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    btw sislerzz, where are you residing? I am from the Philippines and recently bought US iTunes gift card and loaded it to my US account (I used a fake billing info). Apparently Apple detects my location through my ISP. I think this violates their terms & conditions. I want to hear your thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    have you found a solution already?

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    removing the jailbreak will solve this?

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    hi lohski,


    any update on this?

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    Hi nixcolle,


    Most of the people you are responding to posted their items over two months ago. If you want a resolution to your issue, contact iTunes Support as the error message directs you to do:



    We don't have the answer here....





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    I just wanted to know how they have resolved their issue with iTunes store. Anyhow, thanks.

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    Yes, please let all of us know. I have been through so many complaints about not being able to make in game purchases I can't even count them anymore. The all read the same, so it is each individual problem or settings, it is an Apple/iTunes issue. I personally have spoken with 2 apple advisors & 1 iTunes advisor who were no help to me. I have a call back set up, but no call received in 2 days so far. Sent an email request, we will see where that gets me. I can't believe that this many people are having problems and no one is doing anything. I see post after post unanswered. Does anyone from Apple actually read these??? For us gamers not being able to access "OUR MONEY" is detrimental. I hope this gets resolved quickly, it's just not right.

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    Sorry, that was supposed to say "it is NOT each individuals problem or settings, it is an Apple/iTunes issue."

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    I also have the SAME problem! I came to US weeks ago. I changed the nation of App Store and created a new apple ID. But after that I found I cannot buy the in-app purchases anymore. While it still allows me to download free apps or buy one. When I want to make in app purchase, my iPhone shows the same popup as sislerzz's picture!

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    What can we do to solve this problem??

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    I do not know yet, they have not contacted me with a resolution.  As soon as they do I will post it here.

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    Thank you! You're very kind!

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    I've also made a phone call to the apple service line. They helped me to reset or renew (?) my apple ID. And told me to wait for 30 minutes, and then I can do the in app purchase now. They helped me solve the problem individually. Maybe we all have to make a phone call to them, and they will help us solve this problem one by one. But I still agree with you, it's not an individual problem, but a general problem of iTunes and apple ID.

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    You are quite lucky two different apple advisors and one iTunes advisor they transferred me to were unable to help me. The iTunes advisor put me on hold for some time then told me I would be able to make in app purchases in 30 minutes but that didn't work. They one apple advisor said she scheduled a call back for me but nothing as of yet. I went in to do it myself this morning it gave me a date of July 13, what a joke. They said they respond to emails within 48 hrs, so i went that route, here's keeping my fingers crossed.

    Did you find a direct number for them?

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    Finally resolution, I contactediTunes support via email and they fixed my problem.  Here are the steps I followed:


    1. In the address bar type ""

    2. Select iTunes

    3. Then iTunes Store

    4. Select Purchases, billing and redemption

    5. Then Unable to purchase from iTunes Store

    6. Select Email

    7. Provide your info

    8. You will immediately receive a confirmation

    9. Hopefully within 4-5 hours an advisor will email you stating you will be able to do in app purchases in 30 minutes.


    My advisor was Praveen, in case there are any problems, maybe you could request him.


    Hope this helps, good luck.