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    That's a good point - I will check the map app and the Starbucks pin next time I'm at the store.


    @Aggrofish, I don't think your telecom or even wifi have much to do with it.  I could be wrong, but I think this whole feature is solely based on GPS info - i.e. when the GPS radio tells Passbook its location, Passbook probably compares that to the latitude/longitude of stores given by the Starbucks app and if they are a close match, it'll bring up the banner.....just a guess.  using cell/wifi all the time would just be too battery draining, me thinks.

  • orion32773 Level 1 Level 1

    Billy, that would be very convenient if it would just pop up the entire pass without intervention...I did just see an article that mentioned how to add is what he says to do but I never "swiped" over the alert:


    "If you added a favorite location, you'll see an alert on your lock screen when you're close enough to it. Swiping the icon over, as you would with any alert on iOS, will reveal your Starbucks pass, while leaving your iPhone locked"


    I will have to test that.....I have tried tapping, swiping down on the screen etc. but it never worked.

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    I have now confirmed that swiping the actual badge opened the card right in the lock screen. I can't believe I missed that you could swipe to the right on alerts. Bummer that my other Starbucks pin is incorrect. I reported it in the Starbucks app so hopefully they will fix it soon.

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    Yes, swiping a notification icon to the right on the lock screen will open up the corresponding app for any notification, not just Passbook.


    It's very convenient for Passbook since it notifies you that a Passbook coupon/ticket is applicable at your current location, and just swiping takes you right to the ticket without having to unlock, find the Passbook app, open it, bring up the ticket, etc...

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    Triple checked all the versions and the settings. Set off to my local Starbucks. When I go to their parking lot, no go. Walked into the store and still the same thing. Looked at the lock screen and the location services compass point was not on. Checked the setting again to ensure that it was on and it was. Even checked Apple maps and it showed I was in the proper location (and I was). So it seems for whatever reason that the location services wasn't working in that area but had it been, it would have worked based upon my map location. Will continue to look into why location services went inactive when I went into that area despite having phone signal and LTE.

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    Did you also verify that the Starbucks App Store locator showed you close to the pin? I know you mentioned your location services icon but I was curious if the Starbucks app is incorrect like mine.

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    Update just came out in the App Store, will see if that fixes the problem.

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    Orion...I downloaded the Starbucks app before going again tonight. Still didn't work. I forgot however to check the Starbucks app to see their store locator.

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    > Looked at the lock screen and the location services compass point was not on.


    This is the problem. If the location services icon is not showing when you click to show the lock screen, it is not using GPS to check your location, therefore it will not compare your location to the Starbucks list and you won't get the notification.


    You have to find out why it's not checking your GPS upon wake. Whenever I wake my phone (iPhone 5), it always, every time, shows the compass indicator for 10 secs. after I wake the phone, then it goes out.


    All I can say is go back and recheck Location Services is enabled in:


    Settings>Privacy>Location Services and Passbook - the Passbook entry should be ON and the indicator there should be purple, indicating it was recently invoked. If it is not purple or the indicator doesn't appear at all, this is the problem.


    Check Settings>Notifications>Passbook


    Make sure everything is ON.


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    I had the same problem.. I killed both Starbucks and passbook apps and re-started. Next time I was near one of my favorite Starbucks stores I got a notice on lock screen..

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    I noticed I had no Passbook listed in the Location Services section. After deleting the Starbucks App and re–installing it the Passbook App now shows up in the Location Services section.

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    Looking for some further clarification here:


    Do you need to have "alert style" set to "banners" vs. "alerts" in "Notifications" for it to be swipable (or doesn't it matter)? 


    Also, does it need to set-up that way in "Notifications" for both Passbook and Starbucks?



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    Ok it now works. Deleting then reinstalling Starbucks app fixed it. I also had a friend that also did not have Passbook listed in Location Services until he removed then reinstalled Starbucks.

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    One more thing. To swipe to the left you need to touch the Starbucks Logo in the Alert in the lock screen .

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    Oops I meant swipe to right