avaliable in english too, I'm trying to translate at my best (sorry for my bad english).

    This nightmare is lasting days and I cannot restore .4 as You did, because I reinitialized my TM external hard disk.

    This is by far enough to demonstrate how customer care is carried on.


    Not only one word about update 10.7.5, which is the beginning of all.


    Apple knows and shuts up, in the meanwhile I became a beast, not more a human being.

    I beg your pardon for the vent.


  • PERockwell Level 1 Level 1

    You have every right to vent.


    I would contact the Apple rep and kindly but firmly state that he should stop reading from his pre-recorded troubleshooting script and pass you along to someone who can help diagnose this problem. It's obvious that he doesn't understand the situation.


    It's important to make him aware that the problem STARTED with 10.7.5. Everything worked fine (both Spotlight and Time Machine) before the update.


    Perhaps we should all write an email to Tim Cook to complain how his support staff is treating his customers.

  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    albi56, as PERockwell says


    "You have every right to vent."


    i was really to as I'd only just bought latest Mac and got this problem within days , I'm sorry you can't use TM to sort the issue. But we can all learn from this kind of thing. Is it worth you going over to Mountain Lion maybe?


    I was told it was probably an internal HD problem which I knew wasn't the case since all was good before the update. Thanks tech guys... NOT...


    Apple should withdraw 10.7.5 as I'm sure people are still using it without knowing the **** it will cause them.


    I've already fired off my compliant and even tried to get a response via my case number, but no reply so far.

  • albi56 Level 1 Level 1

    Yestarday I posted a request of phone support: I had a regular mail with a number for assistance and a phone appointment for this morning. Be sure I'm not drunk: a sinthetized speech informed my that I had to pay 49 euros (about 60 $ ?) ONLY to speak with a human voice. Moreover, the phone call was long and expensive itself.

    They play with money as it is sh..

    Can you believe this? But it is true. May be a revenge planned because of my first phone call with the human voice of an Apple dolly? But I was very kind and had a lot of patience with her.


    And so I am now a paranoic kind of beast: since a week a new Apple Store has been inaugurated not far from me. A visit will be necessary.


    Did they destroied Lion to force people to a new adventure with ML?

    They play with money as it is sh


    Dirty stuff, don't forget now you're flying in the sky, but I hope the mud is waiting for your fall. Good jobs sometimes come suddenly to an end. You first should know this.

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    albi56, your story is a nightmare but you tell it so well, it comes across very funny with serious undertones of course. I'd like to be there when you go to the Apple shop, although there may bea big cue...


    I hope it all works out, take care over there at least you have nice weather...

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    I had same problem and more - freeze ups, unable to use finder at all. Probably should've done the TM restore. Instead I reinstalled 10.0. Now I want to update to 10.7.4. Can someone tell me how to do that?

  • Phil Coleman Level 1 Level 1

    Apple have now released an update to 10.7.5 (via software update) that addresses this issue

  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    hmmmm after this bad experience...... think i'll leave it till it's proved itself worthy....

  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    Bette, if your answer is yes to the following then see the instructions below in bold.


    1st. do you still have your TM backups ?


    2nd. did you do backups when you were running 10.7.4?


    if yes then here's the way to get 10.7.4 back,



    Make sure you copy all the stuff that you haven't backed up manually to a spare drive.


    This fix will restore everything including 10.7.4 and wipe out all unbacked up data.


    Hold command R down and reboot with your time machine drive connected.


    You'll then have a few options to restore, so select time machine, find the file in the list thatis prior to 10.7.5 (it shows this in the listing) or in your case Bette after 10.0 and before 10.7.5.


    Hit restore and depending on how much data, there will be an estimated time displayed. In my case about 45 minutes.


    Spotlight is now fine and re-indexing within Minutes


    Time Machine is back to normal and does not Hang.


    I hope this is of helps

  • badga Level 1 Level 1

    Bette, there's now a Supplemental Update (11G63) which fixes the TM & Spotlight issue for 10.7.5.