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I can't find any appropriate place to report this on Apple's site.  After a couple of friends suddenly didn't receive my E-mails, I noticed that they're both using me.com or mac.com addresses.  Everyone else gets my messages fine.


Turns out that Time-Warner cable customers (at least in southern California) can't send E-mail to me.com or mac.com addresses right now.  And any attempt to report the problem there is met with extreme ignorance of how E-mail works.  I escalated the problem as far as they could (ooh, "level 3" technician) and didn't talk to a single person who understood E-mail servers at even a basic level.


Turns out that this isn't even a new problem.  It has afflicted customers in other parts of the country before: http://9to5mac.com/2011/12/07/emails-from-roadrunner-and-comcast-not-playing-nic e-with-apples-servers


Anybody notice this, or know where we're supposed to report it?

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