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  • ultraspiracle Level 1 Level 1

    Or, do what I did - wipe everything and go back to Lion 10.7.5 using autorecovery, if your computer came installed with Lion.  I don't miss any of 10.8's useless add ons, or ridiculous features; the computer goes from active shut down to useable start up in 20 seconds, and everything works like it should.  Stable as a rock.

  • Jay-sun Level 1 Level 1

    I trashed Microsoft Office 2011.  Works perfect again.  No rhyme or reason only that it was the most recent change to my system.

  • NingOnline Level 1 Level 1

    Well, read through this whole conversation - and about every conversation on the Internet about this issue. But still haven't found an explanation or answer to my question. I am very interested in your opinions. Actually, I am DESPERATE at this moment.


    My brand new MacBook Pro Retina 13", 2.5GHz, 8GB, 128GB has from the moment it came out of the box in ANY circumstance a shutdown time from 23 seconds. ALWAYS. Tested and tried everything said here (and more), but nothing changed my shutdown time.


    Called Apple Care couple of times, they had no clue. Went to the Genius Bar, they had no clue. Both told me nothing must be wrong when this is apparently my only issue. But I doubt that because 1) I also have an iMac (basic model 2012) at home with 10.8.2 and shuts down like right away, ALWAYS. Friend of mine has the MBA 13" (basic model, 2012) also with 10.8.2 and shuts down within a snap. And 2) they all from Apple also told me that they have NEVER heard or seen this issue before. Shouldn't it then be even more alarming to them?


    How come that my NEW RMBP needs 23 seconds ALWAYS to shut down. No iCloud, no TM, no bluetooth connected or anything, no heavy programmes, or at first it had nothing else than OSX ML.

  • ultraspiracle Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like Retina and SSD macbook Pros are the worst affected.  I had thought Airs and other flash-mem macs would be susceptible also, but evidently not.  From all I've read about it (and I check all forums daily for any news), it's a bug, apple is aware of it, and it probably will not be fixed in 10.8.3.  At least that is the rumor.  You can kill apps, change things and the problem will go away but come back later.  I've not heard any reliable reports of a permanent fix, but there might be one out there if someone cares to chime in.

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    care to elaborate on where exactly you heard any of this?

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    Ok I have definitely fixed my slow shutdown problem (MBP 2011 upgraded from SL to ML).


    Two things I did:

    1. Disable notification center ( os-x/)

    2. In preferences, delete/uninstall all "other" items (bottom section of preferences pane). You just need to reinstall them one by one to see which one''s causing the problem. Divx might have been one of my culprits.


    Good luck,

  • ultraspiracle Level 1 Level 1

    If you will kindly scroll up in the thread, you'll see where I posted a link to a MacRumors forum on this same topic - there are several over there - and they have discussed this issue exhaustively.  The bottom line is that the slow shutdown IS AN OS BUG specific to 10.8.2 that CANNOT be fixed wihtout elaborate measures, or until it is addressed by Apple in a future update.  If any of you had 10.8.1 on your system and were horrified with 10.8.2, you will know what I am talking about. I have no need for 10.8 and all the useless social frills, and will be content for now with 10.7.5 which seems to do most things correctly and is quite stable.  I will definitely not be so masochistic in the future to download and install these crackpot OS updates until they have been proven to be solid.

  • softwater Level 5 Level 5

    Find out what its doing when it shuts down:


    1. Quit all apps.


    2. Open Hit the 'Clear Display' button in the task bar. Then click 'Insert Marker' (also in the task bar). Make a note of the exact time on the marker.


    3. Press the power button briefly to display the logout window, and CHECK 'Reopen Windows when logging back in'. Then hit 'Restart'.


    4. When the mac starts up, examine the console window for what happened between the time marker and the signal SHUTDOWN.


    5. Start a NEW THREAD to ask for advice about the console output. Do not continue posting here if you want any real help as most of the technical experts don't read these never-ending threads.

  • BigBlueApple Level 1 Level 1

    I have found that if you

    1. run Activity Monitor ( in Utilities Folder)
    2. Look for the process name appleeventsd
    3. Select it and click the red Quit Process button on the top left of the screen
    4. Then choose force quit
    5. Close Activity Monitor
    6. Wait a little
    7. shut down
    8. 2 secs


    Only lasts for this session so it is definetely an OS 10.8.2 bug.

    Just keep calm and wait

    Apple will get round to it


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    I bought a new macbook pro running 10.8.2. Having been a Mac user since the panther on G3, I feel the latest OS is a POS. It feels like the old windows, slow and clunky and having to do workarounds for everything, while the new windows 8 feels light and fast. Times have indeed changed.

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    Is there anyone around testing 10.8.3? I'm wondering if it's been fixed in this version.

  • Scott Newman Level 2 Level 2

    Some FYIs.


    There are two fairly large threads dealing with this issue.  The other one is:



    I have several postings to this thread and have tried all the fixes suggested here.  I still had the slow shutdown problem about 50% of the time rather than 80% of the time before the fixes.


    Then, in the other thread, I read this week about limiting the time-out period for the process to 2 seconds.  I made that change earlier in the week and every shutdown since (2 per day on a 2011 MacBook Air) has been within 2 to 4 seconds.  For me, that was the final piece of this idiot puzzle.


    You can find the terminal commands on the last page of that thread (as of Friday afternoon Mountain time).


    This is so dumb.  Why does there need to be apple id authentication during a shutdown?

  • Scott Newman Level 2 Level 2

    One final comment:  When attempting to deal with this problem, if you make any changes to files outside your home folder, use Disk Utility to repair permissions before you restart.  Even when I've made changes to system files  as root, I have found that the changed files have permissions that need repairing.

  • ultraspiracle Level 1 Level 1

    If it hasn't been emphasized in this thread (and it has), users PLEASE FILE A BUG REPORT.




    If you have system logs, so much the better.

  • Catscratch Level 1 Level 1

    I found that in my case, the problem was the notification center.


    I just disabled it by running the following command to disable the notification center. In my case I didn't use it at all. (PS. This isn't fixed in 10.8.3)


    launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/