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  • keynotebeats Level 1 (0 points)

    SOLUTION: Turn off Bluetooth.


    See here

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    This  actually worked for me! My internal speaker was not working so i could only take calls using loudspeaker. I turned of cellular as you said & now all fixed! Thank you!!!  

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    it's working for me!!! after I red all the comments.. I tried to press down the screen near to the built-in headset speaker..!!! it worked..!!!! hope It stayed that way...!!!

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    This happend to me in DEC and Apple told me to do a reset of the phone and wait 30 seconds before turning it on.  It worked after that.  Now today I am having the issue again and it won't go away no matter what I do.  I even restored my phone 3 times the first time it worked for one call and then went back to no sound again.  I am off to the Apple store in Boston tonight to get this fixed.  I refuse to leave my phone with them because I need it for work and other stuff.  They should have fixed this issue by now and they haven't.

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    None of the software issues seemed to work for me; pressing on the glass did.


    I removed the screen to find a screw had come loose from the speaker mount. The speaker being connected by contact plates wasnt fully held down, so the connection was broken.


    After putting the screw back in its rightful place i have had no futher issues. (albeit the past 20 minutes, im pretty sure the issue has been solved for me though.)


    My phone was out of warranty sooo... probably best leave it to Apple if your beepety boop is still under Apples cloak of happy.

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    I had the same issue and its resolved by me. you don't need to go Apple store and wait for 2 days to resolve the issue, and no need to spend the money here is how:


    Just push a little hard where front camera and speaker are, you'll hear a click voice that's all. works fine for me after this trick.


    Thanks to me

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    The pressure trick just worked for me iPhone 5.  I suggest everyone giving this a try.  I laid it on the table and applied steady pressure and then picked it up and made a call without issues.  I then pushed on it again and it stopped working.  I did it one more time and it started working again. 

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    Fixed! for me

    My internal speaker was not working

    Only microphone option available

    No iPhone, speaker selection, only Microphone or AirPlay device?

    But in general, sounds, sliding volume made speaker play but did not fix it

    Finally i tried switching Lock Sounds and all was Good!


    Started when, an app requested access to mic, and I denied access.

    Took me an hour to find a solution, very frustrating software glitch!

    iPhone 5s  IOS  7.1.2

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    Phone thinks it in headphone mode. Probably some junk in there. I took some compressed air and blew out the headphone jack a few times really well and it fixed the problem.

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    I recently had this problem and in short it everything was fine when I switched bluetooth off. Defo check this before doing any hardware fixes or going to an apple store

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    i have the same problem now.

    This morning all was fine, internal speaker was working.


    This afternoon I got a call, answered it but had no sound.

    Speaker phone works, headphone works, internal speaker doesn't work.


    I reset my phone (home + power button). Not fixed.

    I shut down the phone, left it off for a few minutes. Not fixed.

    I tried switching on/off cellular data, wifi, bluetooth. Not fixed.

    I tried pressing on/around the speaker. Not fixed.


    Checked with apple, no longer free tech support (I have to pay €35 just to chat with someone).

    Their suggestion was contacting my provider (tmobile). Since the phone is older than 2 months, I will likely have to pay to have it checked.

    Phone be is not yet 2 years old, am super careful with it.


    No damage visible on the outside - I use protective screen cover and protective rubber sleeve.

    It didn't get wet as far as I know either.


    Any other tips? I hope the iOS 8 update helps somehow.

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    please apple,do something.its so annoying.if i want to make a call,i need to call voicemail 1st, and then its work terrible

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    I have had the same issue with my internal speaker in my iPhone 5.  My phone works fine with a headset or on speaker phone.  When making a call I cannot hear the phone ring or the other person when they pick up.  They can hear me just fine.  When switching to speaker phone I can hear the other person and they can hear me.


    This is the fix I used.  Spray Cleaning Duster into the speaker at the top of the phone.  Do not spray too much.


    This worked great for me.  I hope you see the same results.  Good luck.

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    Thanks from me, too, Lingyi.....worked great the first time on my wife's iPhone 5!


    Did the same as you said:

    1. turned off wifi

    2. turned off cellular data

    3. held down home button and power button until iPhone restarted and the sound was back

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    Thanks for your help. It actually worked out with n my device.

    thanks a lot.