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I have had my phone for a few days and it was charging fine but now that I have actually got my Vodafone account on it (before I was justing playing with it as I needed to get to the shop) when I charge it, it continually beeps! I don't want this happening overnight. Please can you explain why it is doing it and what can be done to stop it? Thanks

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I'm having the same anoying thng happen to me and my iPhone 5... This started after the most recent upgrade to 6.0.2 and only when on my Apple USB cable to my PC

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    The only way I can charge mine without it beeping is by using my computer which is really annoying as I don't want to leave my computer on everynight. I did go into the Apple store and ask them but obviously it didn't do it whilst I was in the shop and they said that they had never heard of any such problem before which I find strange as when you google it, others had experienced the same thing. I was hoping by posting on here, somone would  be able to come up with a suggestion of how to sort it out, maybe they are all on their xmas break......

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    I am having the exact same problems as you Lizzie- since I upgraded to v6 my ipad and iphone will only charge through a computer and not via the wall charger. Apple dont seem very helpful. Some suggested to hold the home and off button together to reboot but it hasnt worked for me. If i get anywhere I will repost.

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    I'll probably curse myself for this, since once I post this, it'll return. But I went into iTunes V and went to the Edit/Preferences then under Devices checked the box "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically" and it's been quiet for about an hour now.


    You may have to reboot your system or iTunes to get it to stick... I can't remember exactly my sequence since at one point I was going to jum,p off my roof!


    Anyway i hope this works for others and I haven't cursed my system and it returns.


    Happy New Year!

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    Thanks for the advice BobM54, I haven't tried it yet as I have moved where I am plugging it in and it seems to have stopped....for now...I'm sure it is just coincidence. However, if it does start again, your suggestions with itunes, is that on the computer as I do not appear to have Edit/Preferences on my iPhone?


    Happy New Year!

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    My new I-phone has started beeping today when charging and I have just downloaded the latest I-tunes tried BobM54 solution and still beeps!

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    Yes I found the same thing myself... see how that curse works.   So at the risk of ruining another solution (I've been "beep free for 2 days now wit this one) here's my most recent fix


    I did more digging and found out on my Windows 7 system that Bonjour wasn't loading correctly through the Window's Event Viewer... anyway it turned out that my Norton Internet Security was being too aggressive in it's Firewall settings. So I dropped it down one notch and the beeps have gone away.


    From other research I found that iTunes 11has many bugs and I believehow it handles Sync over WiFi is the culprit, even if you've turned it off. So until Apple fixes iTunes this little tweak to the Firewall has worked.... well up until I just posted this!


    Hope this helps.... and I really hope Apple gets their software fixed. For a company that brags about reliability I find Apple is the worst at fixing these type of issues.



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    Hi Bob,

    I managed to silently charge overnight via the Mac.  Now plugged into the wall it is beeping again so it seem that the solution is to charge via the Mac until they fix the I-tunes bug?

    cheers Dan's wife

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    Hi All

    I just bought a spare charger for the office which arrived today... tried charging a few times but every time the phone started continuously beeping (very loudly and waking up the whole office!!)... Fingers-crossed I think I've found a solution by turning off the Auto-Lock feature... Settings > General > Auto-Lock = Never


    Seems to be OK now so might be worth trying... Hope this helps/lasts!

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    Hi Hed, tried that and still beeps! back on the Mac to charge once more.

    Dan's wife

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    Have you tried reviewing all the notifications afforded by iOS 6?


    My head swims and hurts just by thinking of all the zillion little adjustments the thing has, but i seem to recall a "beep when charging" switch in there somewhere.....

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    Same thing keeps happening to my iphone 5.  i had no problem with my original iphone 5.

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    My 2 day old iPhone 5 charger has done the same thing, but only on the second time I charged my new iPhone 5. Is this a fault that should necessitate an exchange under Apple warranty? I have tried it just now and it did not do the same rapid fire beeping as yesterday.  Odd. Wonder when or if it will happen again, let alone why it does this.  LOL

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    The trick to stopping the incessant beeping is to utilize a

    power supply with an

    output of 5.0v=2A.


    Input is for the most part standard for these USB / outlet

    power supplies usually  (100 - 240 V  50/60 Hz 0.2A)

    Regardless, the output is the real solution. Mine is an off

    brand model but as it has The correct output specifications

    it works  fine.  What a difference a single Amp can make.


    Good luck!


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