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Hello, according to my national revenue agency rules I need to prepare invoices for payments received by Apple.


Now, since I need to prepare a separated invoice for every company that sells apps worldwide (which are Apple Inc (US), Apple Canada Inc (CA), Apple PTY Limited (AU), iTunes Sarl (Europe) and iTunes KK), I need the business registration numbers of these companies since they are required in the invoice.


While I've been able to find the Apple Inc EIN number, the iTunes Sarl VAT and the Apple PTY Limited ABN, I'm still looking for the Business Number of Apple Canada Inc and for the Consumption Tax Number of iTunes K.K., otherwhise it's impossible me to proceed.


Did anyone have my same specific issue so that I can be pointed in where to look for them? I already looked around internet for hours.


Thanks in advance,


iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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