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    You must disable the Safari in iCloud bookmarks ....

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    Looks like there's a lot of people with this issue....too many complains, zero answers from Apple. I've tried it all and it's not getting any better....

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    Folks -


    Anytime your phone gets hot and subsequently your battery life is short - this is an indication the CPU in the phone is running something intensively and it is not idling. So, it's running some process that is out of control, or possibly the GPS is staying on (you'll see the arrow at the top). This is often a problem with a hung third-party app.


    The best way is to restore the phone and run without third-party apps. If the overheating continues, the phone needs to be replaced.

  • Macfree Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No need to replaced tour off the iCloud Safari bookmark sync and stop sending information to Apple......

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    I have iCloud Safari bookmark sync ON, and sending info to Apple ON, and I have no overheating problems.

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    Depends from iPhone to iPhone......

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    An iPhone is an iPhone. Using these features should not cause a problem on *any* iPhone, and if it does, the Genius needs to find out why and fix it.

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    I have changed 3 iPhones, bafore they toll me to the change the settings, and now it works.....

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    just got back from apple - genius told me that at times restoring from back up on iCloud or iTunes will cause issues with battery life...  apps might not be fully compatible with the new iPhone, issues if the phone has too many wifi sites to remember, or 'other configurations that you cannot see or modify might be getting hung up'  (i upgraded from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5).  The recommendation is full factory reset and manually configuring your new phone --- input settings manually and add apps one at a time.  Basically makes backing everything up and restoring pointless...


    very disappointing...

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    Well what I have been doing so far has been enabeling airplain mode till the phone cools off and then disable it. It seams to fix the problem for a while. From what I've read and preceiving that it cools off when I turn on airplane mode, it defenatelly means something's turnning on the phone's GPS or internect connection.


    Nonetheless, I'm gonna try disabeling safari bookmarks sync. I've also noticed that using it makes the iPhone syncing hugelly slower...

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    Another thing though, is it ok to use my iphone using the lte,3G and the GSM while charging it? Will it not affect my battery life..? Pls notify.. Thank you

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    Something that I've tried and seamed to work for me: I restored my iPhone to the last time I knew it work well. It deleted the problematic App along with any setting that would be set to allow the problem.


    It solved my issue. :)

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    I bought the iPhone 5, Expecting it to be the next big thing from Apple. I am disappointed. I am an avid apple product user, from ipods, iphones, mac book pros, imacs, mac minis, ipads.. have them all and am satisfied with the products.. until i bought the iPhone 5


    the iPhone 5 i bought has many problems.

    1. Its back over heats while the phone is on charge. I didnt pay notice to it until recently as it started heating even while its not on charge and am on a long call. in a few minutes i can feel my ear heat up and my fingers feel warm while am holding the phone.


    2. The battary life isnt that great. with full usage - safari, mail, instagram, twitter, call, messaging.... get a max of 2 hours.

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    I've had my IPhone5 64g for 11 months.....heating up.........battery drainage I notice dwhen it was new..........took in into "Genius" and the gave me the software excuse and shut off app's excuse.........I bought into it and lived with the phone for months............


    .........lately it was crapping out after 3-4 hours usage............also it warmed up easily..........took it in again and they replaced the battery and told me to reset it..............still with new battery it was draining like a bathtub...............took it in again and they game me the same run around, "it's either battery or software, phone should be reset and setup as new device" blah, blah, reluctantly I took it home and did full reset with deleting phone, set up as new device...........same I went in again (3 times in one week) my battery had drained on stand by in 3 hours....................they tried to give me the software, usage bs again, I decided to put my foot down and say the devise was defective, without admitting that it was, even when I pressed them that is was................they replaced the phone..............



    ...........the problem with their "diagnosis" software is that it can not possibly detect all the the usage factors.........only people who use the thing new phone is at 59% after 11hr 14min of standby and 3hrs 38min of usages...........and wow I never knew a IPhone5 could run this cool even with various app's running............


    ..........instead of returning it to their factory if only they really tried using it and experiencing the same problems I have the last few months, they would realize that  SOME IPHONE5'S ARE DEFECTIVE.............

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    my 5S battery is leaking? is this a common problem/