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  • Trane Francks Level 2 Level 2

    Muppet_man wrote:


    So what we all need now is someone to back up their version of iTunes 10.7 so we can re-install it.


    I'm wondering if it is possible to install it on the system under a different user login so I can update my phone etc on the new version and then use the proper version (10.7) for it's far greater usability and coverflow?


    Anyone know?


    Unfortunately, iTunes splatters itself across the file system (it doesn't just reside in the Applications folder as most apps do). As such, you cannot have multiple versions of the app installed on the same system. The only alternative would be running a separate OS installation via virtual machine, e.g., Parallels Desktop, or BootCamp.

  • iSky777 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm kinda wondering the same thing. Hope someone can answer this.


    I have an iPhone 4s on iOS 6.1.3 which syncs with my iTunes 10.7 (downgraded from 11 as soon as I realized coverflow was gone) - but now just got an iPhone 5s and curious if it's possible to have a different version of iTunes on two different user accounts on the system (10.7.5) so the 5s can be on iOS 7 with iTunes 11 so I can sync and backup the 5s and have my 4s stick to the coverflow setup, basically turning it into a glorified iPod?

  • PrestoBeatles Level 1 Level 1

    How do you unsubscribe from this discussion?  There should be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.


    I finally decided to log in to the forum and unsubscribe and I can't figure out how!!!


    I mean, I can see this discussion listed but there is nothing about unsubscribe.




    ---Moments Later---


    Ok I found it,  It's up in the upper right corner at the moment.   It isn't clear what it does because it is over to the side and looks like a general control and not something specific to this discussion.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    iSky777 wrote:


    I'm kinda wondering the same thing. Hope someone can answer this.

    It was answered in the post directly before yours.

    No, it is not possible to have 2 versions of iTunes installed on the same computer.

  • twitchyMike Level 1 Level 1

    I did get terrible crashes when dragging the pane split like in Mail or clicking full screen or hide cover flow

    That'll be when they got rid of it for the good of all of us.


    Apple get a lot of things wrong. The worst is always UP GRADING any of 'their' software. I never change OS X or anything else until I need to. Everything gets worse. The clever designers make a mess of it. here should be options. Only needed itunes 11 cos my new ever first iphone couldn't connect without it.


    version 10 was perfect before

  • Norge4Him Level 1 Level 1

    Cover Flow Work Around Fix


    I agree that Cover Flow was a beautiful video jukebox and I am extremely upset it is gone as I had customized my entire home audio/visual systmem around it.  I was so disgusted I considered other media platforms or reinstalling 10.7 but I am hopelessely tied to Apple. However, I have found a workaround that works for me at least.  Maybe others too - hence my post.  Let me describe what I have first.


    My windows computer has about 8000  songs ripped from original CD in lossless format.  These songs are separated into a number different genre playlists and each song is customized with it's own equalizer preset and artwork.  Each song has it's own equalizer preset because iTunes cannot (IMHO) for example reproduce bass well.  But that is a different matter.  So to migrate to another platform would be more work and never get me what I had.  10.7  might work but then I have syncing issues with Apple devices.


    My computer is output digitally to a receiver in the bar with a 40" monitor displaying what was on Cover Flow until 11 came out.  That receiver also outputs to other receivers diigitally with their  monitors displaying Cover Flow as well.  Now,,,  no matter what you do,  all the monitors show is  the pitiful small album artwork in 11.  It *****!!!   And I surmise that Apple will not bring Cover Flow back because it appeared to be a memory hog on my compter.


    However,,,,this is how I have solved it.


    I have two Apple TV's connected to other receivers and monitors in the house.  I simply enabled Home Sharing on iTunes on my main computer.  The Apple TV's can then see what  is playing on iTunes.  If you select Music on Apple TV and then the song playing,  a beautiful full screen album artwork of that song displays on the monitor.  What it does not show is the previous and next album that Cover Flow used to display   But,,,,,I am willing to live with just that single arlbum artwork being displayed.  This works on a old 58" projection TV with a full screen representation of the album artwork.  It is impressive!


    On the monitor connected to the main computer, it is also connected to an Apple TV in another room through a HDMI splitter router.  I can now have the Apple TV video output to that computer screen as well. Obviously, you can output both audio and video or either  from the Apple TV accessing yoiur iTunes account.  But to someone who long ago digitally wired their house I might as well use the optical audio and just output the video from Apple TV all my TV monitors. 


    Since I already had the Apple TV's and the HDMI splitter/router this workaround cost me nothing.  If you don't have an Apple TV now then it's a $100. 


    No I don't work for Apple.  I just don't want to wait for Apple to fix this which will probably never happen.

  • abombaci Level 2 Level 2

       From reading all around the internet the reason they dumped Cover-Flow they claimed is because no one used it! Nice to see this thread keep hauling around!

  • h-a-r-r-y Level 1 Level 1

    To make it clear, I was extremly disappointed after the sunset of the iTunes DJ functionality AND the CoverFlow... Last time my iPhone 4 was updated to the new OS I was screaming out for help. The design is for aimed for kids and looks terrible/horrible for me... HELP HELP Kill the designers or chain them away for ever...


    But don't worry, before I spend money for a new iPhone I will buy a new Samsung Galaxy... Apple will go down, for sure... Hopefully my iMac works a few year before I switch to Microsoft or Linux again...


    Bye bye Apple...


    Btw: you may restrict content in America, however, we in Europe are neither prude nor like to have content dictate as we had difficult time afor...




  • MacPow75 Level 1 Level 1

    Chain them away, for sure, and make them manage a 40,000 song iTunes library with this new mess they created for the next ten years, or until they get it right, like it was before.


    Don't fix what is not broken.


    All these new to Apple people because of the iPhone... haven't had the last ten years (more for many others) of loyalty that I have had. It is gonna take a lot to make me go back to Windoze, and Apple is almost there. I am waiting to see what and when iTunes 12 is all about. Then I'll know...

  • HWStone Level 1 Level 1

    It was suggested that I had too many songs, and that was the problem.

  • Norge4Him Level 1 Level 1

    I forgot to add to my post that while iTunes is playing on my computer and the display is showing the artwork from Apple TV I obviously cannot control iTunes on my computer.  Such as navigating playlists, changing songs or whatever.   However,,,,,,,,


    If you set up Apple Remote on a device and connect that through Home Sharing,,,your iphone, ipad or itouch can control iTunes on your windows device just fine.  


    Apple only says you can control iTunes on a Mac using Apple Remote.  But it works on a windows device too.


    But I want Cover Flow back in its entirity with 12!!!!   Ya hear Apple?

  • Steve Zodiac Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all.


    This may be a dumb question, but I don't want to commit myself to iTunes 11 if it has the answer I fear...


    I too was very disappointed with the release of iTunes 11 last year, but for different reasons. (See the link at bottom of post if you're interested.) I managed to downgrade myself back to '10.7 under Mountain Lion, but it was a helluva job...


    My potentially dumb question is: Does the removal of Cover Flow from iTunes 11 also remove it from an iPod Classic when one syncs the iPod Classic to it? I've never synced my iPod Classic to iTunes 11, so I don't know.


    I can just about bear CF to be missing from iTunes itself, (although I would DEFINITELY PREFER IT BACK APPLE!), if they won't let me have it on my iPod, I will certainly not be upgrading to Mavericks and allow myself to be forced back to iTunes 11.


    Link to my thread: -

  • Mark Block Level 2 Level 2

    Steve Zodiac wrote:


    ...My potentially dumb question is: Does the removal of Cover Flow from iTunes 11 also remove it from an iPod Classic when one syncs the iPod Classic to it? I've never synced my iPod Classic to iTunes 11, so I don't know.

    One has nothing to do with the other. Your iPod hardware and firmware will limit you to which iOS can be installed. In one form or another, Cover Flow is built into iOS. I sync my iPad 1 with iTunes 11. The latest version of iOS that my iPad will run is 5.1.1; iTunes 11 does not change or affect anything running on the iPad.

  • Steve Zodiac Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, well... I did say my question was potentially dumb, didn't i?


    But many thanks anyway for putting my mind at rest.


    (Better to be safe than sorry...)

  • Demara Level 1 Level 1

    I miss coverflow.


    Honestly, this whole IOS7/Itunes 11 scenario has been a disaster. People complain about coverflow being useless or clunky, but it was a huge part of my music library. I filled in all my album covers and LOVED scrolling through them; it just added that extra bit of 'something'. Now, the new interface is incredibly boring and there's nothing to break up my massive list of music. But more importantly, I used it (and the small album cover window in the left sidebar, which is also gone -_-) to check and see if any albums had missing artwork! I'd just scroll through the albums and if there was a music note, I'd know to fill in the cover. Now I have to manually click on each song, and it's a pain in the parts to do. I should also mention the text in Itunes 11 is hideous. There is literally no improvement in this version. I've been using Itunes 10.6 for a long, long time and I'd love to downgrade, but my ipod won't work with it anymore. This is the last apple product I'm getting if they don't get their act together.

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