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  • PrestoBeatles Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence305 wrote:


    "I just found out that 11 also didn't add a whole lot of songs to my Library on upgrade. Not worth fixing I think..."


    Why would you expect an upgrade to ADD songs to your Library?   Or was that a typo?

  • lawrence305 Level 1 Level 1

    More like failed to add songs that were in 10 to 11.  Missing songs I had added.  Files are there but don't show in iTunes.

  • jameskg Level 1 Level 1

    thank you for the update!


    Now if they'd just turn the thumbnail click-to-enlarge BACK ON (why can they not just leave features in place?) and put cover flow back, we'd be all set.

  • AA101 Level 1 Level 1

    You can in a way. When the song is playing, there is a mini thumbnail left of the player. Click on it and it will pop up a thumbnail and you can control the song etc on it too if you mouse over the artwork.

  • Muppet_man Level 1 Level 1

    I've just downloaded the latest iTunes, and can't in anyway shape or form become excited by this - I'll use the word upgrade, but honestly I'm not sure why - so I sent my submission into Apple, little good though it will do. Copy below.




    Dear Apple, reference iTunes -

    I would prefer you not to make this widely known, but I've come up with this great idea for you to add to the next iTunes update. It will sound a bit fantastical I know, but bare with me. In this new feature, users will be able to see the album artwork, not just in a completely crap little thumbnail picture that they're used to at present, but in a much bigger.... in fact hey, an almost full screen format. Imagine being able to see all of those intricate details that artists and artwork designers spent so many hours making in huge detail! Wow, it will be like looking at an actual album cover rather than looking down the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. Plus, and here's the really clever bit (I'm pretty proud of this), we could create a view where all of the album covers of the music you own appear one after the other, so that you just run your mouse through them and they scroll along, so you can easily pick the one you want by the way everyone in the World recognising them the most - by their artwork.



    What do you think guys? Pretty nifty huh? I'd get in now if I was you before someone else thinks of this killer idea. After all, only a group of morons wouldn't see this as something everybody wants.

  • KGeez00 Level 1 Level 1

    I'd like to clik the "Like" button all day!


    For those, especially Apple/iTunes, who don't understand what I'm saying? I would like to add as many likes that is possibel to this comment above, and every comment that begs for the designers to re-instate CoverFlow, to please do so.


    Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

  • KGeez00 Level 1 Level 1

    With the new update, thats gone too. (Well it is on mine). The image is reduced to a tiny double sized icon.


    I see this as further regression.


    Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

  • zanyjudy Level 1 Level 1

    Get rid of iTunes and welcome back coverflow!

    I have dispensed with the use of iTunes all together and use Audirvana. I have created a playlist for each album which I then display in Finder using the coverflow option, as in the attached screenshot. Simply drag one or more playlists into the A+ window, which can be edited if needed.

    Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.24.38.png

  • AA101 Level 1 Level 1



    Press command J when you are on list view.

    Choose Show Artwork and Always Show

    You can adjust the artwork size to the largest setting.

  • KGeez00 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for that.


    Yes I have done this before when the latest patches or updates came for the iTunes 11

    (11.0.3 (42) 64-bit [16/05/2013]). I twiddled around seeing what was new — the 'search' process had been improved and a lot of other smaller things. These were improvements.


    But no CoverFlow!


    Previous to this, the album icon in the iTunes 11 Toolbar, on the left hand side, next to the Mini-Player, you could click on the album cover icon and set the enlarged cover to fit the desktop screen. (Or your choice, but still not CoverFlow). When the iTunes 11 updates came along this was changed so that album art, when clicked, became a media player with album cover only measuring ± 10cm x 10cm.


    This was an improvement as far as being able to control the track on the visual. But, if you are using iTunes on a iMac screen, or a Mac Pro, this is redundant, you can do this anyway in iTunes. It is only an improvement for iPads, iPhone or iPods. I can see why this would be an improvement for those devices, but not the larger screens.


    I feel that users of the Mac with the larger screens are being forgotten.


    As a designer myself, I want to see the artwork in all its glory.


    Apple provides various methods to enhance the desktop screen image, such as the ColourSync Utility (for the US; ColorSync Utility). Apple go to great lengths to allow us the best possible colour representation that can be set for each individual. This imperative for those that work with design applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator e.t.c. Having designed some album covers myself and then going to the printers or reproduction houses to make sure that the colours and images are exactly as artist, or band, and I agree, is imperative. Get this wrong and it becomes a deal breaker.


    Having gone through all that. The art work is now reduced to a tiny little image and all the designer and artist want to show their audience is made insignificant. All the hours and painstaking design and development to get the best possible graphic, wasted!


    For example, I downloaded from iTunes, the Valerie June debut album, "Pushin' Against the Stone". From the downloaded album cover, it just seemed like a drab little profile of Valerie, in no way giving me the impression, or a graphic representation of her music. As I have explained before, in previous posts, I went on line and found a larger sized sleeve art, (some artists are now posting the full sized sleeve art on their personal websites). I was surprised to see that the cover was so much better at a larger size. The subtleties of the background textures. It was evident the Valerie is a stunning young woman who exudes confidence and has her own particular style which is reflected in her music.


    This cannot be seen in a small thumbnail of the artwork, or even a 10cm x 10cm representation.


    To me this is dumbing-down. We are eventyually going to get mediocre album covers and even worse music.


    We might as well dispense with the artwork and just have white squares with the artists name and titles of the albums in a standard typeface! Now, that would be boring! For example:


    Apple have showed the world that design is imperative. Sir Jonathan Ives is the living example of this. So why is it seeming to dumb-down this creative process that has worked so well with the music industry?


    Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

  • AA101 Level 1 Level 1

    i understand you. I am on a MBP Retina and its barely acceptable.

    I am a designer and artist.

    I know the pain.


    I just did an album art for an EP release, and it was meant for vinyl cover.

    It is very intricate and shows things happening within other images.

    However on iTunes it loses its magic.


    I am just happy (for now) that the latest update fixed the list view with album art.

    I would not have upgraded for previous fixes on 11 though...totally unusable in terms of how I personally move things around and I have 1TB of music!!

  • Mark Block Level 2 Level 2

    zanyjudy wrote:


    ... I have created a playlist for each album which I then display in Finder using the coverflow option....

    That's the crazy thing. The iTunes team removed a function available in the Finder -- a basic view option built into the OS. Apple's eplanation, that not enough people used it, is nonsensical. What was the harm in keeping it? It was extra work to remove it.


    As to your tip, how do you get the Finder to display album artwork for .m3u files? It doesn't work for me. And what's your workflow? Do you manually export the playlists as m3u files?


    Personally, this is of limited usefulness, as I have about 35,000 songs in my library, but I can see it might be nice on occasion.

  • zanyjudy Level 1 Level 1

    I have always avoided having iTunes organise my music files. Each album has a folder and the albums are organised under Classical, Jazz, Blues and Pop. Each album is dragged into the A+ window and saved as a m3u file. The artrwork is opened in Preview and saved as a thumbnail, this is then used as the icon for the m3u file, Finder takes care of the rest. It involves little more work than loading files into iTunes and editing the input and it avoids iTunes quirks.

    I save the playlist files under the same headings as the music files, thus I have three Finder windows for Classical, Jazz and Blues (I don't use Pop). I have some 1600 albums and it works fine for me.

  • affenpinscher Level 1 Level 1

    You have to create a playlist for each album? Too much work.

  • P.Rex Level 1 Level 1

    I sent feedback to Apple on this matter just now as well, transcribed here:


    "I'd just like to state that the iTunes development team seems to have an ongoing vendetta against album cover art and images being used in conjunction with iTunes. The omission, in iTunes 11, of cover flow and other image-related features was already a head-scratcher, but having just downloaded version 11.0.3 with the vague hope that these seemingly minor but still very significant features may have been at least partially reinstated, I was instead greeted with even further-reduced access to cover images, with the only remaining means of viewing images larger than thumbnails (the "mini" player) now limited to laughably small dimensions, rendering it barely larger than a thumbnail itself.



    This is, of course, rhetorical, as no one will answer, but what's the deal with this frankly incomprehensible development mindset? Who really wants a music player that visually approximates a Word document, within which everything is basically text and text only? I suspect not many people do. So then, why do the iTunes devs seem to so steadfastly want it that way?"


    Just adding my voice to this issue.

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