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    2010 Infiniti G37. Got a replacement phone (iPhone 5) since the original phone also had some scratches on it and Bluetooth worked for few days but started exhibiting the same issue again. Started having the same issue with iPhone 4 connected to Jabra handsfree device. Didn't have this problem with iOS 5.11. Definitely an issue with iOS!!! It becomes a safety issue!!! Really disappointed with Apple Quality Control. Looks like they were in a hurry to release something even though there were bugs? APPLE, YOUR REPUTATION IS ON THE LINE AND WE NEED A FIX ASAP!!!

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    reidman1 wrote:


    My iPhone 5 is having issues with Bluetooth and my car.  It pairs with no problem and I can make calls with no problem.  If my phone rings and I try to answer it with the car Bluetooth controls the call picks up then immediately goes back to listening to the radio... But the call is still connected and the phone thinks its still connected to "my car".  So I need to quickly pick up the handset and switch the source to phone or the other person will hang up.  If it helps the car is a 2010 Infiniti.   Any ideas?  I already tried re-pairing it.  I also tried resetting the network settings.


    Thanks in advance

    Exact same thing with the Nissan Altima 2012 with Nav. System. It is definitely NOT A PROBLEM WITH iOS6, since my iPhone 4s updated to iOS6 works fine with the car. The problem is only with the iPhone 5.


    In addition to the things others have mentioned, I tried turning off LTE data and I now have a small percentage of calls that work properly.  Maybe 1 out of 5.

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    I think i have found a soultion. ( atleast for my car) I have a 2011 ACURA TSX and an iPhone5. I was having problem with the bluetooth audio. I was able to make and recdieve calls with no problem.


    The soultion was to wait for it to connect via bluetooth, then ask siri a question. The audio would then kick in and i was able to play pandora from that point on.


    Hope this helps those who need it.

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    I found a solution for Bluetooth audio connectivity issue:


    Car Model:  Lexus CT200h with Navi


    Issue:  My iPhone 5 connected successfully as a phone, but not as a portable music device.  I could not play iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc through stereo Bluetooth.


    Solution:  I had to register the iPhone 5 as another portable Bluetooth device in my Navi system.  This is separate from connecting it as a phone.  The option was hidden in the audio set up menu as "Bluetooth settings/register or delete Bluetooth".  The menu tree is a little misleading as it looks like you are allowing or deleting the capability of Bluetooth in your Navi system when it's actually referring to devices.


    Hope this helps the few people with audio issues.  Good luck for those with call issues.

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    My iPhone 5 does pair as an Audio Player to my new 2012 Toyota Xrunner, I can stream music, but it DOES NOT pair as a Phone to the radio. I tried many times and no sucess. My car is a stick shift and it's sad that I can't use bluetooth calling for driving save... 

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    Hey, I'm too lazy to read through the other pages, but I found if I changed the name of my phone it worked.


    How to change the name:

    Settings > General > About > Name


    Hopefully this helps.

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    I am having i5/bluetooth problems, too.  I have a 2013 Honda CRV.  I previously had an LG Android phone in the car and used it with bluetooth with absolutely no problems.  I recently got an i5 phone and when incoming calls are made and I answer it with the controls on the steering wheel, I cannot hear who is calling and they cannot hear me.  If I go to the phone, it is OK.  I have been to my Honda dealer, the Apple Store and Verizon (where I purchased the phone) and everyone is passing the buck.  No one can figure out what the problem is or how to fix it.  They all shrug their shoulders and tell you to go somewhere else to find a solution.  I spent the better part of today going between Apple, Honda and Verizon talking to people trying to get a resolution.  I have 3 days left on the 14 days Verizon allows you to make a return and if I cannot get any satisfaction, I will return the phone and never purchase another Apple phone.  There are too many phones out there on the market to be bothered with issues like this.

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    The bottom line is that either Apple or the car manufacturers are going to have to come up with a workaround or a software fix. Does anyone know how to push this issue up the chain through tech support to someone who actually can get things going?

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    Same problem.  I ride a motorcycle.  My phone is paired to my Garmin Zumo 660 GPS, as my iPhone 4 used to be and as my iPhone 3G was before that.  This proves that the GPS works fine.  With the iPhone 5, when a call comes in, it displays on the GPS screen, I answer it, I hear the caller and the caller hears me, for the first few seconds -- just long enogh for each of us to say, "Hello".  Then the call goes silent, but the indicator on the GPS screen shows that the call is still connected.  I don't know what is happening on the iPhone, because it is in my pocket, where I cannot see it and cannot handle it.  That's what handsfree bluetooth is for, but it doesn't work on iPhone 5.

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    Similar issues to what everyone is discussing.  Previous iPhones/Blackberry's have had no issue with my '08 Audi A6.  With the iPhone 5 I am getting frequent dropped signal for my audio streaming (tolerable but annoying) and the hands free is useless.  It connects to the car with no issue at all - when I make or receive a call the audio is completely garbled - you cannot understand anything.


    I called Apple Care - they told me to take the phone to the Apple Store which I know will be a waste of time.

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    Mine is working. I did rename my iPhone 5 under Settings General About Name, and then I had to keep my 2010 Acura RDX (which worked flawlessly with my iPhone 4 running the new iOS) in park, hit the talk button, and go through the set up without the car moving. It asked me to "pair" and then it searched for my phone after it gave me a code to put it (I can pair with 6 bluetooth items). I entered the code and it asked me to name my phone, and once I named it, it appeared on the screen in the car and starting streaming my music. So far so good. It was midnight so I didn't have anyone I can call but I'll try that tomorrow...but I'm hopeful. I've seen that this has worked for others, to rename the phone.

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    I am having same issue with a 2013 G37x prem/nav.  No other phone was ever paired with the car.  Dealer paired it.  Outgoing calls are fine.  If I hold down home button on phone, Siri comes through BT just fine.  BT Audio mostly works (sometimes track info and track control don't work, but streams fine).


    Problem is incoming calls.  Phone rings through BT audio with actual ringtone.  I hit Answer via steering wheel controls.  Neither party can hear the other through BT, or through handset.  If I use steering wheel control to transfer call to handset, can communicate fine through handset.  If I then hit the Phone button on the steering wheel the call is transferred back to BT and it works fine.  But very next call, same problem.  To put some matters to rest, I borrowered  some phones and another car and tested --


    iPhone 4 - iOS5 - 2013 G37x - works perfectly

    iPhone 4 - iOS6 - 2013 G37x - works perfectly

    iPhone 5 - iOS6 - 2013 Acura TL - works perfectly

    iPhone 5 - iOS6 - 2013 G37x - incoming calls connect, but no audio to either side.


    I unpaired phone at both ends, and repaired - did not fix.


    So problem is clearly not the phone operating system.  It's an incompatibilty between the iPhone 5 hardware and whatever head unit Infiniti is using (or BT chip). I'm not sure who is at fault, but the iPhone 5 is newer.  It should be backward compatible. My guess also is that plenty of other cars other than Infiniti/Nissan use the same headunit/BT chip and will have the same problem.  I think Apple needs to fix this.  I plan on calling Apple Support as well as Infiniti Support. -John

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    Just spoke to Apple Support. The tech there said that he has received calls with the exact same problem with other car manufacturers. He believes that Apple is working on this and hopes to have fixed in the next update.  Some hope at least.

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    I have a 2012 Honda CRV with the exact same "answer the call from the steering wheel button, get no audio" issue.  The only reliable workaround I've found is to actually answer the call from the iPhone, which makes the sound come out on the phone itself, then transfer the "audio source" back to the car.  It is indeed very annoying and a potential safety hazard.

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    Similar issues to what everyone is discussing.  Previous iPhone 4s had no issue with my '09 Audi A5.  With the iPhone 5 I am getting frequent dropped signal for my audio streaming (tolerable but annoying) and the hands free is useless.  It connects to the car with no issue at all - when I make or receive a call the audio is completely garbled - you cannot understand anything.

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