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    But what if stupid, applish me says it is not software bug (to my stupid opinion). Diesel, at the beginning of that thread says same, and (pardon me) out of all people on that thread, his info is making sense. Not to you, I know. As far as software bug, you brought up a good and valid point. Imagine that you purchased verizon phone and right now it appears to be unlocked. Imagine that two months from now, Verizon wins that fight with FCC and changes your -we are going to call that "profile" of your phone. Imagine that you update your phone in itunes, or restore it, cause you have some kind of problems. Not only it will get locked, there is nothing, that apple will change about it. Now, may be you are right and may be, I am. I do not pretend to be smarter then you, or anyone. But if I am right - why risk it? What if Att does that "profile"  lock? As far as I know, they did that (or something similar) last January. Legally, they can do that anytime. The phone is officially locked to them. Once again, you are the guys, who paid for the phones, you are taking the risk and making desisions. Imagine that someone will come here and tell you that apple WILL fix that problem. There is no way, guys that would have that info talking here. You will only know that happens, after it happens, your return window runs out. Canada sells unlocked phones right off there website at the same price - so is UK. Once again, Good luck to all!

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    Michael, sorry I didn't see your post, when typing response to Roman.dor, but I think I covered all points but one.

    I think it helps to people to know, they have options to return. I was the one who mentioned that option, and only after that note, applestar admitted he returned. I also didn't repeat that option myself, but red another thread with your opinion (when I think, you realized and gave up). And if you say, I am not coming here to help, I honestly told you that I come here to learn, you and others decide if I helped or not. We all have our agendas here. I personally am happy for you, that you all can afford an iphone, at the full price and not even unlocked. To throw that kind of dough, without any research, just on the word of the salesmen - you got balls of steel and boatload of money. "Apple must" is just a figment of your dream, but do not tell people keep dreaming, if they have a way out. But what the heck - may be you right. I never belittled your opinion, the way you treated mine. I am not emphatic person, like you noticed, but did I lie?

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    Point is that for us it is really hard or allmost impossible to return the phone back to USA to someone so that someone can return it. May be people here don't even have someone in USA to send it to.


    Also as you said yourself - if I return my iPhone and get one from AT&T that don't have that SMS problem, and 2 months from now AT&T does the locking through a profile update, then I'm in the same bad situation as now. So based on what you said yourself, it's no point to try and return the iPhone, cause we in the end will get the same problems, right?


    iPhones are not sold at the same price in UK, so seems like somebody here on the discussion didn't do his research. Unlocked iPhone is about 150 euros more expensive in Europe than in USA.


    For me, and may be for many people on this forum dealing with the same problem, it is hard to send the iPhone to USA and also expensive. To send it from Europe to USA, assuring it won't brake on the road, I have to pay about 100$, if not more, so it's not a good option.


    That's why everybody here hopes for a resolution from Apple or Sprint, or anyone else. I assure you, if we had an easy option to return the phone, we won't be asking here on the forums what's the problem.


    And if the resolutions doesn't come in timely manner, unfortunatelly I won't have any other option but to search some hacking solution.

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    I didn't mean that you can buy it from website, they will not sell it to you. (hence me not checking prices at UK, sorry) Unless you are in same country. I meant, they have it unlocked, and that will not change with updates. That is why "apple is not must" . Everybody who takes iphone out of the country of purchase, is violating sales policy. Not that you care, but you can find that info in TOS of US store.


    Right at the top of the page, you will see it all addressed to US consumer (only)

    and if you scroll down you will see it says "US sales only" And if you were to report your iphone as exported at US customs...


    and sorry Michael, I know you will not find that info helpful.

    You guys keep picking a little mistakes in my posts, hope it makes you more comfortable that I am wrong. Hey I am not perfect. Do you want me to dissapear? Done. But I promise I ll miss you guys.

    Once again- best of luck to you all!

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    We all understand your point, we bought it from USA knowing all of that - that it's only for US customers and only for the US market, that's why we also know that if we want to change it, we need to bring it back to US. You don't have to remind this to us every time, this is a very known fact.


    What we all are trying to do here is to report a real problem, with multiple users and we are trying to get Apple's attention or carriers attention to the problem and hope they will solve it as it indeed seems like a software bug. And if Apple's customers (meaning us with the problem) are happy, then the company will be happy in the end too.


    Apple is not the only one in the smartphone market, and every such untreated and unsolved mistake will cost more in the future, this I can guarantee.

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    Same case here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Bought my iphone 5 from a local supplier, when i took out the sim initially inserted in the iphone 5, it was a Sprint sim card. Then i put a local sim, Etisalat nano sim card (Uncut), all features working perfectly except for sending SMS! I ask my supplier to replace this iphone 5 but they said they can't unless Apple will replace it first. It is really frustrating because when the supplier advertised this offer from Cobone, they said it is an unlocked phone but why can't i send SMS.


    The supplier is also using this thread in his defense, saying that Apple is working to fix it when in fact there is no official statement from Apple regarding this issue. I also wanted to get a refund instead for a replacement but i guess they are just greedy enough not to give me back my money! :( wwwwhhhyyyyyyyy??!!!!!!

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    Any AT&T iPhone bought without contract is unlocked, I have been using an iPhone 4S and now a 5 from AT&T contract free. Even after the reports of the Verizon and Sprint ones been shipped with the GSM part unlocked I always doubt about the use as a real unlocked phone overseas, my advise is to return the iPhone, they will give you a refund if you do it on the first month, after that get the AT&T, I assure you it will work without problems.


    I got my iPhone 5 on launch date and actually wrote about it and the process to unlock it.

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    As i see the problem refers to iphones from this list:


    A1429 Bootrom 1145.3 GSM+CDMA n42ap iPhone5,2



    16 GB MD297, MD654, MD656

    32 GB MD299, MD658, MD660

    64 GB MD662, MD664, MD667



    16 GB MD298, MD655, MD657

    32 GB MD300, MD659, MD661

    64 GB MD663, MD665, MD668

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    thanks fromsouth at least I've learned with you that I should read the TOS of US store and contact my lawyer before buy any Apple device in an Apple store and to be sure that the Apple seller is selling me the phone in a "legal way" and not lies to me , it's interresting to know that Apple stores USA work this way .

    You really answer again like the way I described previously : "...Once again, you are the guys, who paid for the phones, you are taking the risk and making desisions..." > understand, it's only your fault guys not Apple's one, next time you should read the TOS of US store before buy and never trust a seller from Apple, it's not his fault, he didn't know too ...

    "...I personally am happy for you, that you all can afford an iphone, at the full price and not even unlocked. To throw that kind of dough, without any research, just on the word of the salesmen - you got balls of steel and boatload of money..." > understand, stupid rich tourist people who understand nothing and take the line 5h ready to spend 700$ for something doesn't work


    Ok, me too, I promise I will stop now to answer to fromsouth ... it doesn't make the thing move on I know but it's so boring to be given lesson in a such unfair situation !

    BTW , an interresting story here es-over-4g-ipad/

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    Fromsouth, we had to read terms before purchase (and personally checked the box Agree) which said the phone could be used in any other country..

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    We dont have to read TOS, In the apple store I SPECIFICALLY told them I wont be using this in the USA I'll take it back home and use it there will it work fine the reply was "Sure like a charm" that was an Apple Employee

  • oZZy_tv Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,


    Is there any news about the problem???

  • roman.dor Level 1 (5 points)

    No news yet ... we're just complaining here and that's all for now

  • Demirmkn Level 1 (0 points)

    we are waiting...

  • oZZy_tv Level 1 (0 points)

    so the only one solution is to wait for the new iOS update from Apple? (ex. 6.0.1)

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