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mesii23 Level 1 (0 points)

Have had the i5 since Friday morning and I keep noticing that the screen is not responsive some of the time.  I will touch something 3-4 times before it registers my touch.  This problem seem exaserbated by apps that don't make use of the entire screen.


However in Mail this morning, I was composing and email and everytime that I tried to click on the "TO" line that it would register my touch all the way up on the CANCEL button and bring up the save draft box.


These are issues that I never had with my 4 or 4S and I am a little frustrated by it since I paid $700 for this thing.


Is anyone else having a similar issue?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 (20,535 points)

    What have you done to troubleshoot?  Have you taken the basic troubleshooting steps outlined in the User Guide?  A link to the User Guide can be found bookmarked in the Safari app on your iPhone.

  • mesii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    Oddly enough I had to get the user guide from my Mac because the bookmark in Safari delievered a lovely 404 not found message.


    But to summize, I found nothing of aid to the problem in there.  Have tried soft reset, hard reset, and full restore all to no avail.

  • morgajx Level 1 (0 points)

    I am getting exactly the same problem and like mesii23. The fact that I started noticing was because the touchscreen behaviour was so different from my iphone 4. It did seem that the problem is worst in apps that dont use the full screen.


    What a pain. Between my Mountain Lion upgrade crashing my iMac everyday to this, starting to think twice about Apple.

  • Chomerly Level 1 (0 points)

    I have something similar with my phone too.


    When scrolling up or down by repeatedly stroking my finger up or down the screen, sometimes the phone will register it as a tap and it will open up an image if my motion touches upon a picture.

    Now, i'm unsure if this is down to the app itself but my iPhone 4 never did it and this one always does.

    It's almost as though the phone is not as responsive as the previous one.


    To be honest, i'm not that impressed with my iPhone 5 and i am considering sending it back to my network provider and carrying on with my iPhone 4 until there is another version of the 5 which corrects these issues.


    Right out of the box my phone had scuff marks on it as will as a chunk missing out of aluminum bezel so to say that i've been endered to the quality of apple devices is an over estimation.


    Has anyone else had this happen?

  • mesii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was lucky in that I had no damage upon arrival. However I too am concerned what seems to be a lack of quality control and/or testing on this.  You are often going to have bugs with a new products, but this one seems to have an awful lot of bugs both hardware and software related

  • Swoosh1325 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having the same problem, I found out it only happens when I have my phone charging I that helps any

  • Qnigma Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, I am also having this issue... press the buttons 3 to 5 times to get it to work. I actually thought it was just me and since it was a gift for my wife I didn't say anything about it to her. We also have a 4th gen itouch and a 2nd gen iPad, neither of those items do this; they are both VERY responsive... after my wife had it for a couple days she commented that she is having to repeatedly press buttons and that it kind of ***** (she says it is just "hard")... we have done hard resets / soft / done complete reset (wipe out all data)... and no change... it just is not nearly as good as the old ones were. plus it gets SUPER hot when just doing basic stuff like navigation... and my wife does NOT like the new 4" screen. Steve Jobs was right; 3.5" screen is the way to go... there was never supposed to be a 4" model. back to the problem: it is a random problem (but all day long / every day)... and the STUPID references to why screens don't work... thanks: I am not using gloves and my hands are not in a pool of water... so lets move past the obvious here... maybe it is the fact that the screen is different from all the other models and the new screen design is just bad... just trying to click in the upper left (to go back) can be a real chore!! also; the new app store, I do a search for an app (700 thousand plus), and what do I the end user see? one app at a time! how inefficient. I do like the new update page though... assuming I can ever find the app... one by one... this of course assumes I can click (touch) anything.


    NOTE: the issue seems the worst near the edges of the screen (were all the important stuff is) and the "hard" button always works just fine. the screen does not go off ... just ignores the repeated taps from our fingers... until suddenly it responds to the touch.


    note: sprint model: zero damage during shipping (UPS box even looked perfect)... problem occurred OUT OF THE BOX... just click through the initial setup was frustrating.


    hopefully it is software and not hardware... but that seems pretty unlikely since my ipad / touch are both updated to iOS6 as well.


    600 billion dollar company... and my screen doesn't flow like water / the old tech is better... ***!!!


    Anyway; iPhone5 ... yeah... you have added LOTS of frustration and repetition to my life (I hear about this almost nightly now.. how her old phone was better / easier)... should have gotten the 4S.


    Not a happy end user.

  • Chomerly Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I've sent my iPhone 5 back.

    I'm a little sad but in the end I think it was the right thing to do.


    I would have thought that Apple would have learned its lessons from the farce with the the first gen iPhone 4 whereby holding it with the left hand would cause a loss of signal.

    It was because your hand would short the GSM antenna with the wifi antenna and hence the loss of signal.

    What gets me about that was that throughout the testing stage not once did this major issue show up?


    I think that what is happening now is that Apple have become so big and popular that their die hard fans will always buy their products regardless and tout it as being the best thing ever.

    The facts are that these glaring, in your face, issues are simply a lack of quality control from Apple and all the other companies that were involved in the new phones development.


    Yes, it's a given that through the manufacturing process issues will always crop up.  And it doesn't matter what company it is or the products they manufacture.

    In this case though I think the biggest sign of negligence during the manufacturing process was the damage to the aluminium bezels and some parts of the casing.

    This, to me, is a blatant disregard towards quality control and could have easily been rectified be simply pushing back the release date by a few weeks.

    But in Apples hast they chose a very close release date which put lots of pressure on the manufacturers to get the product out.


    I think that Apple have turned a blind eye on this and have chosen to rectify the situation through warranty returns/repairs.

    And couple this with its success and you have a company that can afford to turn a blind eye.

    So successful that don't have to care.


    Anyway, look out for a revised version of the phone between December and January and a newer, faster version in 18 months.

  • SugarPepper Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same issue. It takes 3-5 taps sometimes to be recognized. It mostly happens when the item is just barley the size of my finger. The touch isn't recognized until I **** near tap my finger through the screen. I had a similar thing happen with my 4S but I blamed that on the thick screen protector I'd had for a year. I have no screen protector on the iPhone 5 right now.  This is frustrating. Hopefully Apple is aware of the issue and there will be a software update that can address this.

  • Tapionkenshin Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem, it's going crazy. The touch screen becomes unresponsive and marks the wrong letters while typing. I'm really disappointed with apple. So much for quality.

  • danielSF Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same problem as you (and the rest) with the screen responsiveness in addition to the same Lion issues everyone is having (brought my 1T hard drive to it's knees which then needed to be replaced--6 days down) add to that of course my iPad3 price plan conversion with Verizon which required a complete iPad wipe-out and who could forget the tired iPhoto app on Mac which has completely fallen apart and, well, you get the picture.


    Run, you son's of *******, run!

  • ttm2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here.  At first, I thought it was my Otterbox screen protector but now I know it's not.  The only difference is that my problem is generally on the upper part of the screen where the "to" is for the new message composition. It will take any where from 3-10 taps before it will work.  Sometimes the "cancel" is registering instead of the "to:".  The rest of the screen works fine!!!

  • Kekster Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I have encountered the same issue, and everyone I talk to looks at me like I'm an alien and tells me it shouldn't be happening. It's the most noticeable on the facebook app where the little menu button is (with the three lines on the top left of the app). I have to jab at it like 3 times for it to register. Sometimes it works just fine though, I don't get it. This is my first iPhone too. I thought it was my technique of touching, but I'm clearly not the only one reporting this issue. I will probably go to Apple and talk to them within the month if it doesn't get better.

  • morgajx Level 1 (0 points)

    Interesting, Im using an Otterbox as well, Im wondering if the case is causing some kind of short ?

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