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I'm having trouble pairing my hmdx wireless speakers with my ipad2 on ios6

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6
Reply by JimSTS on Dec 16, 2013 8:53 AM Helpful

Paring Jam or Jam Plus to iPhone, etc.



I had this trouble with iPhone 5S; kinda wanted to pull my hair out. It appeared to be a little tricky. I tried most of the things described on this board, i.e., turning off the Jam and on again, etc. After looking at the electronics of signal it appears to be a simple fix.


1. The jam will only pair to one device as most of you know so, you must clear original device pairing. Take a paper clip and insert in the reset hole and hold about 5 seconds. Then, turn the jam speaker on and off twice. Make sure during this period you're not looking for it from you iPhone, iPad, etc. in bluetooth settings so, turn those off for now.


2. Next, turn on the Jam speaker and hold down for 5 seconds, i.e., power button on bottomof unit. Blue light will blink slowly.


3. Turn on bluetooth search on your device, i.e., iPhone, iPad, etc.


4. Press and hold the play/pause buttons and '+' volume at the same time until blue light begins flashing rapidly.


Your device should now show the Jam in the drop down menu.


If it does not connect in a about 5-7 seconds, tap the Jam link that appears in your window lightly.


You should be connected rather quickly. At least this process worked for me when all the others described did not. The bottom line is the blue light on the Jam needs to be blinking rapidly to pair and any previous device pairings need to be deleted from it before you ever begin.

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