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    There is no saying whether or not your problems having started on the date of the iOS 6.1 release were a coincidence or not, So, but I am quite sure it is not the same problem as the one we are discussing in this thread. iCloud, as we have established, has a lot of problems.


    The problem we're discussing is's web app for the Calendar not showing recurring events. Those of us experiencing this show all events perfectly on OS X's Calendar and all iOS devices.


    I really appreciate your escalation of this issue, tifhill, and I hope that the engineers realize that this is a widespread, server-side problem and not something gone wrong with a single account. Sundays might mean a holiday for the customer support staff but the iCloud engineers should be a 365 days per year 24/7 operation. There are no off days for the Google service engineers. I can tell you that for sure.

  • ebfk Level 1 Level 1

    "Those of us experiencing this show all events perfectly on OS X's Calendar and all iOS devices"


    CDANR, that's not completely correct: all of my recurring events are showing perfectly on Calendar 6.0 on my brand-new-this-week iMac OSX 10.8.2 and on my first generation iPad updated with 5.1.1, but they are MISSING from iCloud's web app for the calendar AND my iPhone version 5.1.1 (chose not to update).


    Sounds crazy but it's as if the iPad is somehow bypassing the glitches on iCloud so that it is staying in sync with my Calendar, but my iPhone seems to be pulling directly from the faulty iCloud web app and taking all the mistakes along with it.


    It stinks because having a calendar on-the-go is the whole reason I just bought an iPhone and an iMac with iCloud. Should have just stuck with my Motorola Razr flip-phone.

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    I realize that I am late joining in this discussion, but just noted the issue today.  My iPhone 4S and my iPad 2 both are both showing correct single and recurring events in their respective Calendar displays.  My iCloud Calendar displayed on my PC browser on is presenting single events correctly but is missing most (but not all) recurring events.  Recurring events that are appearing contain erronous start/end times.  I have tentatively concluded that the server data is providing correct data to the iPhone and the iPad but the web interface is not passing the correct data to the PC.  Just my 2 cents!

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    Thanks to everyone who has posted on this. I have simply resorted to handling everything between my iPhone and iPad and MacBook until this one is fixed. I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but isn't everyone also having problems with Notes and Reminders? This could help the engineers see a deeper problem.


    Again, Reminders and Notes are up to date between my devices, but doesn't show the latest. Luckily, Mail and iWork are still working! (I think Calendar, Notes, and Reminders are sorta bundled...)


    Hoping for the best way out of this hickup. I really hate Google and that whole ecosystem.


    Looking forward to hearing your results. Cheers.

  • yogidaj Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to this list.  I deleted and re-entered all my recurring appointments via my PC.  They synced fine with my iPhone/iPad, but then again disappeared from iCloud on my PC.  Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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    All sounds so familiar. Repeating events (in particular, customised repeaters, i.e. repreaters where the sequence has been amended at some point) started disappearing from my laptop-based calendar in on Feb 6. For the first 48 hours, the calendar on the iPad and iPhone were fine. Yesterday the iPad calendar started to get corrupted too. At this point I took my iPhone off-line as a precaution.


    I called Apple first thing this morning (Monday 11th). Have to give them credit, it was immediately escalated to a senior level and I have been having conversations all day with a senior technical services officer. With her help we deleted and reinstalled everything, to no avail - the web-based calendar was still missing all the repeating events, which showed up fine on the devices. The suggestion is that the events are still on the server, but the browser-based interface is hiding them for some unfathomable reason.


    The apple engineers asked, and I gave them, access to my accounts so that they can work on them and find the problem.


    They estimate 'a few days, maybe a week'.


    Slightly implausibly, they claimed to have no inkling of the problem until I phoned today.

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    It just got a lot worse.  Now I have events on the cloud (that should be there) that don't show on my ipod calendar.  I can't sync anything even manually because I add them one place and they don't show up the other place.  Will call Apple again but can't until at least tomorrow.

  • ApBear Level 1 Level 1

    Actually everything on the cloud that's not on my ipod is old stuff so probably I'm still OK.

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    Probably not helpful to just jump on the bandwagon, but I am having the exact same issue, beginning around the same time.  Calendar on my MacBook Air is fine, syncs and appears properly on both my iPhone and iPad, but many events are missing from my calendar, which I use frequently throughout the day on my work PC.

    Intensely frustrating!  Hoping those of you in touch with Apple Support will share when they can come up with a solution/fix the bug that is causing this. 

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    Not unhelpful at all to add your voice here, jenlutzky. Quite to the contrary, I urge any and all who share these symptoms and read this thread to post. The louder the cry for help gets, the more difficult it becomes for Apple to continue ignoring it.

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    More probelms again today. This time, iCloud support between my devices has now been compromised. Nothing updates between my iPad and iPhone. But now support has been restored between my iPhone and (not between the iPad). Even still some things don't sync (some events appear, some are absent)... ugh

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    And my problems still continue. And it's not just my calendar. I am managing an ical for a friend who has had a stroke and things keep disappearing on her icalendar on the icloud.

  • clevelandmountains Level 1 Level 1

    I had also been the one who had had trouble seeing recurring events on until I accidentally tried the following:


    Dragging the recurring event(s) on Outlook on PC that does/do not appear on

    * Make sure to drag them WITHIN the originally scheduled day(s) so that you will not edit them.


    I hope that will work for those who are experiencing "missing recurring events" issue between Outlook on PC and

  • austinfromolympia Level 1 Level 1

    A FIX!!!!


    Hey folks.... 2 and a half hours later with a dood on the other line, I have a successful fix. It was a long call and I only know the fix for using a Mac computer. So those of you that are using a windows machine, I would say give them a call and ask them to walk you through it. So alas my friends, here is what to do!


    Since I have all my calendars also on my MacBook, this worked really easy. Luckily all my calendars here were also the accurate ones. I have written this fix for my situation.


    The gist of the fix involves exporting the all your calendars in iCal on your Mac to your desktop, resetting and clearing the calendars, then importing them back in, at which point you've worked around iCloud and it repopulates exactly as you want.


    (I am assuming too, that your iCal is the perfect, untainted calendar. If it's all screwed up there, sorry!!)


    1. Okay, from your Mac. First go to iCal and click on Calendars in the top left corner  You will see the list of your calendars. I had 9.
    2. Right click on each calendar and click Export and then Export again. Save it to the desktop.
    3. Now go to System Preferences and iCloud. It will give you a list Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc. Uncheck the Calendar box. It will say that it will delete everything. But since you just backed them up all to your desktop, you have them saved somewhere. Click okay.
    4. Quit the iCal application.


    Now head on over to, get signed in, and go the Calendar extension.

    1. All your events are here. All mine were screwed up. Right to the left of "Day" near the top the screen is what looks like three little calendars stacked on each other. Click on that and to the left, all of your iCloud calendars should show up as a list.
    2. Click on Edit and delete each one by hitting the little red circle. Obviously don't do this if you haven't backed up your calendars to the desktop yet. I was able to do this because my iCal had all the right events. Deleteing each calendar effectively removes it from iCloud and wipes it clean. Now everything should be ready for the upload of new calendars.


    Head back to your desktop and open up iCal.

    1. Your iCal calendar should be empty. Click File and Import. Import each calendar from your desktop where you had saved it. Slowly your calendar will begin to repopulate.
    2. After this is done, you are ready to turn iCloud Calendars for Mac back on.
    3. Go to System Preferences, click iCloud, and select the Calendars checkbox. Now for the fun part.
    4. It may take a little bit of time but slowly everything in will begin to appear pulling from the information on iCal. So make sure it is just right here.
    5. Now, I had this problem here, and you may too. The tech and I couldn't quite figure it out. For some reason, all your calendars will get duplicated. Basically all the calendars you had before appear again but they are empty. They are 'old calendars' with no events. You can delete them as described above. Just make sure you are deleting the right one by checking and then unchecking the box to see if there are any events for it. If events appear and then disappear you know that that is the calendar that you want to save.
    6. Okay. Then go to your iPhone or your iPad, quit out of the app, and open it back up. Refresh it a few times, and though it may take a few moments, everything should show up again!

    Please chat it up here if you have any questions, I can't say I will be there to answer them. I am quite busy. I'll do my best. But I will say this has worked for me and all my troubles are now gone!


    Peace to all!

  • cdanr Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your post but I have to say I tried the whole exporting/deleting/reimporting calendars trick about 10 times last week before I finally gave up and started posting on here with all the rest waiting for Apple to fix the problems on their iCloud web servers.


    I can report that sometimes you will get a false glimmer of hope as some recurring events that were missing on appear again after reimporting. Eventually though, they disappear again.


    I'm convinced there is no fix for this aside from Apple fixing whatever glitch is causing this on their end.


    It'd be really nice if at some point Apple made a public announcement acknowledging the issue so that we might know if they are even trying to fix it.

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