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As you can see, I have over 387 voice memos somewhere on my phone, and I want them permanently deleted. I've deleted the voice memos through the voice memos app, and these appear to be all of the deleted voice memos. I tried deleted the voice memos playlist, and that didn't do anything either. This list is shown on the new iTunes.... where you click "On This Phone" when looking at my connected iphone. It's taking up a ton of space on my phone and I don't need them. A majority of them appear to be the exact same voice memo just in there a bunch of times. I can't find a solution anywhere for this.


Also, how can I make sure that any future voice memos don't sync to my iTunes? I can't find an option to uncheck the syncing of voice memos. All of these changes are confusing me.


Thank you!


UPDATE: I just checked, and I do not have voice memos checked in itunes as syncing to my computer from my phone. So why was it syncing anyway? I don't understand.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, iTunes 11.0
Reply by guillerms on Apr 9, 2013 10:39 PM Helpful

I was having a similar issue and I if I understand correctly, I think this is a solution for others..


in itunes with iphone plugged in, go to summary tab. click "manually manage music.." and apply. Then go to "on this phone tab" and you can actually physically delete the voice memo playlist or individual voice memos. This appears to have finally worked for me..or at least the voice memos playlist doesn't persist under the "on this phone tab" anymore....not sure it made a huge difference in my iphone available space.

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