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    Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.


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    Most of us have been. They took the time to personally call me and get feedback. They contact me whenever they need more data because they have so many reports.

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    I'm sending feedback to Apple everyday, just trying to make as much noise as possible.

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    I had the same problem with the Battery.  However, I also had a Sleep issue.  Since the update to 10.8.4, my computer and my display would not go to sleep on its own.  This was my first noticeable symptom of a problem. 


    I read this thread and checked the Battery power.  Only 4:30 time remained at 100% charged.  Not good.


    I did some more searching to resolve the Sleep issue and found this post:


    I followed Steps 1-4, doing a complete Shut Down from the Apple Menu and starting up again.  I did not do Step 5 onward.


    Upon start up I waited for the computer to fall asleep on its own and it did.  I then unplugged the power cord and the Battery Time Remaining was back to 8:29! 


    I hope this helps anyone else.  Good luck.


    I am using a MacBookPro Retina, fyi.

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    I think I spoke too soon.

    Turned on MBP Retina today and this morning, the battery was fine at 100% charge 8:30 Time Remaining.

    This afternoon, I noticed that the display was not going to Sleep Mode after its 5 min setting. 

    I re-checked everything from previously posted discussion link again and Shut Down from the Apple Menu.

    Upon starting up, the battery at 80% charged says 3:15 Time Remaining.  The problem is back!

    I will try Step 5 from the posted discussion link above:  Reset SMC after I back up my computer tonight.

    Will keep you all posted.

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    After  10.8.4 update i got really bad battery life.....but after running some maintainance procedures like PRAM RESET and SMC RESET, the battery life is finally back to normal (5-7hrs) ......

    i suspect that the SMC RESET did the trick for me.... EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT


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    Re: Horrible battery life after 10.8.4 update?

       14-Jun-2013 21:47    (in response to TacoLord187

    Had battery issues on 10.8.2(Lost about 600mAh capacity after shutdown), so I did a restore to 10.7.5, Battery life went back to normal. I just tried out 10.8.4 few days back, once again lost 200mAh after shutdown, so once again I'm back on 10.7.5. What a fiasco!!!! I've gained nothing, instead lost about 800mAh battery capacity in all




    i have a MBA 2011.  since upgraded to 10.8 battry life ***** like everyone else here in the forum.  you mentioned re-install 10.7.5 and battery life is much much better, right?


    would you shoot me the steps you took to re-install 10.7.5.  i would mind going back to lion and have a longer batter life.



    thanks for your help.


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    Reinstall from your Time Machine backup or backup clone ( as long as your Mac is backward compatable of course)





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    would you post steps how to go back to lion from 10.8

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    If your MBP came with Mt. Lion installed, you will not be able to install Lion.


    If your MBP came with Lion or an earlier OS, this discussion might help:









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    Not to be redundant, I just wanted to post so maybe this Jerry person will call me.

    Macbook Pro 15 inch (late 2011)

    Battery cycle count 185

    With Lion 7-8 hours of battery life

    With Mountian Lion  (all four versions) 2-3 at best


    What I've tried so far...

    Reset SMC

    Reset PRAM

    Repaired disk permissions

    Had Mountian Lion clean installed at the apple store twice (that did work for about a day)


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm back. Battery life is back to bad, again.

    The SMC/PRAM thing seems to last for a few days.


    What I've tried so far...

    Reset SMC (multiple times)

    Reset PRAM (multiple times)

    Repaired disk permissions (multiple times)

    Reinstall OS X 10.8.4, twice.


    Jerry, help me, help Us!


    MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X 10.8.4 (from 10.6>10.7>10.8), 2.3 i5, 8GB RAM

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    Guys, I was stuck on this problem too. I was getting about 3-4 hours on the Mac. After looking everywhere, I've found some who've reported the poor battery life due to a bad plist file. I confirmed this was true after deleting the file. However, I lost the ability to change my desktop background, and there may be other problems that deleting this file causes. I'm guessing it constantly refreshes the desktop in some way that uses the CPU constantly.


    Located in the Library, in the Preferences folder; it's named "". Please take care as these files aren't meant to be modified or tampered with, let alone delete. Ensure you take full precaution and backups at the ready.


    Check both Library locations. One can be accessed as you would normally (through the desktop) , and the other by holding 'alt' in the 'Go' tab in the finder menubar. I don't think you can permanently delete the file as it is always present after I reboot. What I did to address this was use a bit of applescript code to run at startup and delete the file. As a result, I don't need to delete the file every time I restart my computer.


    After that, i was reporting 7-8 hours on my 2012 Non Retina MBP.Truly amazing! :')  Hope this helps guys! I remember being frustrated to no ends by this issue as well. Forgive me if I'm crossing any forum rules. This was my first post here.



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    are you still getting 7-8+ hours after deleting the file?  and are you having other issues as well?


    also, i have downgraded back to 10.7.5, and i honestly can't say the battery has improved much.  i get about 5+ hours now.  i know i got about 6-7+ before i upgraded from 10.7.5 to 10.8.  so downgrading definitely did not restore the battery to its original state

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    It is disconcerting that downgrading didn't help. Makes me think that the upgrade to 10.8 may have damaged the battery somehow. I can report that I tried using the developers preview of Mavericks (10.9) and it didn't help my batterly life either. I'm not j Robson but I also tried deleting that file and it did not help.