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  • Nub13 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the worst worst phone you can have I bought it from tmobile store and have the option to return the phone in 14days called tech support and I was told it should be fixed within a few days 5 days passed still no result although I tried all the troubleshooting. I am over it and want to return the phone but I found out that they had me signed a restocking fee will be charged $55. I just thought I should have my say here so I can be counted in.

  • ArthurDaily Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm one of the oridgnal poster in this epic thread, my problems where bad to the point the phone was unusable as a phone.

    I've changed nothing, same phone same sim and the problems just went away.... <br>

    Only thing I can put it down to is my service provider (Three UK) must have changed 'something' at their end. <br>

    The way the ip5 re-logs onto the network? <br>

    Who knows, but thort I should update y'all.


    Btw, Three UK is a 3G only provider, no 2G to fall back on when 3G connection fails.

  • Glennny2Lappies Level 1 (5 points)

    I also am with Three in the UK and my phone is dreadful.  I really must get around to doing something about this as it's utterly unacceptable;  it sits there getting a signal,  dropping it,  searching,  finding 2G,  going to 3G and repeating.


    I really don't know who to kick;  Apple as it's their phone,  or Three as it's their network.  Whenever I go to a Three store the phone just works.



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    Live in the uk and have had an iPhone 5 for a few months now. Have been an iPhone user for years and by far this is the worst phone I have ever had in terms of signal issues! I am so fed up with my calls cutting off, my friends and family not being able to get through to me and switching my phone on and seeing just 'No Signal' that I am intent on going to Vodafone and throwing the phone back to them! I am switching to another brand. I have had enough of Apple and their ignorance at not acknowledging a problem! I even know of an Apple worker who has switched to Samsung. So well done Apple, you've just lost a customer.

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    I am so disheartened when I read all these commnets of no service or low signal from September last year and still people including me are having this problem!! Clearly Apple have messed up and are not taking this seriously? Very worrying.


    But somehow the problem seems to be between the actual phone and the network used. I used my iphone 5 on the Swedish Telenor network for 4 weeks and it worked excellently. Now back in Kenya I am back on Safaricom and I have signal problems, about 80% of the time. My son has inherited my iphone 4, is on the same network and never has problems! Other phone users dont have a problem. But Iphone 5 seems not to be compatible with safaricom and yet this is the best network in the country. What is this??? It is so frustrating! I agree with others in this thread that a change of phone may be needed. Never thought I'd stray from Apple but what can I do, when the phone doesnt work? Also I am very disappointed that it is impossible for me to contact apple support. They dont offer support for me as Im in the wrong country... What is that???? I ahve a genuine apple product! Why would they not offer the same support to anyone with an apple product?? No, Im getting disappointed!

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    I'm in Australia and have not heard of many Iphone 5 signal problems here.


    Initially I had some trouble but it seems to have sorted itself out without any help on my part.


    I think even if its a problem with the networks, how did Apple manage to make a phone that is incompatible with nearly every network on the planet? How many other phones have you ever heard of that experienced such wide spread network compatibility issues? For my part I haven't heard if many (read: any).


    To those experiencing problems: I recommend to get your money back while you can!

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    I noticed on the release firmware everything was fine and now since update to 6.1.3.

    the phone getting unusable,lossing call or loss voice during call or cut off after 1-2 mins.signal will not resume after been to basement.


    After swap to the new phone and upgrade to 6.1.4 still the same!


    I have the iphone 3G,3GS,4s and this iphone 5 by far the worse iphone I have used.


    Please resolve this issue or I have to look for another phone brand. My Nokia or blackberry may not be perfect but ithey does work well as a phone

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    I have just exactly same problem after I upgraded to 6.1.3... Btw, if I turn off lte it seems to be working fine, at least for last few hours.

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    Interestingly I've been abroad with the phone and found that it worked OK when roaming.  This leads me to the conclusion that there's issues with the iPhone 5 and certain 3G-only carriers such as '3' in the UK.


    Summary of my problems:

    Since taking a contract with '3' in the UK,  I've suffered from constant dropouts and the phone cycling around dropping the signal,  "searching",  picking up a cell,  switching to 3G,  holding that for 30 seconds,  then dropping the signal again.  My battery is often near exhausted at the end of one day (previous iPhones would last for two days or more).

    This dropout cycling does not happen all the time,  but is very common when you unlock the phone.  Sods law says it never happens if you're in a '3' shop or demoing the problem to anyone.

    I've replaced the SIM with no change in symptoms.

    No change in iOS has ever changed this.

    I have a feeling that this problem didn't beset me when I was with a different carrier.

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    I've been having these same issues for the last week or so. Been having a nightmare as i'm trying to sort a mortgage out and found out that the banks/mortgage  brokers have been unable to contact me. signal dropping all the time as  with others on here. Finally found my problem.


    Turned out to be an app causing my issue. Was one of two apps, either Wikiweb or Alien Blue Reddit client. Going to leave both off just in case. Signal seems to have  stabilized and people can ring me again. Might be worth people checking  if an app is causing an issue.

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    There has to be something wrong with some iphone5's. The phone is really unreliable. I have replaced a nano sim card, thinking that was the problem. I replaced an iphone5 thinking a new one would be better. I am now trying to restore the IOS on the new phone I was given to see if that will help. It is really frustrating. It takes almost an entire day to set up a new phone with all of the apps and settings the way I like it. I don't have more time to spend trying to get a premium phone to do what it is supposed to do straight out of the box.


    I really hope someone has a solution.


    By the way my iphone5 is running on the STC network in Saudi Arabia.

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    I'm in the US (Las Vegas, NV).  I had never updated my iPhone5 software since I got it (initial release I would think).  I began experiencing the LTE, No Service, Searching (stuck on Searching) problem.  This prompted me to try to install the latest iPhone5 software.  It did not help.


    Before that, I would get calls that went straight to voicemail without ringing the phone!  An hour later, the voice mail appeared.  I had service all the time according to the phone.


    My friend has the same iPhone5 and AT&T combo and does not experience any of these problems.

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    I have the same issue.  I have the iPhone5 with OS 6.1.4.  This has been a problem for some time for me.  It's ridiculous.  I live in a area with poor ATT cell signal.  I work in a bldg with poor cell signals.  My iPhone just goes though the battery like crazy, and I hardly use it.  Must be searching for a signal or something.  I am usually surprised when I do get a call.  I am always on wifi (work, home) so data is not a big deal.  Just like Kris32, I normally get the voice mail message instead of the call.  I tweeted @ATTCustomerCare so I'll see what they can do for me.  Anyone following @ATTCustomerCare will see the tweets.  Everyone should tweet #iPhone5 and #noservice.  Make it public.  The Twitterverse may be able to help. 

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    I experienced this problem for the first time today.  I have the iPhone5 with OS 6.1.4, went on a cave tour in South Dakota, lost signal in the cave (of course), but cannot get my phone to reconnect, so have been without phone service for over 12 hours now, while travelling out of state with my 2 young children.  Initially, I thought it might have been a problem with my service carrier (Verizon), and called them when we got to our hotel, but of course, the resets they did on their end and had me do on my end didn't work.  I am beyond annoyed!!!

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    The iphone 5 when making phone calls only does this over 4G and any web data traffic is over LTE. You will never make a phone call over LTE. So if where you are in the world or your service provider don't have support for both then your not going to be happy with this phone. This is because what phones say they can offer with networks are kinda out of control. I think the would would be better off if the phone manufacture was the network provider. That should be a LAW. I think this would be the best for consumers because we would have someone to hold accountable for what they advertise but what we get is the phone maker and the network provider, this is so they can blame eachoter and in the end we are the one not happy while they keep our money. LTE to me stands for LieToEveryone. The more obvious the lie the more it look like it not..... But they also do this so we buy the next phone. I say if your phone is working fine never update the ios.  If it's not broke don't change anything....