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    I also tried deleting/re-installing the Starbucks app - even though Starbucks (and Passbook) did show up in the Location services - but no change: if I go to a "favorite" Starbucks location WITH THE Starbucks app's "Banner" (vs. the alert style in preferences) set to ON, I indeed see a banner on the lock screen - but it's not slidable or anything.


    Now a separate question: after I had removed the Starbucks app, I went into Passbook and it still showed my Starbucks card - what's up with that?  How does one get rid of things in Passbook?  Perhaps I need to do that before re-installing the Starbucks app.


    p.s. yes, I have location services turned on for both passbook and starbucks and I have notifications set to "Banner" for both (but I also tried with alert style set to 'Alert') and have the "Show on Lock Screen" set for both.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    You want the lock screen notification to come from Passbook, not the Starbucks app.


    > Now a separate question: after I had removed the Starbucks app, I went into Passbook and it still showed my Starbucks card - what's up with that?


    Once you create a Passbook item, deleting the app that created it doesn't touch the Passbook item. You can get Passbook items from web sites, email, etc.


    To delete the Passbook item, go to the item/card/coupon and touch the "i" icon in the bottom right corner of it. It will flip over, and in the top-right corner there's a trash can.


    While you're there, make sure "Show On Lock Screen" is ON - I mean when you flip the Passbook Starbucks card.

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    For it to slide u must touch the Starbucks Logo on the alert and swipe to the right. If u touch in the middle of the Alertwindow it will not slide

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    Hi Frank,

    > You want the lock screen notification to come from Passbook, not the Starbucks app.

    Yes, I knew that - but since Passbook didn't pop up on my lock screen, I figure I'd try that.


    Thanks for pointing me to the trash can.  I had clicked the 'i' before (and, yes, "Show On Lock Screen" was ON) but didn't see the trash can.  I will start from scratch - i.e. remove both the Passbook entry and Starbucks apps and try one more time.


    As I think I've mentioned before, I believe it might be a location-related issue.  Apple Maps shows both of my Starbucks locations in the wrong spot, so it may just not realize I'm at Starbucks!  (but then, why does the banner from the Starbucks app show when I'm in the Starbucks?  Do they use different geo data?)


    If you want to try it, in Apple Maps, type "Starbucks in Piscataway, NJ".  It'll bring it up - but the actual location is across the street from where Apple Maps puts "Panera Bread" (which, in reality is much further back from the street in anothe strip mall that has a huge parking spot abutting Centennial Avenue).  I actually reported both Starbucks as being in the wrong location, but Apple doesn't seem to be in any hurry to fix these thing (or, more likely, there's just too friggin many places in the wrong spot!  Just on this street, I could point to half a dozen!)

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    I would think they all use the same geo data.


    If you go to the place that Apple maps says Starbucks resides do you then get the slidable notification?


    This works for me (iPhone 5), so I'm wondering...

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    Hi Frank,

    Well, you'd think I'd be smart enough to try that, wouldn't you :-)  But when I was actually there, I didn't think to try that (possibly, because I was on my way to work and the location is 5+ minutes walk from the actual Starbucks (I have  an iPhone 5 too).  Working from home today, but I'll give it a try again tomorrow.

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    The Starbucks I see on Centennial is on top of a LongHorn Steakhouse next to the Midori Sushi and I don't see a Panera around...?

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    Also, is the Starbucks under "Favorite Stores" on the backside of the Passbook card?

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    One more thing - do you get the Location Services arrow icon when you unlock the phone when you arrive at Starbucks? I believe it only checks the location against your Starbucks stores for 10 seconds when you unlock.If you don't see the icon, it's not checking your location.

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    Frank, thanks a bunch for taking the time to look at this.  Not sure why you're not seeing the Panera, but if you look at it via a Hybrid map (satellite and map overlaid), you'll see that Starbucks (and Longhorn Steakhouse) are both shown in the middle of some gas storage tanks.  The two other icons that also show up - Salad Works and Sprint are in the same mall as Starbucks and they should all be two "malls" to the left (right at the curve of Centennial Avenue - across the street from where I see the Panera icon (maybe you didn't zoom out enough).  It's easy enough to see if you compare to Google Maps - which has Starbucks (and Sprint and Salad Works, etc.) in the right spots.


    I doo see the location service arrow (top right next to battery indicator) when I come out of sleep mode and I will try it at the Starbucks tomorrow after I re-installed everything.  I will also walk over to those gas towers to see if the phone then "sees" me.

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    It sure sounds like the misplaced Starbucks location. The phone compares your current location with what it believes is the Starbucks "favorite store" location. If they don't match, how is it supposed to know you are at Starbucks?


    Try another Starbucks that's correct, or go to where it believes the location is...if it's in the middle of a field and you're there, I bet you anything it will say you're at Starbucks.


    It worked for me the one time I tried it but the location was correct.

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    I'm getting a bit fed up with this alpha-quality Passbook service: I went ahead and deleted both the Starbucks app and the Passbook Starbucks card.  I then re-installed the Starbucks app and added my favorite stores again.  Strangely, the Starbucks app didn't ask me about Passbook integration when I first started it - I could have sworn that's what it did the first time I installed it.  Only when I clicked on "my card" did it ask me whether I wanted to integrate with Passbook.  I answered "Yes" and then I was asked whether I wanted to add my favorite locations and, again, I answered "Yes" and was shown a map with the Starbucks location near me and I had to pick it as a "favorite" once again (why?) and then hit "Done".  The new pass showed for a few moments and the the Starbucks app disappeared (I'm assuming it crashed).  After I start it again, it no longer asks whether I want to be integrated with Passbook again - yet when I go to Passbook, the Starbucks pass isn't there.


    Very frustrating - things have gone from bad to worse.  I'm giving up for now.  I'll wait until Passbook v2.0 comes out (or more aptly v1.0, given its current poor quality) before I try again.  I've wasted enough time.


    Frank, thanks again for trying to help.  Much appreciated.

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    I haev a Starbucks located at the end of a strip mall. The address for the Starbucks is at the cener of the strip mall even though the Starbucks itself is far from that location. My thoughts are that this may be where the "leasing office" of the strip mall has it's legal location. Looking at the store location in the Starbucks app shows the Starbuck location in the same location as the "office". I am going to try and "pin" the Starbucks location while standing in front of the actual store to see if it gets corrected.

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    Well, one more point of interest: last night there was an update to the Starbucks app which had, among other improvements, "improvements to Passbook integration".  So I figured, ok - give it one more try (I had already turned off Passbook and put it in an unused corner of my home screens): this morning, I de-installed the Starbucks app, re-enabled location services for Passbook (and made sure there was no Starbucks pass in Passbook), exited the Passbook app and re-entered it.  As expected, it came up with an offer to go to the App store to find Passbook apps.  I took the offer and selected Starbucks from the app store.  After it installed, I once again made sure Passbook app was not running and then I opened the Starbucks app.  When I went to "my card", it offered to add itself to Passbook.  After answering affirmatively, it let me pick a favorite Starbucks location from a map - which I did - and hit "Done".  My pass was generated.


    Then came the moment of truth: when I arrived at that Starbucks, I clicked on the home button and  - lo and behold - the Starbucks app appeared and I was able to slide its logo to the right to bring up the pass!  Success.  Finally!


    So, my conjecture about the bad Apple Maps geo location for Starbucks causing the Passbook failure appears to be false: the map definitely still shows the Starbucks pin in the wrong spot - several hundred yards from the real Starbucks.  Oh well.  Just thought I'd share this with everyone - the above steps, in conjunction with the new version of Starbucks app worked for me.

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    Hey tjwolf,




    I'm surprised to hear this worked, but it's great news!


    I guess Passbook depends on the Starbucks app for location? And, the pin doesn't match but it still knew you were there...hmmmm...


    In any case, enjoy!