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  • kihame Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm in Mexico on Telcel. Just switched to LTE service and went down into the "no service" black hole. It has to be a combination of carrier settings and iOS software. Apple please help!!!!!

  • mealbox Level 1 (0 points)

    What i've done in Russia to forget about this problem on unlocked US iPhone 5 64 GB


    - Changed to real nano sim card provided by Megafon. Before i use cutted usual SIM card.

    - Updated to iOS 6.1.2 in recovery mode. After that i've got a "Congratulations! Your internet phone has been unlocked" in iTunes (originally it was written in Russian, so may be in English it sounds a bit different).


    Problem never came back after that.

  • MartinChoco Level 1 (0 points)

    After reclamation I got a new iPhone. The same problem with 3G, NO SERVICE after 2 days. I have MacBook Retina with LG display (Burn problem) und i have four Iphone5 with 3G problem. What HAPPENS APPLE?

  • kihame Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same "no service" issue. Talk to the carrier (Telcel in Mexico) and after something they did on the carrier network side my phone now works smoothly. It seems is not an Apple issue and for sure a provisioning/settings one on the carrier side.

  • Mr Pest Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly the same issue with my iPhone 5  it is dropping signal minimum twice a day but i also noticed that when i setup my emails to my iPhone i have signal problems. I am a small business man and often customers call me and say that they tried calling me the entire day and my phone was off, but my phone never gets switched off. That is suicide for my business.

  • Chronus Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm in Romania and I have a lot of problems with my iPhone 5. My carreer is Orange. I lose my signal often. When someone tries to call me, my mailbox is the one who answers. It's just awfull. I never write on forums, but I really hope apple will do something about that.  I had all the iphones before, but iPhone 5 is just ... I don't know how to call it. Maybe an iPod touch. After all, it must be a phone!!!!!!!!! I really don't care about iOS, when I'm trying to call someone and on my screen appears Call Failed. I don't give a ............


    I receive a lot of "call failed", my signal fails, and a lot of people are complaining about the fact that they can't reach me. My voice mailbox is the one who answers.


    Come on apple. Do something about it!!!!!!!!! Don't ignore it!!!!!!


    Come on apple. Do something about it!!!!!!!!! Don't ignore it!!!!!!


    Come on apple. Do something about it!!!!!!!!! Don't ignore it!!!!!!


    Come on apple. Do something about it!!!!!!!!! Don't ignore it!!!!!!

  • Chronus Level 1 (0 points)

    By the way... My business partner has also an iPhone 5 ... and ...


    HE HAS THE SAME PROBLEMS !!!!!!! I really hope they will came up with something. Change the antenna supplier or who cares ... just make this phone a PHONE.

  • Chronus Level 1 (0 points)

    If anyone is reading this post, and has the same problems, please write. No one cares if it's a singular problem, but If u complain, we will be many, and someone will listen ...

  • slachizh Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm from Russia and i have the same problems too. Tryed my iphone 5 with different oparators - Tele2, Megafon, MTS, all the same, my phone loses signal 2-5 times per day and after that i'm receiving SMS-messages that somebody tryed to call me without success. Tryed to change SIM-card also without any success. And more than that sometimes during conversation i can't hear my interlocutor well, strange sounds in loudspeakers. I think it was my last experiment with buying of iphone. i payed for this stupid toy more that 1000$. Exept this iphone 5, me, my wife and doughter have iphone 4s and ipad new about 2 years and no any problems with them. And about the same problems i heard from many people here in Russia. Good quolity of Apple finished...

  • michalb79 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm from Poland (T-Mobile carrier) and have the same problem. When I enter area with no signal and then go out where the signal is certainly strong, my iPhone 5 doesn't reconnect and still shows no signal until I reboot the phone.

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    I just picked up my T-Mobile iPhone 5 the other day and I've noticed that my signal strength has dropped off by a lot.  Places where I know I should have full signal, I get maybe 1 or 2 bars with my iPhone 5.  Whats weird though is that if I leave it on my desk for about 5 minutes, I get full signal strength but as soon as I pick it up, my signal drops off.


    I cant tell if this is a carrier issue, a phone issue, a software issue or a mixture of the 3 but it is REALLY annoying.

  • jturner3988 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had the same signal loss issues for a couple of weeks now. Apple even replaced my phone for me but even that did not fix the issue. Finally after messing around with my phone for a while I fixed the issue by going to settings / general / cellular / roaming and then turning international CDMA to off. I haven't had a signal issue since this was turned off. Hope this helps someone else out

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    my phone kept losing signal on vodafone like many others on here. went to vodafone and apple even had a new iphone but problem not solved.


    after weeks of pulling my hair out i found out it was caused by an app game called 8 ball pool. deleted this app and my phone has been spot on for weeks. i have since been told a golf game by the same company also causes problems so if anyone has these apps try deleting.

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    Hi guys,


    I had singal loss when on 3G after finishing phone call or also sporadically. It was fine on Edge (my carrier is Orange). This seems to resolved my issue:


    try to go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services


    and turn off 'Cell Network Search'. I also turned off 'Diagnostics and usage' and 'Location Based iAds'.


    Prior to that I did full restore via iTunes (not from backup, set up as new iPhone).


    Issue no longer appeared.

  • sefon007 Level 1 (0 points)



    Apple Please Fix it.


    I have now had my 3rd Iphone5!!! (Apple store in Norwich very understanding) 2 sim cards & now vodafone are offering me a free Samsung S4 and free 2 months bills for all the hassle.


    The phones work for awhile then start breaking up in calls still 5 bars of reception, most calls would cut out after 2 minutes but usually unlegible before that.  data/3g turned off still no good, countless resets.  This is in various areas all around the UK, helping me loose business.




    Having been a happy apple fan, several phones before and many computers even had a mac classic many years ago, might actually be forced to change to Samsung!  Pls help