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Has anyone experienced problems with their iphone 5? For some reason I keep getting "call failed", problems appears to happen during phone call converations and most of them appear to happen when you try to dial a phone number, press call and the phone returns a message back to say call failed.


I've checked with the network provider and I have a 4 bar signal strength, only to be told that most of the time my phone has dropped the call and not the network. Even if you see a signal bar on the phone, does not mean to say your connected to the network provider. I have a call logged with Apple and my Network provider and I'm surprised to see that the two providers are not welling to bang there heads together to fix the problem. Apple support have been helpful to a point, my call has been escalated to Apple's Engineering Team but they dont even know how to fix it. Instead I'm getting useless questions being asked.


It appears to me that the same signal problem with Apple's previous handset still exists on there iphone 5. I've checked with various friends who are on different networks and they too have the same problem. One friend had already started to look at Samsungs S3 as it appears to have none of these issues.


I've lost faith in Apple's abaility to resolve this issue. I also decided not to purchase iPad with 3G as a result of this issue.


If you have any ideas on how to resolve this issue, that would help!


PS Does anyone know how to go about making logging a complaint with Apple?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
  • mianthemerciless Level 1 Level 1

    I've also tried replaceing the SIM card! this phone *****!

  • Nataraja.KM Level 1 Level 1

    Even I have facing same probelm. I am planing to give up iPhone 5 and look towards Android or Windows 8.

    I am really surprised how come apple is not noticed such a big issue

  • Glacier221 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem.  I am finding that it is intermittent.  I drove to the Rogers Store that I purchased it from and the phone worked well.  No problem.  This morning I am back to "Failed Call" again. 

  • alexandriaz Level 1 Level 1

    I also experienced this on 21-2-13 next morning and evening. I thought it might be a common problem other features. I try exchange my sim to another phone and it's work like normal phone.


    It turned out in my mind is probably the troubled mobile iphone. I try to use the iphone to try, however, remains the same failure. I don't care because i still can using sms and whatsApp.



    on 25-2-13 next morning I tried again and function normally and can call again.



    But today 4-3-13 issue again. probably because ios 6.1.2? Because before I update to 6.1.2, it never happened like this.

  • alexandriaz Level 1 Level 1

    I found that this problem solved today. go to setting---->phone---->show my caller id on. and try call again. it's fix my phone

  • Texag00 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue with my iphone 5, and it just started happenign this afternoon.  When I try to make a call, it says "call failed."  If I try a second or third time it will sometimes go through.


    I'm not receiving any calls either . . . it rings twice on the other end and then goes to my voicemail.


    My wife just began having the exact same issue as me with her iphone 4s at the exact same time as me today . . .  Just started happening at the exact same time.


    We are both on t-mobile, but my daughter is on t-mobile on the same plan (except she has a samsung Galaxy) and is having no issues.


    Can somebody explain??????  Apple????? Hello?????

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 9 Level 9

    Apple is not here. This is a user to user technical support forum. In the US, t-mobile is just starting as a supported carrier for the iPhone. Suggest you check with them to see about carrier support.

  • Glacier221 Level 1 Level 1

    I found that my original problem with intermittency and "failed call" notices was due to a problem with the cell tower and not my iPhone 5. Rogers had a technician check on the cell tower that is located closest to my residence and I was told that the problem was related to the cell tower and my phone has been working well since then.

  • mianthemerciless Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Everyone,


    I dont think Apple has the ability, or knowledge

    on how to address this issue. This is my 5th handset!! I believe either the handset has a design flaw, hardware issue or software has a bug. I've concluded that with help of my Network provider. My network provider does not even see the phone connected to cell, even though I have a signal on my phone. It also appears that the problem may go back to the days when the iphone 4 or 4s came out, when Apple started to send out special cases to help booster the ariel signal. I dont think Apple ever fixed that problem.  I have also noticed that my Diagnostic Logs some how disappear & change. One day I see errors relating the hardware on the phone two days later the log file is empty.


    I think its about time I started to seek damages from Apple. Sell my handset and get the Samsung S4 when it comes out.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    I've had thesame problem with all of my iPhones but it's wrse with my new iPhone 5. It's almost something you cme to accept because your tied in due to the apple content you've purchased from itunes and can't trnasfer.


    I wasn't too bothered until today. My father arrived at my door and collapsed in myarms and suffered a major stroke. I needed help an FAST!!!!


    The only communications I had was my trusty iPhone 5. I tried to call the emergency services from my phone which showed a full 3G signal. Call failed. I tried another three times still with a full signal and the same hapened. Eventually the call connected and was answered by the emergency opeator and then.... You guessed it call failed. another 2 attempts and I finally managed to summon an ambulance. It took 5 minutes to get connected which is 2 minutes longer than it took the amulance to arrive.


    Apple not only have you let me down you have delayed my father from receiving vital emergency treatment. This needs sorting and NOW!

  • tampakevin Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem from the day I got the Iphone5 .. Call fails after dialing usually second or third attempt it works. Happens about every other call.. So annnoying.  I worked through ATT and many things tried (including SIM card, Reset Phone, Send me new codes crom space etc) and nothing fixed it.  Finally I took the time to go to the Apple store and they swapped it out and the the issue is fixed .. the new phone no call fails since the swap about 72hrs. Only wish I did this sooner.

  • Roge121 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes I agree I think maybe android or w8 might be a better option.  This always happens and I've been trying to make a phone call for the past half hour. It wasn't this bad before the latest update!

  • Texag00 Level 1 Level 1

    So here's an update from my situation.  Hope it helps some folks.


    My wife and I had been having some intermittant "call failed" issues on T-Mobile with both my iphone 5 and her iphone 4s.  After speaking with T-mobile, apparently they were "refarming" our network area switching out cell tower frequencies to get ready for the new iphone rollout on T-mobile (in early April).  They suggested we turn off 3G on our iphones, until all the tower updates take place. . .


    We did . . . That allowed us to make phone calls again, but we were stuck on Edge.  Not a long term solution, but it would have to do for the moment. 


    THEN-- The T-mobile carrier update came out for the iphone 5 in mid-april, and once again I started having intermittant fails.  This time, I lost the option to turn off 3G (due to the carrier update), so I was stuck wiht a phoen that basically did not work at my home . . . Kapt getting "no service".


    So after alot of researching forums, I determined that the problem was BOTH a Handset and carrier issue . . .  The original handset I bought was an unlocked iPhone 5, which worked fine on T-mobile when I bought it in December.  But as soon as T-Mobile started gearing up to carry the Iphone officially, they started making chancges in their frequency bands . . . Namely,the 1700 mhz aws band. . . . The new iphone 5 that T-mobile began selling in April could pick up the 1700 mhz band.  The iphone 5 sold in December could not . . .


    And that was the reason for the call fails . . .  My phone was jumping back and forth between the 1900 mhz 3G freqeuncies, and Edge netweork frequencies, constantly toggling back and forth, searching, and then going "no service."  And it was especially bad at my house . . . apparently because all the towers right around me were being refarmed to accomodate the 1700 band, and my iphone was simply unable to pick that up . . .


    So here's what I did.


    I went to Apple.  I explained the problem.  I told them I wanted to exchange it for a new one.  They tried to get me to try some software troubleshooting first, but I was adamant about receiving a new phone, and they finally agreed.  I made sure that the new phone I was getting was one that was capable of picking up the 1700 and 2100 aws band frequencies . . .


    And the problem was solved!!!


    So far there is still no solution for my wife's iphone 4s, since there are no iphone 4s phones capable of picking up those frequencies.  Right now we're just keeping the 3G off, and waiting.  Hope this post helps others with similar T-mobile, unliocked iphone 5 issues.

  • krishdd Level 1 Level 1

    Hello All,


    Even, I had been facing the same issue since feb, but i never cared on it, because I was using nokia as backup another backup number. But considering as this is my primary phone, I got fedup with "call failed", I thought issue my network service provider, hence i changed my network, though problem not resolved, it doesn't make any diff.

    Previously i nver gone thorugh this kind of forums, but when i check on net, i found I believing problem lies with handset. my 2nd mobile & my neibhour blackberry has never noticed with kind of issues.


    My phone (iphone 5) brand new fractory unlocked, I have purchased it from authorised Apple shop in Bangalore.

    Now every day, I  feeling like ****..while making calls, sometimes even in middle of conversation (atleast once/twice in day)


    If anyone found sol/update.. please post here, so that gets aware of it..


    thank you

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