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  • melcherta Level 1 (0 points)

    I purchased a new HP windows 8 computer, downloaded the newest version of Itunes right from the website when I purchased the computer. I put all my songs on it again, and when I plug in my Ipod it charges and says it's synced but it is not. When I listen to the Ipod, it is not synced.

  • Rukkulakki Level 1 (0 points)

    Spotify is the way to go. Apparently swedish 3rd party developers are better at handling the iPod than the apple people are!

    Start itunes, start spotify, plug in the ipod.

    Spotify sees all the music you have in itunes and are able to sync the ipod without any problems.

  • bigmule Level 1 (0 points)

    Where does the Spotify come from? Can you be more specific about just how this is done. I really would like to know.  Thanks!

  • Rukkulakki Level 1 (0 points)

    spotify (dot com) is a streaming service that will let you create and manage playlists in a similar way as itunes.

    If it is running when you plug in the ipod it will register it, and offer to synchronise any file you already have in your library.

  • Grant59 Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me.  However, attaching an IPOD nano in this configuration did not work.  You then need to exit itunes, uncheck the compatibility setting, and reopen itunes again.  This is a bit of a nuisance but it is better than no access at all.

  • LynneGee Level 1 (0 points)

    I found the solution!!!  Even ended up educating the tech -- who didn't have a clue. 


    I  have a brand new  7th gen iPod Nano, a brand new Windows 8 laptop, and  iTunes 11. Everything was working all fine and dandy until I unchecked  "Enable Disc Usage in iTunes on my iPod.  Then all **** broke loose.  I  got the blue screen of death with the WDF_violation and I couldn't even  plug my Nano in without it crashing my computer, let alone access iTunes  to re-enable Disc Usage. Because the crashes happened immediately after  I did that I just KNEW it had something to do with that.  Trouble is, I  couldn't fix it.... or so I thought. 


    I was on the  phone with the tech, who was telling me it was a driver issue (  impossible because both the laptop and iPod are brand new) and I was  looking around in iTunes while she did. 


    HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION:   Edit --> Preferences --> Devices.  Check Prevent iPods, iPhones  and iPads from syncing automatically.  Then plug in your iPod, re-enable  the Disc Usage, and voile!!!!!!  Problem solved.

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    I couldn't get either of my classic iPods to sync at all..and it took hours of updating and reinstalling stuff to even get ITunes to recognize them.  I am afraid to try my nano.  I ran the diagnostics and took them to the Apple store today.  The tech was very nice and told me immediately it's a windows problem with the driver.   He told me to go to the device manager and uninstall the iPod driver.   Then when I connect the IPod again, it will reinstall the driver

    and it should work fine,   I plan to try this tomorrow.   Fingers crossed.    Meanwhile I had to restore one of the iPods so it doesn't have any music on it right now. Grrrrrr

  • briank0765 Level 1 (10 points)

    I have an iPod 4th Generation, after updating iTunes my iPod would no longer sync.  iTunes sees the device, the iPod window comes up.  WIth iPod connected and iTunes running Select Music, "Sync Music" box was not checked.  Apparently the new iTunes has this box not checked by default, not smart.

  • JeanneTGC Level 1 (0 points)

    THANK YOU! You're my hero! This is what was wrong with my sync set up, in part because while I moved my iTunes library over from my old PC to my new laptop, iTunes' "you can only have one library" rule meant I had to tell iTunes to use this new computer as my iTunes library home (which is a ridiculous thing in and of itself, but whatever), which of course I didn't realize, along with the fact that we had to manually tell iTunes to sync with an iPod.

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