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I can't find any appropriate place to report this on Apple's site.  After a couple of friends suddenly didn't receive my E-mails, I noticed that they're both using me.com or mac.com addresses.  Everyone else gets my messages fine.


Turns out that Time-Warner cable customers (at least in southern California) can't send E-mail to me.com or mac.com addresses right now.  And any attempt to report the problem there is met with extreme ignorance of how E-mail works.  I escalated the problem as far as they could (ooh, "level 3" technician) and didn't talk to a single person who understood E-mail servers at even a basic level.


Turns out that this isn't even a new problem.  It has afflicted customers in other parts of the country before: http://9to5mac.com/2011/12/07/emails-from-roadrunner-and-comcast-not-playing-nic e-with-apples-servers


Anybody notice this, or know where we're supposed to report it?

iMac, iPhone OS 3.1.3, other computers
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    I live in Wisconsin and am experiencing the same issue.  I have friends using Roadrunner in Green Bay and Milwaukee who send messages to my me.com account which I never receive.  They get the following bounce back message:



    From: Mail Administrator [mailto:Postmaster@mail.rr.com]

    Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 4:24 PM

    To: Customer Email Address Goes Here

    Subject: Mail System Delivery Report


    As part of the delivery process, your message was relayed to a machine which does not handle delivery status notifications. As a result, it is not possible to determine whether the message will get to its final destination. Please reply to <Postmaster@mail.rr.com> if you feel this message to be in error.


    A likely cause of this message is that you sent a message to someone and you had "Receipt Requested" turned on, hoping to get an acknowledgement that your recipient received the message in question. Receipts such as this are also called "Delivery Status Notifications", and some mail systems are configured to not send receipts, due to local policy implemented there. What this message is telling you is that you sent a message with receipt requested to a site that does not provide such receipts.


    No solution at this point.

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    Same problem here (Rochester, NY area) -- my iCloud account is not receiving emails sent from road runner accounts.


    Not sure where the problem lies, but my guess would be with Apple.

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    I am also having the same problem as of about 8 p.m. last night (Dutchess County Area, NY). It looks to me like the icloud mail server is blocking roadrunner forwarded emails (thats how I get them pushed to my iphone). On my macbook I get a reply from rr's postmaster saying 5.7.0 blocked from receipient.  Wife having the same problem.


    I've read that this has happened in the past from former posts. I use this for business so I hope it gets solved fast.

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    I am still having this problem from Road Runner in GB area as well.

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    I am having the same problem.  No email from Road Runner server and I have Road Runner as my internet provider. I am in Southern Maine.  I have received mail from RR accounts in the past. 

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    Same problem in Kansas City and I have received them in the past.

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    Started happening to me on 1/25 about 6:30 pm - Jamestown NC.  Set roadrunner to forward to icloud address at the first of the year and was working great until Friday.

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    I am having the same issue, a couple of us are discussing this here




    This has been happening to me since at least 1/25.  I have been told by both apple and roadrunner that it isn't a problem on their side.  Any email sent from a RR account to my icloud does not go through but I also have forwarding turned on for my RR account and that appears to be working just fine.


    I also just got off the phone with Apple and they are telling me that there are no known issue but she saw all of these discussions on here and is sending this up to the next level and will be relaying information from them to me.

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    I am seeing the same issue here in Tampa Bay, FL.


    Been using this issue for years without any problems whatsoever until yesterday.

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    Here is a reply I received from RoadRunner......


    "We are aware that Apple is blocking one of our outbound mail

    server IP addresses, and we are engaging Apple regarding the

    matter.  We trust that they will unblock the server just as soon

    as they see fit to do so.

    We apologize for the inconvenience."

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    If you follow the discussion here




    This problem may be because of a 3rd party spam filter company. 

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    It looks like this might be fixed!

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    My TWC email is forwarded to my iCloud account.  Emails sent to the TWC from the iCloud account never made it back to my inbox.  Tried several different combinations of email addresses in the from email address and noticed that the me.domain does not work.  Turned off the me.com domain and now use iCloud.com (mail settings).  I can now forward email to myself as long as the from email aggress is not the me.com domain.


    Hope this helps.

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    I am still having a similar problem where me.com mail will not always forward to my wife's icloud account.  In my icloud account I had .icloud and .me addresses forwarded to my wifes account but not all of the mail was forwarded.  Originally I had all "apple" mail forwarded to our windstream account but this quit working reliably  about a month ago so I changed it to forward to my wifes icloud account using the forward rules. This still had the same symptoms of not all mail being forwarded.  I'm now using the global forward to my wife's icloud account but did not check the delete on forward box.  We'll see how this works. I don't know what going on with apple's mail system but it seems to be getting unreliable again.