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Pat518 Level 1 (0 points)

I was having the problem when i switched from my iPhone to my Galaxy s4 where people using iPhones would try to text me and it wouldn't get to me because it would be sent in iMessage. Well i asked one of my friends who knows a lot about Apple products and he seems to have found a fix. What worked for me is to open iTunes, then go to account. Once there find the the section "iTunes in the cloud" and the option in there "Manage my devices". You have to go in there and remove your iPhone from the iCloud and that should work, or at least it did for me.

  • FelipeV Level 5 (6,470 points)

    This isn't a bug. You switched to device that is not compatible with iMessage. Your friends could have still messaged you using SMS.

  • ZumaSnow Level 1 (0 points)

    I like Pat had that issue when I tried to switch to an android device.  No one who had an iphone could get text messages from myself or from them to me.


    It is a glitch that requires another step to fix the issue.

  • FelipeV Level 5 (6,470 points)

    Again. They were still messaging you to your iMessage address. This is NOT a glitch. It is the same as addressing you to a nonexistent email address since you no longer have access to it as are no longer using the iPhone. They must send the messages via SMS to your number.

  • ZumaSnow Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually I asked them to shut off imessage and I did as well and to change my phone from showing as an iphone in their contact list to mobile.  It still wouldn't send me anything.


    Plus, it states that if a message can't be sent as an imessage it should be able to be sent to the same number as an sms message.  So yes it is a glitch.

  • sberman Level 7 (32,307 points)

    It is not a glitch.  Actually, you have to un-register your iPhone, either as the origiinal poster did above, or in Apple's "My Support Profile" area.

  • ZumaSnow Level 1 (0 points)

    By the way the option given by the original poster you aren't unregistering the phone. you are merely removing it from the cloud as an acknowledge device that is attached to it.


    Yes it is clearly a glitch. Because seriously the process of changing from iphone to android shouldn't require an extra step. Plus, after going through all the other steps that others have suggested I still couldn't switch to my new android phone. I had to resort to going back to my iphone again.  At the moment I have yet to try the original posters trick.  Though I am certain by this point they have worked on the issue. 


    If you google it there are clearly threads that refer to it as the same.  I'm sorry, but if I can painlessly and smoothly switch from an android device to an iphone the same should be said about switching back to android.  It's an inconvience that shouldn't exist. Leads people to believe that they have to stick with the iphone device they have and feel like they've wasted their money.

  • nightsd01 Level 1 (125 points)

    Pat, this problem was the universe telling you that you shouldn't have switched to an inferior phone


    In all seriousness, you can go to Settings > Messages > Send/Receive > and tap your Apple ID, then tap Sign Out. That will sign your device out of iMessages and will remove the phone number from your account. It can take up to 24 hours for activation/deactivation changes in iMessage to take effect, but usually it will be pretty instantaneous.



    Also, if your friend turned off iMessage, it is not possible for his text to have still been sent as an iMessage. If you turn off iMessage on an iPhone, it will definitely send as an SMS instead. If you still didn't get texts after they turned off iMessage, then one of you is having an issue with SMS and it's time to troubleshoot that instead.

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    I think you're missing the point. Iphone users don't have the option of sending sms or imessage. If your iphone has imessage turned on and you previously had a conversation with another imessage person every text you send is imessage, regardless of what you want, apple forces this on its users. I have the same issue, the only way I found is to call my friends and tell them to turn off imessage on their phones in order for them to send me a message. Ridiculous. I hope all iphone users realize that apple has you by the balls.

  • FelipeV Level 5 (6,470 points)

    Obviously you did not read the entire thread. You need to unregister your AppleID from the iMessge database. Did you do that? I tested it and all I got on a non-Iphone telephone were SMS. So if you haven't, I suggest you try it instead of whining and complaining.

  • andrenat39 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey FelipeV,


    Whinning and Complaining?? You are on this thread call peoples phones inferior and telling them that it is not a glitch on their end when we all know its. How old are you, 5?? If you can specifically direct people on how to fix it then great. How did you 'unregister your appleID from the imessage database'? and if you can explain how 'my friends can still text me from another iphone using sms'?


    Istead of taking shots at people, we ould appreciate specific directions how you are accomplishing it.

  • andrenat39 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry FelipeV,


    It wasn't you call other phones inferior. But still, direction would be more helpful than general statments about what we are doing wrong.

  • FelipeV Level 5 (6,470 points)

    I might be five, but you are acting like 2. The directions have already been posted on this thread. something that even after my previous post, you have failed to read.


    So yes, you are whining and complaining.

  • FelipeV Level 5 (6,470 points)

    So stop making knee-jerk posts and take the time to actually READ the entire thread..

  • andrenat39 Level 1 (0 points)

    Point me to the post that explains it. I've tried everything in this thread and it doesn't work. How do I unregister my imessage in the imessage database?


    I read the entire thread.

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