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    Here's some good news.  A guy from Apple called me last night and asked me a few questions related to my (poor) experience so far with the iphone5.  They are now monitoring my device for a period of 48 hours.  They will be able to catch some data that could help them solve the problem.  I can't tell you it will give any results but a least, they are trying hard.  Of course, in the meantime, it doesn't make my phone any better.  I'm still disappointed but I do appreciate the fact that Apple does care about its customers and hopefuly, they'll come up with something that will make everyone happy.  Keep the faith.

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    "I especially love how he/she, and others, throw up in everyone's face how special and better than everyone else they are"


    it's not about throwing in "everyones face" whether you have a 64 or 32 gig it's about the fact that regardless of which iphone you've bought they are expensive. Ironaically, you are raising an issue for which you are most guilty of by assuming that people that say they have a 64 gig are better than others; shame on you for being so close minded. There is always someone that thinks they have to make some "smart remark" about almost anything, good for you, bravo!!! In regards to r_dizzle question, I sent them a message through the feedback link under support. I'm in the process of doing a full reset, hopefully this will work.

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    Today I was contacted by someone from Apple and they are doing a diagonstic of my battery and collecting information about usage etc. to see if there is indeed an issue.  I was impressed to have someone contact me and appreciate their willingness to looking and test this to see if there really is a problem.  I am happy to udate you guys with any information or feedback that they provide me. 


    Since my original post I have reset my phone, been to Apple and worked with a genius, and bought a second charger

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    They called me too and are doing the same thing.  I was impressed to see that they are looking into the issue.  Hopefully they get some helpful data from our phones to fix the issues.

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    And bravo to you for pointing out that all customers are equal, regardless of how much they spent, something you failed to do in your initial rant.

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    Someone from apple called me too. They actually did the same thing with iPhone 3G as well when I discussed my issue with the battery back then. However my battery this time seems to be more related to iOS I believe. I have done the following three things and now have a battery life similar to my iPhone 4 which I was happy with.


    1. Turned off traffic in location services.

    2. Turned off passbook in iCloud sync (it doesn't matter as most of us need passbook on our phone but not other idevice I assumed).

    3. Calibrate battery correctly (let it run till shut off, then charge it to 100% and leave it at 100% for another 30' or so before unplug.)


    Now I used for 2 hrs, listening to music mostly and check emails couple of times and my battery dropped 1%. I will turn on traffic later just to see how much the differences would be.

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    Another user here that LOVES their iPhone 5 for everything except the battery.  Pretty disappointing for such a highly anticipated product.  Hopefully it is just a software glitch they can patch!


    I did the "reset all settings" trick which seemed to help a little bit.  Called Apple Support to be placed on the "monitoring" program for 48 hours that others have posted about but they said that option wouldn't be available for two weeks. 


    If somebody from Apple is reading this, please contact me.  Thanks!

  • Steve Jamieson1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    What did they mean by "Turn off traffic in location services"? Disable location services completely? Disable Maps in Location Services?



  • kartchen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Settings -> privacy -> location services -> advanced services -> traffic off


    This has been reported helpful for those who seen batteries dropped since ios6 update, hope it helps for you too.

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    I have the battery drain issues too. Overnight, on standby,it drained from 45% to 20%.


    Tried a few of the suggested fixes, the one that seems to help most is turning off Passbook iCloud sync. Will monitor. (Update, that didn't help.)


    If Apple would like to contact me and run diagnostics, I'd be happy to help!

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    Dear Apple, I'm in Singapore, please contact me too!


    Resetting my setting helps only marginally. At least it doesn't drop 1% every 2 minutes on standby, but it does when I'm using it. Pathetic!

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    Just turned off "Traffic" .... I've been playing some games & browsing on LTE for the last half hour... And it seems like it's not even using any power at all. Just a couple of percent.

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    I'm in singapore and I'm having the same problem.. Is it because I didn't charge for full 8 hours the 1st time? I turned off 'traffic' as the other posts says it will help but seems like no difference to me.. It drains down 1% every 2-3mins.. I was expecting this iPhone 5 will be better.. Seems like iPhone 4 battery can last longer.. Apple do take action on this.. I love everything about the phone except for battery though..

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    Just got mine delivered today - it was at about 72% out of the box.  I charged it to 100% while loading my 4's last backup on it.  Going to leave it unplugged overnight to see how the battery looks in the morning!  I haven't turned anything off on it yet that came pre-set, so *fingers crossed*!

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    Likewise, I was contacted today by an Apple Advisor which was a pleasant surprise (and highly appreciated) as I'm located in Australia, so I'm now part of the 48hr test run.


    The ironic and funny thing was that during the call my battery 4% (dropped dead flat from 4% to off).


    Gosh I hope this works as I'm tired of having to make an appointment with a Genius to obtain another replacement (second phone now and counting...issue still remains and seems like this new one is slightly worse than the previous).

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