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Hello all, I have a firtst gen iPad (running iOS5.1.1). I using my Apple ID to run iMessege on it. Recently, I bought iPhone 5 (2 month ago) running iOS 6.1.3. I sing up to iMessage using Apple ID but start new converstion from my phone number as caller ID. Somehow only 1 conversion syncs between my iPhone and my iPad. Recently it stop. So I start looking for answers. I want to sync my all converstions, I found that I can set phone number as Caller ID on an iPad but I can't found how. I will apreciate if anyone will put some light on how iMessage works.

I still want that my caller ID will be my phone number cause I don't want to make 2 separte thread on the one who get my message.

If I set my email as caller ID so when I'll send a text message from my phone it will make a seperate thread converstion from me on the device of the person I send the text to.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, 3G 32GB Model