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  • PrimitiveMatter Level 1 (0 points)

    Completely agree with what everyone else has said. CoverFlow was a great feature. Here's to hoping it's brought back!

  • Salamoneous Rex Level 1 (0 points)

    Just upgraded...  **** thing looks like a rough draft. I guess Apple needed to dumb itself down to compete with windows 8... Guess I'll go back to Napster, lol. Not really, but if Apple continues to move in a "PC like" form, I'll just be going back to PCs.

  • SunnyDance Level 1 (0 points)

    A horrible descicion indeed! Why take coverflow out? What was the reason to take such a genious and VERY easy to use feature out of the next build?


    Is it just that the new person in charge wants to put a stamp on his Itunes release or so?


    Bring it back please, URGENTLY!

  • distant rhythm Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anybody at Apple still care about Mac users? iOS has taken over the company's mentality.

  • animeotaku0321 Level 1 (0 points)

    I totally agree with you, distant rhythm!  My Mac has become nothing but a hub for  iOS devices.  Everytime they update the OS or iTunes, it's to function better with iOS devices.  What about just giving us some new updates for the actual OS?  I haven't upgraded to Lion because they got rid of Rosetta.  I still have some older apps that need that function and now I'm stuck on Snow I heard Adobe CS3 will not work on anything newer than Snow Leopard and I can't afford to shell out $1,000 for an upgrade for Adobe products.  :\

  • PrimitiveMatter Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm running Mountain Lion myself and have never had any problems running Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator or Premiere CS3 on it. So if compatibility with CS3 is a major factor in whether or not you want to upgrade, I wouldn't worry too much.

  • animeotaku0321 Level 1 (0 points)

    Really?  That is a big relief, though I'm still stuck because I have some older apps that are PPC and need Rosetta, there isn't a way around that is there on Lion or Mountain Lion?

  • PrimitiveMatter Level 1 (0 points)

    I've read in a few places that people have had success installing Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine to be able to run PowerPC apps, so maybe that's an option for you?


    Other than that, i'm not sure. Unless there's some third party 'emulation' software available that will allow you to run PPC apps, I don't know what to suggest.

  • Kenan Level 1 (0 points)

    Folks this is a cover flow discussion!

    However I'm slightly starting to doubt on apples inovation power.

  • Patrick Weisser Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah you know what I would have really respected Apple for is if they had employed the skill of their programmers to simply make the iTunes 10.7 program code more efficient without removing all the cool features like Cover Flow.  When they went from Leopard to Snow Leopard it was really all about code optimization, reducing the size of OSX without removing functionality.  Why didn't they do that with iTunes?  Now THAT would have been a welcome upgrade - same features with no bloat or memory leaks.  Come on Apple programmers, you can do it.  Bring back iTunes 10.7 features and functionality implemented efficiently!

  • animeotaku0321 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks PrimitiveMatter!  I will have to look into that.  I also read I can partition my hard drive with Snow Leopard and boot with that to run my old PPC apps...or I can seriously take a look those apps and deem if it's worth the trouble and just say the heck with it and upgrade to  XD  Someday...


    Sorry for getting off topic.  >~<


    I agree with you Patrick Weisser!!  ^_~  I was happy to have back those extra gigabytes from upgrading Leopard to Snow Leopard!!  Bring back Cover Flow!  D<

  • PrimitiveMatter Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, dual booting is definitely a good option, if you've got the hard drive space for it. Then again, if it's only for a few apps, you don't need a massive amount of space.


    Hope you find a way to get everything working!


    As for the topic, I completely agree with you, Patrick. I'd much sooner use a product with well optimised code and efficient resource usage and sacrifice new features than a product crammed with half assed features and badly integrated bells and whistles.


    iTunes would definitely benefit from having its code looked over and streamlined, methinks!

  • Trane Francks Level 2 (230 points)

    animeotaku0321 wrote:


    Thanks PrimitiveMatter!  I will have to look into that.  I also read I can partition my hard drive with Snow Leopard and boot with that to run my old PPC apps...or I can seriously take a look those apps and deem if it's worth the trouble and just say the heck with it and upgrade to  XD  Someday...


    My 2 pence worth of advice: Buy Parallels Desktop for Mac and install Snow Leopard that way. That lets you run Lion or Mountain Lion as your native, host OS and then run Snow Leopard in a virtual machine on the same desktop without rebooting. Parallels offers a mode that would let you run your Snow Leopard apps seamlessly right on your Mountain Lion desktop. You could even have iTunes 10.7 in your Snow Leopard VM and a newer version on Lion / Mountain Lion that enables you to sync newer devices that require it, but use 10.7 for your beloved Cover Flow (how's that for getting on topic?).


    Caveat: I haven't used PD for running OS X; I use it for Windows app development and testing. That said, I see no reason why PD wouldn't multitask OS X on OS X as well as it does Windows on OS X.

  • healewis Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been waiting the last 12 months to purchase a new computor as I had heared there was a new processor due to be launched! I was also due this weekend to purchase the iPhone 5. Unfortunatley, I purchased 3 iPads this Christmas for my family members, if I'd have known about this latest smack in the face from apple, I would have chosen a different tablet!


    I have tried to contact Apple support, twice and have had no response whatsoever to my asking of coverflow. With this I have decided to leave the iPhone5 on the shelf and go with the Samsung Galexy3. I have also decided not to wait for any new processors to be launced and opt for the new Windows 8 on a PC. The mac I currently use can go in a cupbord in the outdoor entertainment area to be used as a music system and any future upgrades will be denied.


    I will not look at any other Apple products until Apple go back the very thing that drew me to them in the first place and that was their imagiative thinking, their product concepts and their ability to look outsid the box to develop something different. Now that iTunes 11 is basically a version of  Windows Media Player, 10 years back!! it looks like Apple have employed some of Bill Gates's older staff who apparently can not see past the windows never mind out side the box.


    I was a dedicated user of iWeb, which was dropped without explination and why should Apple explain?? They obvoiusly feel they are too big to be effected by us mere mortals. They will lose some and gain some so to them we simply do not matter.


    Unless someone makes a stand, as I am doing, Apple will walk all over you because it can afford too. I've decided that it is I who chooses not to let Apple walk all over me, question is how many of you out there, complaining about apple products in general, are prepared to walk away from Apple?


    This will probably be wiped off the forum as usual by some apple moderator, who might I add will be reading this and informing apple who inturn haven't the decency to offer a reson as to why coverflow has been dropped!


    Good riddence Apple inc, you have had your last cent from me

  • iSky777 Level 1 (0 points)

    Agreed on all fronts healewis!


    Will continue posting this as much as possible from my post earlier in the thread:


    Every single person here complaining should be COPY & PASTING their post from here, on the apple support form. Let's FLOOD them with complaints.



    Just complaining here is not going to get us anywhere. Apple does not check nor care about the forums. (sadly)


    I spoke to my friend who works at Apple and he said the support form is the way to go. Someone is assigned to going through ALL of those complaints and passing the ones mentioned the most, to upper levels.


    Submit submit submit!


    Let's get back our coverflow!

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