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    You will need to update the ipods to the latest iOS software via the itunes program on a PC or Mac. Once you do that you will be able to access all the apps in the app store.

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    I am having 2nd generation ipodtouch which will upgrade till 4.2.1 not a bit further and apple can't help in that also



    How to tell apple about this problem

    I have deleted an old game accidentally which was already installed in my ipodtouch

    I updated all my games in itunes (long back)


    Now when i am trying to install that game from itunes it shows require newer version to run this game


    "Can we get a particular game in an older version which will run in my ipod (i,e 2nd generation)?"

    " Sorting of apps or games compatible to 2nd generation ipod touch in the store!!!"



    Its becoming antic piece nowadays, please help / reply on the comments in "" above...

    seriously my ipod is becoming useless when it comes to apps and games.

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    The older gen ipods hardware is incompatiable with newer verisons of apps and games. The developers have to keep up with the ever changing software to keep them compatiable and older versions are no longer listed . At this point a newer device would resolve the problem

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    "Get new hardware" is an easy answer and perhaps accurate, but that's not always an option for consumers. How hard would it be for Apple and app developers to make clear in some searchable way in iTunes what iOS is required for the app to operate properly on an older device? Not to open a whole new discussion, but this is my first venture into Apple apps. I've always used Android devices, and never have I appreciate them more. It is clear in the Google Play Store if an app will work on an individual's device, once the device is registered. One doesn't have to guess and struggle endlessly to find a handful of apps that work on older devices.

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    I have the same problem with my iphone 3g and have to spend hours trawling through the app store to find apps for IoS 4.2. these lists have really helped! Here are some of my favourite apps that I have found:



    Oven Break

    Harbor Free


    Impossible Quiz



    My365 (a photo a day)

    Frame Free (for combining photos)

    Photo chop (add your face into pictures)


    Google Translate

    Textie (like whatsapp)


    I live in london, and so also find Busmate free, London Tube and Greater Anglia apps really useful!

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    clearly states what's required for it to work.

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    You'll notice the app you picked for illustration doesn't work for older devices. "Requires iOS 5.0 or later." I challenge you to find apps for iOS 4.2.1. See how many you can find in a week of hunting.

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    I'm aware it doesnt work on older devices. Just showing that apple does show what is required for it to work properly.  iOS 4.2.1 is over 2 years old. Older devices will have limitations with the evolution of techonolgy. The majority of the more popular and widely used apps will always be updating.

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    Personally, I'd love to see if there's a repository for older versions of apps that still work with 4.2.1...


    There are several apps that I have in iTunes that used to work on my old 2nd gen Touch, but now are unavailable because they were updated and only run on iOs 5.0 or greater (Facebook being a singular example)

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    I think the point people are making is that some apps that were available to those folks who have 4.2.1 or earlier are no longer available, as the updated app no longer supports the older version. 


    In short, if you have to reset your device and don't have a copy of the old version of the app, you're out of luck.  And I'd hate to think that some apps are so complicated that they require all of iOS 5 (or higher) software to handle.  The example I used in my other post is Facebook - I mean, a "lite" version that's still 4.2.1 compatible can't be that hard, especially since one was made for that version already.


    Thing is, on other OS's, people can still "side-load" older apps.  I was able to do that on a completely unsupported/end-of-life'd Windows Mobile 6.5 device recently - one of an older vintage than my second-gen Touch.  But short of jailbreaking, I can't do that for my Touch.

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    Apps for 4.2.1

    8-bit ninja

    Retro pinball

    BITS pinball

    8 bit (dumadu games)

    Spotify for iOS 4

    Move the Box

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    Yes, it does help a lot. Thank you so much for finding this information.

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    You can also try going to and type in the search (with the quote marks included):

    "requires ios 3.2 or later" , and also search for

    "requires ios 4.0 or later" , and

    "requires ios 4.1 or later" , and

    "requires ios 4.2 or later" .


    If you want to search for apps you can add a keyword outside of the quote marks, like ' "reqiures ios 3.2 or later" games '.


    Similar to atmawidjaja's post but I think you get more results.