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    Battery life is terrible for me still as well.

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    I updated to 6.1.1 as well and the battery is completely dead in less than 4 hours from fully charged. I tried to restore to a previous version of iOS, but that doesn't work either since there is no previous version within iTunes or a previous backup.

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    6.1 >6.1.1



    above scrrenshot on ios6.1.1

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)

    I suggest reading the thread you posted to. It will tell you why there is battery drain, and what to do about it while waiting for Apple's update that will fix it.

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    Hello...I just want to join the growing list of 4S users who have been duped by iOS 6.1 and 6.1.1. Thanks Apple for turning my iPhone into a power hungry android device!

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    The battery life in 6.1.1 is actually CRAZY! This is a nightmare! All the sync disabled, location services disabled, not even using mail accounts. All the applications - killed. Checked the netstat - strange connections appearing (akamai) - however - only for a short period of time. And the phone is killing the battery. None of the tricks proposed within different forums - worked at all. Something is really poorly programmed in this version. I will be very cautious due to any future IOS update - if they fail to prepare stable build after so many years of experience - who knows what would come up next. If I upgrade and get rid of battery drain problem - it may be my last update for months.


    Way to go Apple. I've lately seen this kind of fail action regarding software company, now counting losses. It happened they've shipped development to India. Get the grip.

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    Lawerence, I believe that particular issue is being reported for Exchange 2010. Seems I read that somewhere. That would explain why everyone is not having the issue if thats the case.  I have gmail setup with personal and Google Apps account for work using exchange ActiveSync mode and have had no issues.

    Lawrence Finch wrote:


    I talked to our Exchange administrator. We have about 200 iPhones on our server. He checked and said that has been no indication of any problems with iPhones. I know some of them have upgraded, but I don't know how many.


    The question is if there is really a bug in 6.1.1 with respect to Exchange why doesn't it show up on every Exchange server and account? Could it be related to the version of Exchange? Patches applied or not applied? And why do people who don't have Exchange accounts still have battery problems?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)

    Yes, you are correct. The problem occurs under specific circumstances:


    • Exchange 2010, Fixpack 1 and higher
    • What triggers it is accepting an invitation for a changed single instance of a repeat event on the phone
    • Both Microsoft and Apple have recommended a workaround until they release a fix:
    • First, don't accept invitations on your phone.
    • If you do accept one and the battery starts draining, go to Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars, tap on the Exchange account name and turn off Calendar Sync
    • Wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.
    • This will delete all events, then put them back. My experience - If you have a lot of appointments or a long history (I have 14 years) wait longer than 10 seconds. Check the calendar and wait for it to be empty.


    While it has been reported for 6.1.1, I had this same problem a couple of years ago, and the same procedure fixed it. Except that I didn't know it was the calendar, so I turned off everything for the account. I suspect it is an old bug that was fixed, then was reintroduced in a recent release.

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    I had the battery issue with 6.1 and still have it with 6.1.1 . I don't use exchange. I do use Icloud, although not for music. I had no connectivity problems with 6.1 on Swisscom 3G. Now I have connectivity issues. Loss of network and very slow to reconnect on a 5 bar signal. When 6.1.1 first installed it crashed my IPhone and I had to restore it. So I had a clean install. It would be better if Apple put a fix out to put us all back on 5.1 . Now I routinely kill all the running apps on my IPhone and have given up trying to find out which one is the problem, albeit Mail, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Music, etc. If I am out for the day, I now take an emergency external charger with me. That is one buggy crappy upgrade.

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    I am also facing this iphone 4s, battery fully charged is drained in 3 hrs...completely...what the ****!!! Will the new software ios6.1.2 help slve it? I heard it will...eagerly waiting for it !!

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    I've done my share of kevetching, and now, thanks to a poster in another thread (sbailey4) I can stop. I tried all fixes mentioned EXCEPT a complete restore and nothing helped UNTIL I used:


    Settings > General > Reset  > Reset All Settings

    All I lost was my home screen background. Exchange/iCloud/Email/Calendar Accounts are working and my battery life is back to pre 6.1.1 consumption.


    Hope this helps someone else...



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    Is there a way to revert back to iOS 6.0.1, if you have a copy of the iOS?


    A Reset All Settings sounds too

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    Battery drain is horrible for me since update and about a week prior to deployment of update- I do not maintain an exchange account and have disabled alot of my iCloud functions and still roughly 2% drain per 5 minutes. Let me also state that I'm very diligent about performing full cycle charges on my phone, closing background apps, setting everything to manual fetch - and still this. My battery performance was stellar up until roughly the end of January. I've tried every option posted in these forums from full software re-installs to factory resets- nothing works. I'm almost tempted to just by a new battery to see if the problem persists.

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    i have two iphone 4s and both were updated to 6.1.1 but only one of the phones has the battery drain issue. the one with the problem has my company's exchange email account so i believe the news going around on the internet that the problems are related.

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    6.1.1 Did not fix the battery health, it is draining very fast, and sometimes the phone turning off at 10%-20% battery percentage. The volume bar during a call is chopping, and my photo streaming is not working at all.


    I want the 5.1.1 back!!