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  • Kris32 Level 1 (0 points)

    Now my phone mainly sticks on Searching... away from the house.  I drove all over the Las Vegas valley today and had no service until I got home.  Kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile phone.  At times I was less than 100 feet from a cell tower, multiple times today.


    Reset Network Settings did not work.

    Flipping airplane mode did not work.

    Restarting phone did not work.

    Turning off wifi did not work.

    Turning off LTE did not work.

    Turning off auto-lock did not work.


    Went to AT&T, got SIM card changed, and the problem happened before I left the parking lot.

  • Kris32 Level 1 (0 points)

    FYI, Genius Bar swapped my phone.  It's better and hope it stays that way.  Don't want to jinx myself.


    The guy stated that if it happens again, that it's "in the backup".  So restore to new phone and download the apps again fresh.  I hope I don't have to try that.

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    After tweeting with #ATTCustomerCare over several days, they recommended that I visit the Apple Store Genius Bar and have them run diagnostics on the phone.  So I did.  The Genius Bar ran the diagnostics, said the s/w was fine and my phone was under warranty.  They swapped out my phone for a new iPhone5.  Hope this one is better.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 


    On a side note, Apple may be aware of the issue and is swapping out phones under warranty if the user complains. 

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    Well its been 7 months since Ive had both my sim card (EE) and my iphone 5 both replaced and I'm still recieving poor signal to no signal, even in the middle of Glasgow the handset drops signal & 3G!

    Wifi range is still very poor compared with my old iphone4! Ive been hoping they will release a patch to fix this but now not holding up much hope. From what I've read ios7 it's not the fix we are all hoping for either!

    The iphone 5 cannot even perform the basic funtion of calls to and from my handset with it constantly reminding me of missed calls with the handset never even ringing in the first place! 10 months into a 2 year contract and Im really starting to lose patience!

    Ive tried all the soft reset/ wipe and restore/ switch airplace mode on, off! And still it persists! Its a top of the range smart phone we should not have to be constantly having to mess around like this!


    This thread now has over 104812 views, someone at apple much be aware of this issue?!

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    Even I have been experiencing issues with Iphone 5, but mostly on Wifi. It keeps dropping and whenever it wakes-up from sleep, you can see it has dropped the wifi signal. Its strange and annoying.


    I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that iOS7 will fix my miseries...

  • komdesign Level 1 (0 points)

    Im in New Delhi India with Vodafone. A lot of people were telling me my no is unreachable. I have cell tower 100 mt away n all other phones get 5 bars but Iphone 5 gets 1 or 2 even after IOS7 upgrade. They changed my set after created noise but its same with the new handset as well. Since then iv got the SIM also replaced with fresh one but no change. Its a terrible situation with such expensive phone dos not ensure that i can be reached all the time. Iv noticed that when i try call a no which is unreachable then it drops signal suddenly n goes to unreachable state. Only reser takes it out.. Aeroplane mode does not resolve. Shame on You Apple.. Refund my money!

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    i have the exact same problem with you guys.i am in greece with cosmote...with iphone5 never having a good signal and even if it has it loses it with no reason...i am so disaponted with much money for what???i gave my phone to service and got back a Refurbished iphone....and the problem is the same with the new one....i dont know what else can i do now....i paid to buy it and i cant use it....!!!

  • komdesign Level 1 (0 points)

    Thought ill put the update. The phone has been replace 4 times since n the problem is where it was. Case has shifted from Bangalore (india) to Singapore to Ireland now and 7 new case IDs have been generated and hrs n hrs have been wasted on calls n a dozen emails have been exchanged but not an inch of resolution. Apple is now in sorry state having become so self obsessed with delusion of perfection that they are unable to admit that ipone-5 has hardware flaw which is irreparable. Have no respect for others time n want to neither refund money nor can resolve issue. Iv asked for ipone 4s( i used it for 2 yrs w/o any problem from same location) as swap if they are too petty to give next upgrade Ipone5s( God only knows if that ii work or not.) iv experienced n have been told by their own employee off the record that they profile customers by the country of origin n give different treatments to different people n India is rated amongst the worse thus this 3rd rare shameless treatment.

    SHAME on u Apple. Admit the hardware flaw in Ipone-5 n stop pushing refurbished junk to us on name of replacements. enough is enough.

    Call me +91 9811169378 to start a joint fight with Apple.

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    My daughter's 5 did this a couple of weeks ago. Three iPhones in this household, my wife has a 4s, I have the 5s. Standing in the same room, hers had no signal at all, my wife had full signal (3G) and I had a good 4G signal. Had to put it into airplane mode several times, then it suddenly came back.


    This morning, my 5s did the same thing. I had no signal at all. Walked upstairs to my daughter's room and her phone had a strong signal. Put mine in airplane mode twice, after the 2nd time, mine grabbed the signal and is fine again.


    Her 5 is still on IOS6, I'm on 7.03.

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    Glad I finally found this thread.


    Let me preface this by saying I do not have "signal loss". I have extremely poor LTE performance. I reside in the Midwest in a fairly large city (St Louis) and am currently on AT&T with unlimited data. About a month ago, right around ios7 update I started experiencing extremely slow wifi and lte service. I think I've finally solved the wifi issue (proxy settings) I cannot for the life of me figure out why all of a sudden my LTE has completely gone to crap. Where a normal sized app (Hulu plus) would take seconds to download now takes 5+ minutes. I used to be able to download an album from cloud in a couple min now takes 30+ plus minutes. Sometimes longer.


    I've searched endlessly on Google but can't really find anything on LTE issues.  Could my phone just suddenly died? I've reset network settings. I've restored my phone to factory setting and re downloaded all my apps. I'm really at a loss here. It's almost at a point where I am ready to switch to another carrier and quite possibly dropping the iPhone all together.


    Any ideas?

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    Could be your phone, could be Att is having cell issues.  Contact ATTCustomercare via twitter.  They will respond and try to help diagnose it.  Also can trying the apple store at west county or Brentwood to see if they will run diagnostics on your phone.  That is what I did and got my phone replaced.  Good luck

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    Looking for some help.  My wife and I both have an iphone 5 bought just over a year ago.  We are both on T-mobile in the UK.  About six months ago we started occasionally losing signal.  The phones would still show a 3G signal but the signal circles would all be blank.  No calls can be made or received when this happens, but data is still ok.  The signal loss occurrs at various locations and is not related to poor signal as we have checked the signal one of us has when the other one loses signal.  We found that the only way to get the signal back was to re-boot the phone.  Recently (just before the one year warranty ran out) we sought help and the phones were returned to Apple and we both had new replacements issued.  Both new phones started having the same problem almost immediately.  We have since tried replacing the sims for new ones, only for the same problem to occur again.  We have tried various things like resetting network settings, airplane mode on and off, setting the phones up as brand new (i.e. not restoring from backup), but we still have the problem.  Any suggestions as what to do now?


    Both phones are running latest software - ios 7.0.4

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    Apple are a hard nut...Ipone 5 has hardaware glitch which they shall never admit for very obious reasons but in Iphone5S it has been resolved. Fight for a replacent of an upgraded model if you value your money and have time and patince.

    Also some Service providers' signals also are suspect....unfortunate but thats the perils of owneing an Apple product that you cannot be part of the big united world standards.

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    No, it has *not* been resolved with the 5S. It has happened with mine. Having a 4S, 5 and 5S in the same household, on the same network (Verizon), I am able to verify that there is still good signal (on the other phones) when this happens. I even took pictues of my daughter's 5 and my 5S side-by-side, one with no signal, the other had full signal!


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    It feel very ashamed with collegues to say that.. my iphone5 does not connect to it is unbaled to get the network some times when even a most basic ones are able to do ! .. what is the point having a tonnes of features and apps when a basic need is not being met. Spent some hours with call centre with no solution and now being asked to submit the phone to service center which will make me unreachable for 3-4 days which I cant afford considering my job profile. Right now living with reboot and hoping that, a next update may resolve this if it is a software bug. Does anyone have experience with replacement phone that, those are really new?